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Chapter Sixteen

-Risky Business-

The clicking of Hailee’s heels across the tile was the only sound to be heard throughout the deserted club. During the day, there was something actually quite peaceful about the place before it turned into the busy operation that it did at night. It might not have been the most glamourous of jobs, but the moment she walked in the door, she always felt a sense of purpose-- of belonging. She wondered if one day she would find those same sentiments in Dom instead, and not just someone to act upon her primal urges with. She was hopeful that after he marked her things would finally start to feel different. Just one day to go, she thought. But until then--

Her hand tightened around the handle of the pet carrier as she passed Jackson and Ty sitting at the bar. The two men were entirely picturesque of your typical nightclub bouncers. Identical twins, both men were big, intimidating,and all dressed in black. They could be downright scary to an unruly drunk, but neither of them had anything on her Dominic. The two brothers were like teddy bears by comparison.

“Hey, Lee,” Jackson called to her as he looked up from his card game with Ty.

Ty silently nodded his welcome as was normal for him since Bojing had ripped out his tongue. She wasn’t entirely sure why Big Dragon had taken it, but for such a severe punishment, Hailee could only imagine what it was the bouncer had done. If she had to take a guess though, she would wager it had something to do with the death of Bojing’s Claimed one.

“How you doin’ boys?” Hailee smiled as she paused in front of them.

Without the dark sunglasses the men wore to complete their usual attire, both Jackson’s and Ty’s eyes flashed with a bright yellow haze as they greeted their only other supernatural co-worker. Ok, so they were technically teddy bears with fangs, Hailee thought. Still, the two were practically harmless in her eyes.

“You bringing Naga a little snack?” The brother who could speak licked his lips as he nodded towards the square container dangling from her fingers. No doubt he was hoping she had brought a little extra for them too.

“Well somebody’s gotta keep my baby fed,” Hailee smiled before taking a step closer and embracing the larger man. “After all, I hear somebody keeps draining all of the blood out of his live feed.”

As she kept Jackson’s face buried deep between the curvature of her breasts, she mouthed the words ‘full’ and ‘house’ to Ty before releasing the other man.

With a quick sigh, Hailee straightened before turning to go.

“You let me know if any of those girls back there give you trouble,” Jackson wagged his finger at her as he spoke. “Especially that Holly chick.”

“You mean the new girl?” An amused brow curved upwards on Hailee’s face as his mute brother gave an exasperated roll of his eyes.

“Ooohhh yeah,” Jackson smiled as he tipped his head playfully to the side. “She’s gonna get it and she doesn’t even know it yet. I’ll have that deal closed by the end of the week!”

There was a garbled snort from Ty as he shook his head.

“I’m with him on this one,” Hailee agreed. “It’ll never happen.”

“Please, it’s her first day on the job,” Jackson smirked. “And it always takes them at least three weeks to realize they shouldn’t date anyone from work.”

“And for some reason, you like being the guy that helps them realize that, don’t you?” Hailee chided.

“Yes I do.”

With a soft clicking of her tongue, Hailee pulled Naga from out of his glass housing behind the stage. The back of the house was kept similar to Bojing’s office-- dark, tidy and cool. Unlike the changing rooms which where just an absolute mess.

“How’s my sweet boy doin’, today?” She purred gently as the ball python immediately wrapped his tail around her forearm.

Hailee had heard all the rumors about how she was some sort of parseltongue or even worse-- an ophidiophilia. She had to admit, it did seem like the reptile understood her as he flicked his tongue before gliding up her arm in response. But in actuality, with her own body heat registering at a much higher degree than that of an average human, Naga had instantly been drawn to her. Relying on Hailee’s warmth in order to help regulate his own cold blooded body.

As her sensitive ears twitched in response to the laughter coming from the girls dressing room, Hailee sadly placed Naga back inside his cell before turning out the container with the three fattened rats she had captured from her apartment. Most days, she tried her best to ignore the looks and jeers from the other girls. She knew the talk around the place was that she was favoured by Bojing because she was sleeping with the man, and frankly, she didn’t care.

Chuckling to herself, Hailee bent down as she watched Naga pin one of the ugly rodents before attacking and devouring it holey in one bite. There was an almost sick pleasure she received while encouraging her pet to do it again. It was the same feeling she got on a full moon or everytime she was forced to kill for Big Dragon.

If only the other girls knew the truth about Hailee and their boss.

She had just replaced the lid on Naga’s cage when Jackson suddenly pushed back the black curtains. Everyone knew better than to bother her while she was back here, which could only mean one thing. Without even looking up at his face, Hailee knew something was wrong.

“The boss wants to see ya, Lee,” Jackson muttered as he fumbled with the dark spectacles resting along the bridge of his nose.

A large knot formed in Hailee’s stomach as she looked up at the other man. His mood had changed so drastically from just a few moments ago. Nodding her head, Hailee quickly latched the top screen to the glass container before silently trailing behind him. It was always best not to keep Bojing waiting.

