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Chapter Fifteen

-The Lost Boys-

“Run, boy! Run!” Dominic shouted at his partner as he stood in front of the other man.

With a sinister smile, the large Wolf Cop pressed the up arrow multiple times on the treadmill Doug was working on.

“I really hope you enjoyed those pancakes yesterday,” Dominic taunted. “Cause if you don’t get that ass moving, those are gonna be the last sweets you’ll eat for a while!”

The two had never really been close, or at least, not in Dominic’s eyes. But after telling Doug his secret yesterday, something between the two men had changed last night. If he remembered correctly, Hailee had even referred to it as-- bromance.

“C’mon! You’ve got this!” Dominic hollered as he bent down to stare Doug in the face. With only thirty seconds to go, he thought it was best to switch it up with some encouragement. He certainly didn’t want to be compared to Jillian Michaels. No true trainer in the industry could even remotely begin to stand that bitch.

“Just picture yourself a few weeks from now. Healthier. Stronger. And we’ll have finally rid the city of Bojing! You’ll be a hero,” he said. “And the department will never threaten your job again!”

As Doug’s grunts grew louder and more frequent, Dominic shuddered at the thought of what Wes had said back at Thanksgiving. With a shake of his head, the big man handed Doug a towel to wipe away his excessive sweat. It sounded weird, but in that moment, Dominic envied his partner. He longed for the burning sensation in his muscles from a good workout or the feeling of sweat pouring down his face and torso from exertion.

For old time’s sake, Dominic headed over to the bench and began loading the bar up with weight. Doug glanced at him warily-- probably afraid that the weremale was about to humiliate him some more by testing how weak he was. But this exercise wasn’t for Doug, it was for Dominic.

“You know, I’ve never really tested my limits before,” Dominic explained as he sat down and straddled the bench. “Hailee says I’m stronger than any of his fledglings, but she’s not confident that I’m stronger than Big Dragon himself.”

Doug silently moved to the spotter’s position, even though there wasn’t a chance in hell he would be able to help Dominic if he got into any trouble.

“I want to prove her wrong,” Dominic said before sliding under the bar. “I want to be the strongest mother-fucker on the entire goddamn planet.”

“You have absolutely no intention of listening to anything Hailee said to you yesterday, do you?” Doug smirked.

“Nope,” Dominic smiled back with a slight chuckle of his own. “Would you?”

Shaking his head, Doug threw both of his hands up in the air as he took a step back. “There is no way I’m getting in the middle of this,” he replied. “I just hope she lets you keep both of your balls once she finds out what we’re doing.”

Dominic grunted in response as he lifted the bar faster. He was trying to get in a good pump but it was proving to be impossible.“Add another fifty to each side, would ya?”

Doug nodded before shifting around the plates on the floor. As he struggled to spin the weight onto the bar, Dominic was positive he had seen a look of awe and respect growing on Doug’s face.

“So, do you have any ideas yet on how to get to Bojing without Wes finding out?”

Dominic shook his head as he lifted the bar back up from the rack.

“Unfortunately, it’s not just Wes we have to worry about,” the hulking officer began. “Hailee says he has a whole following of fledglings and familiars.”

Doug swallowed hard. “Exactly how many is a following?”

“Don’t know,” Dominic replied as he slid out from underneath the bar again. “Maybe thirty or so?”

“Thirty vampires?” Doug’s face paled as the corners of his lips turned down. “You want us to go up against the biggest, baddest vampire in all of North America plus thirty of his loyal subjects?”

Dominic nodded his head calmly before shrugging his massive shoulders. “Not all of them are vampires.”

“Of course you wouldn’t see a problem with this,” Doug snorted as he gestured towards Dominic’s large frame. “But not all of us are superman, here. Just stop for a moment and think about this logically,” Doug begged. “If Hailee is sired to him, then I’m sure all of them are. Not to mention, the Crypts, the Bloods, the Gangsters Disciples and now even the Latin Kings. He’s connected to every drug cartel and smuggler in Chicago!”

Dominic nodded again. “Exactly.”

