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Chapter Seventeen


Stealing another quick glance in the rear view mirror, Dominic couldn’t help but notice how casually Hailee sat in the back of the car. Over the years, he had watched many victims in the exact same spot, but not even half of them had kept it together as well as Hailee. She projected such a sense of calm after everything that had happened. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had been there to witness the entire thing for himself, the officer wouldn’t have even been able to tell something bad had taken place just moments ago.

Dominic sighed heavily as he continued to drive further away. In his mind, there would never be enough distance between all of them and Bojing. He had been oblivious to the other man’s infatuation before, but now-- now he would refuse to stand by and allow this obsession with his mate to continue.

The veins along his impressive forearms bulged outwards as his hands angrily gripped the steering wheel just thinking about it. As far as he could tell, no words had even been spoken between the pair, yet somehow that asshole had managed to make Hailee do exactly what he wanted-- or didn’t, for that matter. He wondered what else Big Dragon had forced Hailee to do in the past. What more was she keeping from him, and just how deep did her loyalties lie?

Hell, the more he sat there thinking about it, the more he realized how little he actually knew about the woman Hailee O’Connell. What if she was more involved in trafficking then he was willing to admit? If it came down to it, could he actually lock his own mate up behind bars?

So many unanswered questions, his mind ran a mile a minute. The emotions that raged inside of him-- he could only imagine how Hailee must have felt. He would have loved to of ripped Big Dragon’s heart right out of his chest-- he could have, he should have-- but not at the expense of Doug. Bojing would get his and soon, Dominic vowed. Of that, he was sure.

As the big cop pulled up to the curb alongside his apartment building, he quickly peered back over his shoulder before hopping out of the impound and hustling around the front end. His anger immediately melted into guilt the moment he opened the door and looked in on his mate. She seemed so young-- so innocent and small. With her arms hugging her knees tightly to her chest, it was as if she was trying to fold in on herself and hide away from the world.

He offered her a hand as she slid out of the back. “I hate having to leave you,” he began. “But I still have another two hours on shift.”

“I understand,” she muttered. Giving a stiff, silent nod. “Really, don’t worry about me,” she insisted with a weak smile.

She was about to walk away when Dominic suddenly pulled her back. “I’ll be back as soon as possible.” He promised before placing a soft kiss to the top of her head.

“Just don’t do anything stupid this time, ok?”

The hulking officer smirked as he watched Hailee walk away. If only she knew he had no plans to rest until the moment he saw Big Dragon turned into ash.

“So are we just going to keep acting like we didn’t see anything, or what?”

“You mean like the part where you pissed your pants?” Dominic chuckled.

The other man sent a glare Dominic’s way, but as he turned his head to prepare to pull out into traffic, the big were male pretended not to notice.

“I didn’t know that Bojing had such control over Hailee.” Out of the corner of his eye, Dominic saw Doug run a shaky hand over the top of his bald head before blowing out a long breath. “Do you really think she would have done it?” he asked.

“Done what?”

“Killed me.” Doug gulped.

Dominic could feel Doug’s gaze shift towards him as the other man waited for an answer. Only the large officer had none. It had certainly appeared that way though, even after he himself had ordered her to stop. It literally shook him to his core. The woman whom he was falling head over heels for, had been just moments away from becoming a killer.

“I’m starting to think that we may need to reconsider how serious Big Dragon is when he says he owns this city,” Dominic began. “Somehow he gained access to the traffic cams,” the officer pointed out. “And I’m sure if we start to do a little digging, that’s not all we’re going to find.”

“You can’t be serious,” Doug snorted. “After everything we just saw, you’re still going to go through with this?”

“After everything we just saw, that’s exactly why I need to go through with this,” Dominic countered. “That asswipe just sexually assaulted a woman in front of us-- in front of us, man. And we’re cops!”

He shook his head as he went quiet, pausing for a moment so he could accurately describe how he felt. “Hailee is my heart and soul,” he began. “She says she was created specifically for me by nature-- and fuck did they get it right. I’ve waited so long to finally find ‘the one’, and someone just hurt her. What if it had been Molly?” He asked. “Wouldn’t you want justice? Would you honestly just stand by?”

He was silent at first, but then Doug nodded his head. “You’re right, man,” he agreed. “It’s time we took back our streets.”

“So we start with good ole Rahm and work our way down,” Dominic instructed. “We find out just how much Bojing’s lining the city coffers. We’ll check bank accounts, real estate--”

“You think we’ll actually find it under his name?” Doug interjected.