As she wondered what could have possibly happened now, Hailee suddenly became self-conscious with the length of her leather skirt-- or lack thereof. By the time they had arrived at Big Dragon’s office, her hands had restlessly adjusted the lace thigh highs and hem of her blouse over a hundred times.

“I told you to take care of him, keep him away from here!” Big Dragon roared as his fingers pressed tightly around the front of Hailee’s throat. “Did you know he was planning this? Or have you just been fucking with me the entire time!”

“I don’t-- I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Hailee’s hands clawed at Big Dragon’s as she struggled to gasp for air. He had caught her off guard, wasting no time in assaulting her the moment she entered the room. It wasn’t until her eyes widened in fear that the vampire finally released her from his grasp.

“The Chicago PD just intercepted one of my largest shipments,” Big Dragon began.

As Hailee slumped against the wall to catch her breath, the head vampire rounded the desk where Ty sat with a large laptop in front of him. With a few taps on the keyboard, the mute bouncer had pulled up surveillance footage recorded by a nearby traffic cam earlier that afternoon.

“The heroine was to be distributed to the Latin Kings, free of charge as a token of my favour,” Big Dragon snarled. “It was going to be an offering of peace while providing them with a glimpse of the future.” His brows furrowed in anger as he slid the laptop around so Hailee could watch the footage. “And do you know who the lead officer on the case was?”

With a shake of her head, Hailee gasped as her big man walked on to the camera. There was no denying it was him. No other officer in Chicago could even come close to matching his description.

“I swear I told him to back off.” Pinching her nose in frustration, she hoped she could somehow smooth things over with the ancient vampire. “I warned him what would happen if he didn’t,” Hailee explained. “I really thought--”

“Apparently, you thought wrong,” Bojing snapped. “And now, not only will I have to teach you a lesson, but I”ll also need to figure out a way to clean up this mess! What do you think will happen if I suddenly can’t fill my quotas? There will be chaos on the streets!”

With a loud grunt, Ty pulled the laptop back across the desk before gesturing for his brother to come over. As he took in everything that his twin was trying hard to explain, Jackson turned up two, big apologetic eyes towards Hailee before completely facing Big Dragon.

“Looks like they got more than just drugs from the bust, boss,” Jackson began.

With a panicked look in his eyes that Hailee had never seen before, she watched as Big Dragon rushed to huddle over Ty’s other shoulder as Jackson pointed to a few things on the screen.

“What Ty is pulling up here are the schematics to a new gadget the police are referring to as StingRay. The technology is simple, and only requires an antenna, a computer with mapping software and the aforementioned device. The StingRay can then mimic a cellphone tower and get any cell phone that the police want to connect to it as long as they have the desired number.”

“The desired number being mine.”

“Correct,” Jackson replied with a nod of his head. “When they picked up some of our guys at the drop off, they more than likely figured out which number was yours.”

“I don’t get it,” Hailee shook her head. “Why not just get the number from me?”

“No implications?” Jackson suggested.

“Ok, but what is it their after?” Hailee pressed.“They know Bojing owns this club, so why not just come after him here?”

“Because until today, they had no evidence that he was involved with the opioid crisis,” Jackson replied. “My guess is, they’re using his phone to track and follow him and find out who else is involved.”

“Ok,” the vampire shrugged. “So I shut the phone off, get a new number-- only use burners.”

Shaking his head vigorously, Ty looked up over his shoulder at his brother before urging Jackson to continue communicating for him.

“Once the StingRay has connected to the cell phone in question, just once, it immediately collects all of the hardware associated with the phone and can ping the cell phone even if the owner isn’t making a call.”

“Hardware?” Bojing repeated the word slowly as his face scrunched in confusion.

“Data, emails, voicemails, anything saved in the cloud, text messages, contacts--” Jackson defined.

As his face flushed with anger, his fist pounded the metal desk leaving behind a large dent.

“This has to be illegal,” he raged. “Shouldn’t they need a warrant or something?”

Ty looked up at the older vampire before giving another shake of his head.

“Not under the new patriot act,” Jackson answered for him. “Anything is fair game according to the government.And once they’ve gained access to your cloud account, they can use it as a portal to enter any other device associated with it-- tablets, laptops.”

For a moment, Hailee was sure Big Dragon was about to rip out Jackson’s tongue, making the twins identical in every way. But as he looked up at her-- his eyes glowing with the brightest amber she’d ever seen, it felt as though all of the powers in Hades were behind him and hellfire was about to consume her soul.

“There is a way we could use this against them,” Jackson blurted out quickly in an attempt to halt Big Dragon in his tracks. With his elongated fingernails barely a breath away from slicing Hailee’s main artery, the ancient vampire swiveled around.

“How?” Big Dragon challenged. His tone suggested that there was no room for any more fuck ups.

As Hailee slumped against the wall again, she sighed in relief as she zoned out to what the boys’ were saying. She could only imagine the things she was going to do to Dominic when she got home-- IF she even made it home-- alive. Beating his hard, muscular ass was certainly how it would start out.

Hard. Muscular--


“What!” The woman’s head snapped up so quickly, for a moment it felt like she might actually get whiplash.