“Exactly?” Doug practically shrieked, running a hand along the top of his bald head “Seriously man, have you lost your damn mind?”

As Doug nervously began pacing the empty officer’s gym, Dominic sat on the edge of the bench, grinning like a mad man and waiting for his partner to settle down.

“If we can take down Big Dragon, we could potentially wipe out their entire infrastructure,” Dominic exclaimed.

“And how do you plan to do that when we can’t even get a simple search warrant?” Doug challenged.

With another mischievous grin, Dominic stood up before slinging a towel across one of his incredibly broad shoulders. “Just keep quiet will ya, and follow me to the locker room,” he instructed.

Dominic could hear the water running in the bathroom the moment he stepped off of the elevator. Despite the exhaustion he had felt just moments ago, the mental image of his mate, naked-- wet-- and there for the taking, suddenly had his body humming with a rush of adrenaline.

Heavy footfalls echoed off the walls as his strong legs carried him down the hall. He was certain she had sensed him by now, if not smelled his lust-- and it came as no surprise when she didn’t turn around nor jump when he popped open the shower door.

“I’ll be finished up here in a minute,” Hailee called back over her shoulder. As he watched her lather up her scalp with soap, Dominic guessed she must have assumed he was there to inquire about his breakfast. “I think we’re almost out of eggs,” she informed him without turning around. “I haven’t had a chance to run to the store. But there should be a couple of steaks in the freezer if you want to go pull them out.”

Dominic licked his lips as the streams of water cascaded down her back, pooling in the crevices just above her luscious ass. Slowly she turned to rinse her hair, her hands casually trailing down over her breasts as she washed away the remnants of the shampoo. The hulking adonis gave a hard tug to the front of his pants before letting out a low, feral growl.

His head rolled back against his shoulders, a moan splitting open his lips. “I think I’m hungry for a little something else,” he roared.

Dominic felt a surge of pride as the deep timbre of his voice caused Hailee to shudder. With a smirk, he watched her eyes follow his hand as it moved to his belt. A second later, the black steel baton snapped open, unfolding to its impressive length.

Her eyes widened as Dominic tapped the inside of her thighs. “You’re can’t be serious--”

Dominic cut her off, using the tip of the night stick to run along her slit. She tried to back up away from him, but all too soon she ran into the wall.

“Please--” she begged as the baton tapped and rubbed against her wildly. But the officer refused to ease up on his assault.

As he maneuvered the slender end to dip inside of her just a bit, Hailee gasped. Her shallow breaths turning erratic. Suddenly, Dominic pulled the stick away, deciding he had played long enough. The alpha inside of him had grown jealous over the inanimate object giving her pleasure. While the man inside of him was growing insanely mad with desire.

Taking a step back, Dominic slowly began to unbutton his uniform. As he freed his torso of muscular perfection from the confines of his fitted shirt, Hailee bit down on her lower lip before allowing one hand to slid down between her legs. Before she had claimed him, Dominic had always wondered if all those hours spent in the gym had been a waste. But as Hailee’s eyes greedily roamed over the rippling muscles of his bare chest, Dominic knew instantly that she was pleased by the results.

The large man made quick work of his pants and socks before stepping into the shower. His powerful arms quickly encircled her, trapping her against the brawn of his chest. He loved the feel of her lips as her tongue swirled around one of his massive pecs-- but even more so, he loved the feel of her tiny body shivering under his touch.

Dominic growled slightly as he pulled both of her hands behind her back. As he pushed her up against the shower wall, he kissed her passionately before biting her lip. A short gasp escaped her mouth followed by a moan as she felt him grow and brush against her.

With both of her wrists resting in one of his large hands, Dominic kept her firmly pressed against the wall with the weight of his body. She writhed against him as his hand moved south, stroking back up over her hip bone before cupping her breasts. She tried to shift out of his grasp, her muscles tensing against his incredible grasp, but he was just too damn big-- too strong-- too powerful.

“These feel like concealed weapons to me.” Dominic grated harshly against her ear. Hailee gasped as his thumb and finger rolled over one of her rigid nipples.

