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Chapter Twenty

-Mad Max-

After a full night of screwing his mate’s brains out-- and ironically, screaming out his own-- Dominic fully expected to wake up feeling both mentally and physically drained. Whilst claiming what was rightfully his under the hypnosis of the moon, there hadn’t been much time last night for rest. He had finally fallen sound asleep right before the sun rose and his fur melted back into skin. But something didn’t feel quite right. His body was still much warmer than before and he could almost swear he felt-- angry.

The sound of a soft scuffle echoed about the room as Hailee shifted against his broad chest. Without even opening his own eyes, he could feel Hailee’s gaze study him, her mind turning over with worry before quickly transforming into something else. After a month of feeling her presence inside of his head, it was rather satisfying to finally sense the influence he had all on his own.

His chest swelled slightly as he inhaled deeply, a warm tingling sensation spreading across his flesh. The monster within stirred restlessly as it tried to resurface. Threatening to take over while refusing to ever let go.

With the scent of his mate’s arousal, he could feel it grow stronger. It’s primal desire for power and intimacy fed off of the feelings of weakness and insecurities that were his own. It should have been disconcerting that he could no longer distinguish which part of himself belonged to whom. But the wolf was cunning like that, and before he knew it, the human and the beast had merged together as one.

Hailee gasped as his eyes suddenly snapped open. The reflection of a sapphire glow mirrored in the center of her own. He had thought that after his claiming last night, the constant hard-on he sported at just the mere thought of Hailee would subside. But if anything, it only seemed to have grown worse.

“Mine,” he growled. His fingers roughly gripped the naked flesh around her hips. As his powerful hands pawed at her curves, his animalistic nature seemed to grow more and more impatient.

He drew his mate closer, tilting her chin before dominating her lips. As his gaze travelled from her mouth to his mark, Dominic rolled Hailee over. His reddened and angry prick pulsing long and hard between them.

“Do you think you guys could wait to do that, you know, when I’m not in the same room?”

The voice of his partner grated harshly against his ears. It bordered on annoyance and for some reason, it enraged his animal on the spot. As he drew up to his full intimidating height, Dominic easily pulled Hailee up with him. He quickly shoved her behind himself, however, when he realized she was entirely nude. A smug look crossed his handsome face in remembrance of how that had happened.

In fact, excitement shot through him as bits and pieces of last night floated past his memory. Everything about him had been impressive, from his height to his strength. He had felt unstoppable as he towered over both Hailee and--


His face soured as he slowly turned around. With a hasty glance towards the other man’s ripped and bloodied pant leg, Dominic idly scratched at the back of his neck. He was about to apologize for his actions, though he hadn’t had much control, when all of a sudden a whiff of musk sent his emotions recoiling backwards.

Words escaped him as his large body literally trembled with rage. As every one of Dominic’s muscles tensed, the bald headed officer glanced up at his partner, his eyes daring to meet the alpha male’s glare head on.

“What the hell is the matter with you?”

Doug was barely audible to him over the sound of his own snarls and growls.

“Try lowering your gaze,” Hailee suggested as she tried to step out from around him.

His beast wouldn’t allow it though, and a heavily muscled arm snaked out just in time to grab her and pull her against his chest.

“You’re new to this,” Hailee called over her shoulder as she attempted to address Doug. Dominic noted how her voice sounded muffled as he kept her head pressed firmly against his neck. “Dominic’s in heat, and he sees the scent of your arousal as a challenge.”

Over the top of Hailee’s head, he saw a crimson colored blush heat up Doug’s cheeks as the man looked down. His gaze didn’t linger there very long. A challenge, he scoffed. The man was unimpressive at best. He was more concerned with what Hailee meant when she said he was in heat.

“Looking him in the eye won’t help things either,” Hailee was quick to add.

“So I’m just supposed to what,” Doug challenged. “I’m sorry if an incredible pair of boobies easily sets me off, but I’m still a man and he needs to deal.”

As Doug unknowingly took another step forward, a terrifying noise ripped from Dominic’s chest. He was torn between tearing into the other man, or asserting his dominance and demanding submission. But it was nearly impossible to make any decisions with Hailee’s body molded around his. Pretty soon, he couldn’t even remember why he was so mad.

“I didn’t ask for this,” Doug reminded them. “And I’m certainly not stupid enough to try and go after your mate.” The stout, middle aged man looked down as he shuffled his shoes against the floor. “I have my own woman back at home,” he muttered. “And kids-- What the hell are they going to think?” he asked. “What the hell do I even say?”

The alpha pair felt slightly guilty as Doug packed up and headed out to the car. As they watched the retreating form of their friend, Dominic could feel Hailee’s heart break, her voice cracking soon after that.

“It’s all my fault,” Hailee sniffed, her head still resting against the big man’s chest. He hated feeling her hurt like this, and his body tensed as her tears fell down his bare flesh.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Dominic shot back. “I’m the one that bit him.”

“But if I hadn’t called him--” Hailee’s voice trailed off as she looked up from Dominic’s shoulder. He watched her frown deepen as a terrible thought suddenly occurred in her head. “I just hope Molly-- is actually his mate.”

The drive to Doug’s place that morning had been uncomfortable to say in the least. Due to the extreme rise in Dominic’s temperature, the inside of the car had become absolutely sweltering. It was too cold to roll down the window, and every few seconds or so, Hailee had to wipe off the condensation from the windshield. Eventually everyone agreed to turn on the air conditioner, but out of the corner of his eye, Dominic could see Hailee tremble.

Leaning over the center console, Dominic’s big hand ran up and down his mate’s thigh. His original plan had been to try and lend her some warmth. But at the sight of Hailee’s nipples pebbling underneath her shirt, the hulking officer found himself suddenly switching tactics due to other desires.