“I said, we’re going to need your phone in order for this to work.” Jackson repeated. As she moved forward and pulled out her cell, Hailee silently thanked the Maker that the young vampire couldn’t read her own thoughts like he could his brother.

“Alright, so, we know that the CPD are probably tracking all of our numbers and more than likely they are close. They’re using this device to follow Big Dragon’s every move, but we can use this against them. Using these three phones, we need to strategically place them at least five miles away, here and here.” Jackson pointed to two seperate locations that Ty had highlighted, both at a angle of forty-five degrees away from the club.

“The signal strength of the StingRay’s tower is designed to be stronger than any other in the area, but it’s impossible to figure out its exact location unless you plan to drive around and measure your cell phone’s service every hundred feet or so. However, once Officer Hastings enters into this radius with his device, all three phones will automatically connect to the fake tower and we should be able to triangulate its location by piggybacking off of the technology and pinging back to the source.”

She was unsure if Big Dragon actually understood anything his head bouncer was saying, but with a nod of his head, he looked pleased as he placed Hailee’s phone in Jackson’s hand. Not even three minutes later, they boys were back and had Dominic’s location pinpointed on the map.

“He’s hiding out across the street,” Jackson informed Big Dragon. “Probably hauled up inside one of the trailers just waiting for you to make your next move.”

“And he has no idea were on to him?”

Ty shook his head.

Hailee watched as Bojing’s jaw ground angrily, the wheels turning before he spoke. “Bring me the Wolf Cop,” he ordered the twins. “And remind him that I still have Hailee if you need to make him comply.”

“What are you going to do?” Hailee asked, but Big Dragon remained silent

With a snarl he suddenly grasped Hailee around the upper arm before dragging her over to the leather couch in his office. Hailee valiantly fought him along the way closing her eyes even as she felt herself falling into his lap. If she just kept her eyes closed, maybe, just maybe Bojing wouldn’t be able to compel her.

“I will not stand by, Hailee, and let your little boy-toy ruin everything I’ve worked so hard to have finally falling into place.”

Big Dragon gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him only to realize that her eyes remained closed.

“Do you really think that will stop me,” he hissed.

As the door suddenly unlatched, Hailee’s eyes flew open just in time to see the adonis of a cop stumble in along with his idiot partner, Doug. A threatening growl immediately erupted from the much larger weremale, but Big Dragon wasn’t exactly feeling intimidated at the moment.

“Apparently I failed to make myself clear the last time we met,” Bojing stated as he held Hailee firmly in his lap. “I told you that I own this city, Hastings,” he reminded the Wolf Cop. “I own Hailee, I own your sister and nephew and as of today, I’ll even own you.”

Hailee defiantly pulled her chin away from Big Dragon’s grasp, but that just made him grip her even more aggressively. As he nodded his head, a tear rolled down Hailee’s cheek.

“I guess you need another demonstration,” Bojing taunted as Hailee stood up from his lap.

“I told you to back off,” Hailee growled as she sauntered over to her mate. With a shake of her head, it was like watching two people possess the same body as she tried to fight the bond.

Hailee screamed back over her shoulder, “don’t make me do this!” But with another nod from Big Dragon, when she turned back around Dominic knew the Hailee he loved was gone.

“You didn’t listen to me, Dominic,” she tsked as her hands ran up and along his broad chest. “You never listen.”

Suddenly, her eyes flashed with something altogether menacing and she headed straight towards Doug instead. Whimpering in fear, the man pissed himself as he looked up at Hailee. With his arms held firmly behind his back, he was left completely defenseless as the woman’s hand stretched forward.

“Hailee, stop!” Dominic’s alpha commanded halted Hailee, but only for a second.

She could barely hear the voice of her mate over the pounding heartbeat threatening to burst out of his partners chest.

“Alright now, Hailee. I want you to stop.”

In the most elaborate display of mind control anyone had ever seen, Haille immediately froze before turning her back on Doug. It was like the voice of Big Dragon was her master, and what’s worse, he knew it. As he called her back over to his lap, Bojing hooked Hailee’s leg over his right arm as he sat back with her against his chest.

A smirk tugged at his lips as his left hand trailed past Hailee’s navel. It was in that moment that she realized Big Dragon had never intended for her to kill either one. As a long slender finger pushed past Hailee’s lace panties, Bojing looked up at Dominic daring him to do something.

“Let this be a listen for you all,” the vampire sneered. “You’re about to learn who’s really in control here.”

Tears streamed down Hailee’s face as her own body betrayed her. There was no pleasure to be had, but even still she began thrumming with ecstasy. As she watched her mate stand there, shaking violently as he seethed with rage, she knew there would be no salvation, nothing any of them could do.

It wasn’t long before her hips began bucking against Big Dragon’s hand. With a brazend look, the vampire smiled at Dominic before tossing Hailee to the ground.

“Take her home,” he said to the cop. “And this time, remember what I’ve said.”

Hailee watched as Dominic’s jaw ticked but ultimately he bent down and scooped her up into his massive arms. As he carried her out of the club and across the street to where a police impound was waiting for them, Hailee reeled back before slapping her mate across the face-- hard.

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