“Apparently, I need to search you a little more thoroughly,” Dominic replied as his fingers lightly traced across the taunt skin of her torso.

As his hands continued on the way to their descent, she pushed against him once more trying desperately to take back some control. But Dominic’s hands kept her in place-- strong hands that were used to moving people where he wanted. He had been trained for this, practiced it every day. He’d be damned if he started giving in now.

Moving her hands above her head, Dominic gently lifted Hailee up before wedging his muscled thigh between her legs. As a thick finger began probing her folds, he looked down into those hazel eyes-- filled with equal parts pleasure and needy desperation. Dominic’s forearm tensed as he increased the pressure on her clit. His curved fingers continued to stroke deeper-- faster-- until finally she grew breathless.

Slamming his hand above her head, Dominic caged Hailee in as he looked deep into her eyes. His nostrils flared and her body grew weak. It seemed the only thing keep her up was his leg pressed deliciously against her throbbing, wet sex. Dominic fisted her hair as he pulled her tight against himself for a hard kiss. His other hand quickly reached around and smacked that firm, round ass. The water from the shower caused the slap to echo about the bathroom.

With a playful hiss, a devilish smirk suddenly overtook Hailee’s normally angelic features. Removing his hand from her ass, Dominic watched her with curiosity as she placed his palm between her breasts. She looked so unbelievably gorgeous-- sexy-- ravenous and so incredibly hot that the water seemed to turn into steam the moment in touched her skin. How the fuck had he gotten so lucky, Dominic wondered.

Suddenly her hand grabbed his shaft, ripping Dominic from out of his trance. As she began to stroke and pump him, his open palm slammed against the wall beside her, crushing the tiles with an unbelievable force. Placing his forehead against Hailee’s, he dragged in ragged breaths. It wasn’t long before his massive body shook with need.

Lifting her by the waist, Hailee’s legs wrapped tightly around him. He lowered her slightly before raising his hips to impale her.

“Oh my god,” Hailee moaned. “So big. So. Fucking. Huge.”

Something inside Dominic snapped at those words. Overcome with a sense of primitive pride. He groaned his pleasure as he buried deep inside her. She was warm and soft, and the feeling of her growing tighter around him as her walls contracted was absolutely divine.

As she began to beg and moan he started to thrust harder. He could feel her moans turn into breathless gasps-- feel her whole body quiver and shake as she felt his full length, curved upwards, hard and thick. With each incredible stroke, she trembled as he brushed against her g-spot. Dominic grinned knowing it wouldn’t be too much longer now.

He began to fuck her harder and deeper, briefly registering the feeling of Hailee melting into him. Leaning in closer, he bent down before biting the soft flesh where he would soon mark her. Somehow, the anticipation of that made every stroke inside her feel even harder and much more impactful.

Her moans became higher and more breathless, whilst his own grew lower and more animal-like. He watched her gorgeous, round tits bouncing up and down as he pounded her harder and harder on his cock. In the slight fog of the shower steam, he could see her eyes start to roll back as the pleasure began consuming her body.

“Cum for me,” Dominic growled, his voice had grown deeper and more gruff than before. “Cum for me, Hailee.”

The moment she heard his command, the orgasm flowed through her. Her entire body convulsed as her moan turned into whimpers.

“Oh my god,” Hailee cried out breathlessly. “Oh god! Dominic!”

Hearing her call his name pushed him over the edge. He tried to keep pounding into her in order to keep her orgasming for as long as he possibly could. As hot, thick streams of cum started to pump out of him, the sensation caused Hailee to shake again as another desperate, animal-like cry escaped her gorgeous lips.

Eventually the sensation ebbed and Hailee collapsed against his chest. It took all the power and resolve in Dominic’s body to keep himself standing.

After a few minutes, Hailee turned to Dominic. He stroked her face before pulling her in for another passionate, but much more gentle kiss. She looked calm and satisfied. The mischievous side had disappeared from her and she looked perfectly angelic again.

“God, I love you so much, Hailee.”

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