A terrifying grin split his lips as Hailee squirmed in her seat. As his hand slowly slid closer to her sex, Hailee squeezed her legs together. But she should have known that nothing could stop the wolf man.

“Oh c’mon you guys, seriously?”

Nothing except that.

Dominic sighed as his hand retreated back over into his own lap. Thank god they would be dropping Doug off soon, and then all he wanted to do was toss Hailee over his shoulder and fuck her till the sun came up next week.

The SUV had been idling for some time as the trio of werewolves sat alongside Doug’s house. Dominic had cleared his throat a few times, but Doug just sat-- staring out the window as though he were afraid of going in.

“You have twenty nine days before the next full moon,” Hailee finally broke into the other man’s thoughts. “I promise, it’s not as bad as you think,” she told him. “You’re not just going to wolf-out and attack, if that’s what you’re worried about. And more than likely, over time the Mrs. will be quiet happy with the changes.”

“Changes?” Doug’s attention snapped back to the inside of the car.

“Yep,” Hailee nodded. “Weight loss, hair growth, muscle gain, stamina--”

“I’m not going to turn into him though, am I?” Doug’s eye brows pulled up with concern.

Dominic growled slightly as he turned to glare at Doug over one of his massive shoulders.

“No,” Hailee chuckled before patting the big man on the chest. “Dominic is definitely a rare breed-- but I swear I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she purred.

With a fresh perspective on his new life, Doug finally hopped out of the car. As he hiked his pants up on the way to the front door, Dominic could swear it looked like his partner was already starting to lose weight. Good, Dominic thought. It wouldn’t be long now till they could take down Big Dragon.

Turning back towards Hailee, Dominic licked his lips before letting his gaze linger over his mate.

“Ready to go home?” he asked. A seductive smile played on his lips.


Hailee let her arms stretch high above her head before attempting to stifle a yawn.

“But unless you plan to starve for the next few days, we need to make a quick stop at Whole Foods first.”

“I could go forty days and forty nights without food as long as I was with you,” Dominic growled.

His stomach, however, choose that moment to insist he was wrong.

“I’ll just be a few minutes,” Hailee promised as she grabbed her purse and jumped down from the SUV. “It’s probably best that you stay put,” she instructed before shutting the passenger side door behind her.

In his mind, he knew she was probably right. If he so much as caught another male just glancing in Hailee’s direction he felt like he might rip them apart. And yet, what if she needed him, his head persisted. This was Chicago, after all.

“This is ridiculous,” Dominic grumbled as his fingers impatiently drummed along the leather of the steering column.

From kidnapping his mate, to a quickie in the produce section with another man, his imagination ran wild as it played out the different scenarios that could happen. Finally Dominic turned on the radio as he tried to drown out such crazy thoughts. It worked for awhile, but ultimately the paranoia won out.

Dominic was on the warpath and he didn’t even know why. As his long legs unfolded from the driver’s seat, his hand slammed the door shut with a force that shook the entire car. With his own scent still heavily embedded on his mate, it wasn’t hard to find Hailee in the store full of humans.

“I don’t think you understand--” The man whispered harshly as he held her in place with a hand firmly around her upper arm. “For three months I filled out missing person reports on you. I sat at the Rockford Police Station everyday, just waiting for them to figure something out. I stopped living, stopped going out. I even lost my job over you and had to set up a GoFundMe so that I wouldn’t lose my car or my house!”

“Look, Sam. I don’t know what else to tell you besides I’m sorry--”

“Sorry?” A snarl fell from the red head’s lips as his hand gripped her tighter. “Did you know they even considered me the main suspect in your disappearance until their forensics team determined that you didn’t even exist! They said the only thing that appeared to be on the trail that day was myself and a large chestnut colored dog.”

The man attempted to jerk Hailee closer, but by then Dominic had had enough. In an instant he had placed himself between the man and his mate, and almost immediately the redhead released her from his grasp. As the man gazed up at the six and a half foot wall of muscle suddenly before him, Dominic couldn’t help but also study the man who had captured Hailee’s attention, once upon a time.

Curly mop of ginger hair, piercing gray eyes and a tall lean-muscled body-- Dominic’s feelings of insecurity once again crept into his mind.

So this was what she was really into, he decided. Hell, if she had been human, she wouldn’t have even given him another glance. However, self-conscious or not, no one talked to his queen that way.

“Is there a problem here?” Dominic’s voice was a deathly rumble, even more scary than the one he usually reserved for the worst criminals. If it wasn’t for her hand gently maintaining a hold on the back of his tricep, Dominic probably would have killed the other man by now, or at least given him another hole to breathe out of.

“And who the fuck are you?”

Dominic made an advance to move forward, but was forcefully pulled back by his mate.

“Sam, this is my boyfriend, Dominic,” Hailee quickly intervened.

At the mention of the ‘b’ word, the other man tensed as he sized Dominic up.

“Boyfriend, huh?”

“That’s right.” Dominic smirked. His eyes narrowed as his chest puffed out, hopefully making himself look even bigger.

For a moment, Sam seemed to capture the couple with his gaze before sighing and taking a retreating step back.

“Just so you know--” the redhead warned Dom. “--she made it look like a bear attacked her in the middle of the woods and then disappeared off the face of the earth. Thanks to me, I’m sure she’s a better fuck than before, but losing everything to this little bitch certainly wasn’t worth--”

Without another word, the man crumpled to the floor.

"Did you get the steaks?”

He saw Hailee nod as he pulled his gigantic fist back. As the pair proceeded to the check out, Dominic’s arm wrapped possessively around her shoulders. Hopefully they could get home without any more incidents.

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