“Probably not,” Dominic narrowed his eyes as he shook his head. “So we’ll have to find something, anything, that connects everything together.”

“You’re starting to hint at a pretty big operation here,” Doug pointed out. “Too big for just a couple of local detectives. Usually the captain would hand over something like this to the feds--”

“We can’t.”

“I know,” Doug snapped. “But we’ve gotta figure out something. There’s got to be somebody else we can trust,” he insisted.

The larger man’s face fell as he contemplated what Doug said. What they really needed was to make some additions to their team. Maybe someone with knowledge in the IT department, or quite possibly, they would need to source privately. Someone they could trust to keep quiet.

“What’s it like?” Doug suddenly asked, pulling Dominic from his thoughts. “I mean, I know you haven’t had your first shift yet, but apart of you has to be excited-- or-- or nervous?”

With a lick of his thin lips, Dominic turned to study his partner. Certainly it wasn’t for everyone. The raw strength, the alpha power, not to mention the sudden mood swings accompanied by feelings of extreme jealousy or possessiveness. He seriously doubted that the other man could handle such a lifestyle change. But without a shadow of a doubt, just picturing the hot little thing waiting for him back home, Dominic could give his own answer honestly.

“To tell you the truth, it’s the best, damn thing to ever happen to me, Doug.”

A wave of emotions crashed over Dominic as the lift rose painfully slow up to the floor of his apartment. He huffed in annoyance as he shifted his weight from foot to foot, unsure of what had his beast so uneasy today. All the off-duty officer wanted to do now was get home, but surely even his own powerful legs could have carried him up the multiple flights of stairs faster than this machine.

As he stepped off the elevator, Dominic’s head shot up and his eyes narrowed in betrayal. Soft moans floated down the hall from his bedroom and an overwhelming sense of pleasure and ecstasy suddenly struck him through the bond. Was she actually cheating on him in his own apartment, he thought.

His heart raced as he rushed down the hall towards her, his vision and everything before him literally turning red. There was only one man he could think of that would dare to mess with what was his. And the bastard had better pray that he was faster than Dom.

A shaky hand stretched out to twist the door knob as nothing but feelings of murderous rage flowed through the alpha male’s heart. How the fuck could she do this to him, he wondered. Had he not been good to her, he asked.

Without another hesitation, Dominic pushed open the door. He wasn’t sure if he could handle seeing his mate lie with another man, tangled in his own sheets. But as he exhaled a breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding, the hulk of a man quickly noted the bedroom was empty.

Angrily he turned towards the ensuite, the bathroom door faring unwell in the process as he went. As the door splinted before ripping free from the hinges, water splashed everywhere from the porcelain tub as Hailee jumped in shock.

A look of guilt immediately crossed his mate’s face. But unless there was a tiny merman hiding under the bubbles with her, it was evident she had not been unfaithful like he had first thought.

“I just needed to be in control of my own body,” she said.

As her gaze lowered to the water, Hailee sheepishly pulled out something black and shiney from between her legs. He was growing so hot and hard just waiting for a glimpse of her nudity to peek from underneath the bubbles. Dominic’s muscled back suddenly grew rigid as he bent to remove the object from her, taking the nightstick into his own large hands.

While it might have been longer, he knew its girth didn’t even slightly compare with his own. Nevertheless, she had used his own standard issue police baton to bring herself to excitement. At least it hadn’t been another man, he thought. But still-- he insisted. She needed to be ‘punished’.

With a deep, terrifying growl, Dominic gripped the metal at either end before easily snapping it in half like a twig. At the sound of Hailee’s gasp, a satisfying smirk tugged at his own lips. Visions of that sweet little mouth of hers worshipping every inch of him had his already huge member growing even harder-- stiffer, if possible. In a seconds time, the Adonis of a man had stripped down to bare perfection. And with just one flex of his taunt muscles, he had caused a frenzy of lust to swirl in Hailee’s eye.

“Tell me I’m handsome,” Dominic ordered while he stroked his impressive length.

At first Hailee giggled at him, but a single glare from the big man had her mouth instantly clamping shut.

“Tell me I’m fvcking huge,” he demanded.

As she stood up from the tub, Dominic pulled her towards the edge. His massive arms encircled her as he held her tightly to his chest.

“Just wait until tomorrow,” she told him with a tiny nod. “Oh yeah, just you wait.”

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