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Chapter Twenty-One

-She's Gotta Have It-

He couldn’t remember the last time he had sweat so profusely. But if he had to take a wild guess, it was more than likely back in middle school on the most dreaded rope climbing day. It was actually on that day twenty two years ago in gym class, when he couldn’t even make it more than two feet above the ground, that Dominic had gone home and begged his old man to buy him his first weight set. He could still hear the roar of laughter as his shaky arms struggled to lift his ninety-pound, four-foot something self up. But his sweat coated palms could just never get a good grip.

Young Dominic had been bullied for the rest of the school year, as well as the next. The seventh and eighth graders that tormented him daily, ingeniously waited until after he had purchased his lunch to ether flip the tray or take what they wanted straight from his hands. He had found that if he tried to hide the food in his pockets, the harassment he received was even worse. Eventually he just learned to avoid the water fountains, cafeteria and bathrooms altogether-- but it was nearly impossible to wait eight hours straight.

Dominic sighed in remembrance of those days. He was glad Hailee hadn’t known him back then. On more than one occasion he had been forced to piss in a water bottle behind the bleachers, but eventually the other kids had even found him hiding there. Every single day he hated his life-- for almost two years. And things only seemed to get worse when his parents died in an accident where they were hit head on by some drunk. While his sister Nikki had decided to cope by hanging out with the wrong crowd, Dominic had decided to tune the rest of the world out to focus on lifting.

He seemed to make such slow progress at first, but during the summer after seventh grade things finally started to pick up. Of course his tormentors had moved on to the high school by then, but Dominic didn’t stop. And when he joined them a year later, he was ready. A classic tale of the pathetic wimp transforming into the bully himself. Only no one wanted to mess with the six foot plus freshman now. And ninety pounds? Well, that had become a weight he could press with his pinky.

The sound of the passenger side window cracking open had Dominic pulling himself out of his trip down memory lane.

“Sorry.” Hailee offered a timid smile as Dominic’s head turned towards her. “It’s just the heat and your--” she gulped. “-- your scent.”

Dominic noted how her cheeks were flushed with arousal.

“It’s just all too much,” she shook her head, swallowing hard once again.

Though the heady aroma of his musk was strong, he could smell his mate’s lust as well, swirling and combining deliciously with his own. As Hailee’s arm stretched out across the center console, Dominic let out a deathly growl before plucking her hand up and bringing it to his lips. He already felt like he was about to explode, his length strained against the crotch of his denim jeans to damn-near bursting. The thought of Hailee’s fingers even just lightly brushing against him seemed increasingly painful at the time.

“Trust me.” Dominic’s voice was still hoarse from last night as he laced his thick fingers between her own. “I’m going to destroy you when we get home,” he smirked. “And I’ll have to carry you around everywhere we go.”

Hailee chuckled even as her tone presented him with a challenge. “Carry me?”

Dominic nodded. “You’re going to need it,” he promised. “When I’m through with you, you’re going to be walking funny for weeks.”

Hailee rolled her eyes in response, but Dominic could feel her excitement through the bond. As they pulled into the surrounding darkness provided by the parking garage, it was Dominic’s turn to let his fingers ghost up her thigh. The slight shudder she gave under the tingles of his touch, nearly had the big man coming undone.

“I need to get you upstairs,” he announced. His nostrils flared as his breathing grew haggard. “Or we’ll both be doing the walk of shame through the lobby.”

The newly mated wolves jumped out of the vehicle, neither being able to stand the mere seconds they were apart. It wasn’t until he rounded the back end of the Range Rover that Dominic realized he had made the biggest mistake of all--

Never let your guard down.

“Alright. Now just calm down, Fluffy, and nobody has to get hurt.”

Dominic stiffened at the sight of two men, holding his Hailee back. A third dirtbag, the one who had addressed him, held a silver dagger tightly against her throat. A menacing smirk curved his upper lip.

“We’re not looking for any trouble.” One of the two that was holding his mate’s arm at bay was quick to add. “Big Dragon just wants to make sure his ‘Luna’ made it through the full moon ok-- without any issues.”

The officer snorted silently to himself as his wolf bristled at the insult of who flippantly they tossed about that word. Hailee was a goddamn Queen, his wolf insisted, and she should be treated as such.

