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Chapter Nineteen

-Fatal Attraction-

Hailee felt helpless as she watched her mate writhe against the floor. She knew from personal experience that the first shift always took the longest, beginning the very moment that the sun set and not ending until the moon hung high in the sky. The word painful didn’t even begin to describe the feeling. Imagine your bones cracking and elongating while your organs shut down in order to shift about and enlarge. You could literally feel every torturous second of every minute of every horrendous hour. And if that wasn’t enough, there were also the mental changes that accompanied the change.

It was pure torture for the human, but bliss for the wolf. Not only did it feel like your body was being ripped apart, but at the same time your mind was being drowned in a deep, dark cave. You felt like you were going blind, losing most of your other senses as well aside from the snapping of bones and sinew. You tasted copper-- salt-- vomit. Your skin went from burning to freezing to the numbness tingles of a limb that had fallen asleep.

But for the wolf, the mind was just starting to come alive-- blooming with life and excitement. As the monster gradually took over and the human withdrew, the experience suddenly became pleasurable. The wolf would suddenly find himself filled with adrenaline and endorphins. Even the fever seemed to bring on a strange sense of comfort, like a high that fed into the beasts saveragery.

Kneeling down beside him, Hailee used the hem of her shirt to dab at the sweat across Dominic’s brow. Her hands pulled his head into her lap as her fingers attempted to perform some relaxing manipulations along his temples. It had been a challenge at first, but she and Doug had managed to get the shackles around each one of his limbs. As she looked up at her mate’s partner, she could sense his nervousness, especially everytime Dominic released an agonizing scream.

“I don’t understand.” Doug shook his head as his eyes raked over Hailee. “He’s been at this for over an hour, but you haven’t even slightly changed.”

“The first transformation is always the worst,” Hailee explained. “The next time won’t take nearly as long and each month after that it should get a little easier.”

Doug winced as Dominic let out another ear piercing shriek.

“No offense, but I don’t think I ever want to become-- well. You know--” With a nod, Doug gestured towards the big man with his pointer finger before returning sympathetic eyes towards Hailee. “There is absolutely no way I would ever volunteer for this,” he exclaimed.

Hailee’s gaze dropped towards Dominic as she held onto him the best she could. With her slender arm draped tightly around the front of his broad chest, Hailee mumbled almost inaudibly as guilt tore her up.

“He didn’t have much of a choice either,” Hailee replied. “That night in the alley, my wolf immediately recognized him as her mate. Before I even had a chance to register what was going on, I found myself pulling away-- a fresh bite festered with venom on his neck.”

“Well, I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it too much,” Doug shook his head as he spoke. “Dom’s told me repeatedly how meeting you was the best thing to ever happen to him. And personally, I think he kind of enjoys it-- the power, the animalistic senses.”

The other officer suddenly looked down at Hailee thoughtfully before tilting his head to the side. “Speaking of which, why don’t we need to restrain you?” Doug asked.

Hailee smiled before answering as she looked down at the large cop. “I’ve been at this a lot longer than he has,” she shrugged. “And after six years of shifting, I find that I have a little more control over the hunger than a newbie. The idea of tearing into someone, ripping apart flesh from bones-- doesn’t quite get my wolf excited as much as it used to anymore. She’s waited a long time to find her mate,” Hailee explained. “And I’m pretty sure she’ll have her fill.”

With a pause, Hailee looked up from Dominic before shooting Doug a quick wink. “Tonight’s special will feature something a little different-- ” she smirked. “I’m thinking Dominic a la mode."

Another hour or so had passed and Dominic still had yet to fully shift. His voice had deepened incredibly to that of something demonic, but his wails had turned hoarse. No doubt his throat had grown strained. As her gaze shifted towards the barred window and up at the night sky, Hailee knew it wouldn’t be long until everything would get worse.

She could feel her own body heat beginning to rise as the moon moved into its fully illuminated peak. With the sound of clothes ripping, and more ear splitting screams, Hailee estimated it would only be a few more minutes now. She just hoped Doug was ready for what he was about to see.

And boy was Dominic a magnificent sight.

Hailee watched as Doug moved into the corner, paralyzed with fear. While she had remained relatively the same size, Dominic was monstrous-- ranging somewhere between eight and nine feet. He looked like an incarnation of the most terrifying creature ever depicted on the TV screen. But this wasn’t a horror movie, or someone in a costume playing make believe. Everything about this was absolutely real.

Just as she had told him in the beginning, Dominic stood upright on two incredibly thick legs. While his torso had maintained a realatively human shape, it had grown proportionately along with the rest of his body, as had the muscles throughout his rib cage and chest. A set of powerful and broad shoulders connected to his arms. The swollen biceps she had always admired were now covered in a thick, dark fur-- much like the rest of his body. Not unlike herself, she noted, but shaving the next day was always such a bitch.

His hands had also extended into long fingers, tipped with sharp, pointy claws. But usually it wasn’t those that scared the humans. No, it was the face.

Riddled with broken blood vessels, his eyes actually glowed with a fluorescent blue. They seemed to keep Doug hypnotized as he stalked forward, jaw hanging open slightly while saliva dripped from his fangs. The beast observed his prey intently before issuing a guttural growl.

It wasn’t until he turned to give a tug on the restraint keeping him from a fresh kill, that Hailee suddenly sprung into action. The smell of urine was strong as she placed herself between Dominic and his partner. Almost instantly his eyes darkened, and it was then that she realized just how much everything had grown.

She barely had enough time to yell for Doug to get to the car before Dominic suddenly pounced on her. The hindrance of shackles and chains quickly becoming a thing of the past. It didn’t matter if Doug made sure the door latched behind him, Hailee was certain it wouldn’t stop the gigantic werewolf either, if what he wanted laid on the other side. Luckily for them both, the creature seemed preoccupied tonight with the hot, little she-wolf squirming underneath him.

The newly transformed weremale made quick work of Hailee’s clothes. A second later, those same claws had dug into her waist, flipping her over before holding her flush against his chest. Her wolf was ready to submit to him, and the beast himself, didn’t seem interested in wasting any more time before claiming what was his.

As he straddled her hips, Hailee let out a slight gasp. His rock hard length ground harshly against her ass. Nothing about his movements were gentle as he snarled and growled against her ear. He was pounding her harder than ever before and Hailee swore any minute now he was likely to erupt. Just as they both were about to tumble off the cliff, Dominic suddenly stiffened, his flattened tongue roughly caressed the spot where Hailee’s shoulder met her neck.

His large body seemed to shake with desire, or hell maybe it was her own. But suddenly Hailee howled-- half in pleasure, half in pain. As his mark scorched across her flesh, euphoria exploded in her veins. The large Alpha male shuddered against her, a loud roar tearing from his lips. Finally the ′Wolf Cop′ had marked her as his own.

Hailee came to sometime later, the powerful orgasm from earlier causing her to see stars before blacking out. For a moment, she had panicked upon seeing the open door to the room until she felt the large, warm body of her sleeping mate curled up against her side.

Even as he slept, she was aware of a new presence inside her head. It was like she could feel Dominic in the background-- sense his pleasure at making her his. Surprisingly, it wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, but she could feel something was wrong.

Bojing’s sire bond was trying to fight back.

Dominic’s aurora suddenly lent her a strength she’d never experienced before. As a cell formed deep in the forgotten space of her mind, she envisioned herself drawing all of Big Dragon’s compulsion and placing it inside. She wasn’t free, not by a long shot. But nothing would ever be the same again.

Hailee could feel herself beginning to melt back into her human form, the fur and fangs slowly receding. Sun up must have been approaching, she figured. But for Dominic, the return to his native appearance would also take twice as long.

A smile ghosted her lips as she watched the rise and fall of his massive chest. As soft snores escaped the sleeping beast, she found herself growing grateful that his first go had been rather peaceful. Unlike the blood bath she had awoken to years ago.

She had just snuggled in closer to her mate’s warmth when her eyes widened at the scent in the air. She prayed Doug stayed out of sight, but as a few of the floorboards by the door way creaked, Dominic’s eyes suddenly snapped open.

“Dominic! No!” Hailee screamed.

But as the other man went down she knew it was too late. His teeth had dug deep into Doug’s thigh but judging by the lack of spray, Hailee figured Dom had missed any of the large or important arteries. She expected the man to scream, to wail in agony at the pain. What she hadn’t anticipated was for his body to start shifting.

“Oh fuck. Oh shit. Oh my fuck!” Hailee cursed as she grabbed up what was left of the chains. She had never heard of such a thing before, but she guessed technically it was still the full moon.

As she ran over to where Doug lay, Dominic hunched over in shame, whimpering in realization of what he had done.

“Fine time for you to choose to gain some of your humanity back.” She glared before quipping sarcastically. “You couldn’t have snapped back just five seconds sooner?”

With the shackles tightly wrapped around Doug, Hailee relaxed a little as she slumped down on the floor. Using Dominic as a backrest, she patiently watched as the bald man’s body started to morph. There was no way he would fully change before the moon set, and she suspected that was a good thing since his body hadn’t had a chance to prepare. She could tell he would never be as big as Dominic, power didn’t radiate off of him the way it did her mate.

Sighing heavily, Hailee leaned back and closed her eyes. She couldn’t fall asleep, not with the sound of Doug’s frightened screams. But at least she could dream of getting some rest. So much had changed since last night-- there were so many things she needed to tell Dom.

The sun finally began to peak over the horizon, and Hailee smiled at the thought of a new day. She would start it by telling Dominic exactly how he made her feel-- the love-- and just how much he meant to her.

But then, her gorgeous face fell as visions of what Big Dragon had made her do suddenly flooded her brain. She had killed so many-- and the grand scheme of what he planned to do with the city was nothing short of appalling. To think, all this time she had served him like some brainless, loyal slave.

All that would change, and this time if Dominic asked, she wouldn’t even think about going back. Now that Doug was one of them, maybe, just maybe they could finally fight back--

Hailee’s frown deepened as she felt Dominic shrink slightly to his human self. With his body still wrapped tightly around her, she was able to feel that something was off. She hadn’t even realized that Doug had fallen silent, into a deep, peaceful sleep. All of her attention was focused on the large man behind her, brow drenched with sweat and burning up with fever.

She might have been worried if it wasn’t for the fact they were werewolves. She should have seen it coming, what with it being his first shift and all. As Dominic’s eyes suddenly shot open, the still glowing sapphires darkened immediately at the sight of her, confirming what she had already suspected.

Dominic was in heat.

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