“We just need to bring her to him--”

“Like hell you will,” Dominic roared. As he took a step forward, for the first time since meeting her, Dominic saw fear flash in Hailee’s eye.

He tried to not let himself feel deflated, but did she really believe that he couldn’t save her? Or was she really just that afraid of Big Dragon? Last night he had witnessed her hold her own against him, he knew she was strong. So why the hell had she willingly allowed these three morons to restrain her?

“The humans have cameras everywhere,” Hailee gritted through clenched teeth. At first he thought she had said this for his benefit, especially as the guy holding the dagger to her throat looked increasingly pleased as the flesh began to sizzle and scorch. “They’ve probably already alerted CPD to the situation.”

“Too bad we already thought of that,” the second guy with his grip around Hailee finally spoke. “The little rent-a-cop upstairs will never suspect a thing. Time loop,” he supplied, when both Hailee and Dominic gave him a questioning look.

Dominic nodded his head, but there was still no way he was letting Hailee go. As a cold wind suddenly whipped through the building, it was then that he smelled the same intoxicating scent as the one that belonged to Big Dragon. Only it wasn’t as potent, not nearly as sweet. These three weren’t familiars, they were what Hailee had referred to before as fledglings. And if his nose was right, they were less than three years old.

“You should have left the cameras on,” Dominic drawled as he took another step forward.

He barely had enough time to remove his pants and shirt.

“Oh shit!” One of the dirt bags squealed. “What the fuck is this?”

As his bones popped in realignment and his body began to grow, the blood sucker with the knife screamed before running off towards a car. The other two who had been paralyzed with fear, suddenly turned towards the sound of the dagger clanking against the concrete. Disbelief overtook their features as the ’78 Cadillac Seville-- with what appeared to be newsprint covering the windows-- peeled out of the garage leaving them all behind.

One tried to run, while a gargled scream was quickly suppressed from another. Dominic’s claws had easily encircled both vampires’ necks. As he brought them closer, his elongated snout dripped with a thick foam. A reminder of the venom laced throughout the spittle oozing down his jaw and neck.

As his teeth shredded unhindered through the throat of one of Hailee’s attackers, his grip around the other leech instinctively tightened. Cameras or not, he couldn’t chance that the screams would alert the public to the existence of supernaturals. He could only imagine what humans would do if they ever found out about the things that went bump in the night.

With an annoying sliver of sunlight shining brightly in his eyes, an idea suddenly occurred to Dominic, and immediately he moved the blood sucker in front of his face. Within seconds the vampire’s body caught fire and Dominic tossed him on top of the other leech. As his body melted back down to human size, he watched the blaze before him until all that remained was a pile of ash.

Her body was still in shock as she remained seated on the floor. She was still waiting for that moment when she woke up and realized everything had all been just a horrible dream. Was it even possible, she wondered. A werewolf turning without the full moon? But even as she watched him shimmy back into his jeans, she had to admit he looked bigger now-- probably close to seven feet. And the thick muscles that covered the rest of his body looked primed and ready to take down a bear. It had come as no surprise that he had easily subdued those creeps. She only feared now how Bojing would react to such incredible news.

Those thoughts were quickly forgotten though, as she watched Dominic struggle to roll his tee back down over his bulging chest. After being blocked for the third time that day, the sooner she could get him up the stairs, the better. Dominic must have had the exact same thought as his head suddenly snapped towards her.

In just a few strides he had closed the distance between them. The look in his eye almost inhuman as he bent down. Without the utterance of a single syllable, he gently tugged her to her feet before effortlessly tossing her over his shoulder.

She tried to stop him only once, his name tumbling past her lips with a condescending tone as they entered the lobby. But a swift, hard slap to her ass had her quickly falling silent. As the golden elevator doors slid closed, Dominic finally let Hailee down. His arm hung heavily, possessively, down the front of her, nestled between her breasts.

As his free hand brushed the hair from the side of her neck, his tongue went to work tracing circles against the fresh bite mark he had left behind last night. Hailee gasped before trying to turn around, but her big cop kept her taut against his chest. His muscles rippled as he towered over her and the sudden intrusion of his hard thickness throbbing against her lower back had the she-wolf trembling with need. Fuck if she wasn’t always ready for him.

The moment they entered the apartment, Dominic discarded his clothes before kicking them towards the corner. He quickly turned to grab Hailee up, but she had been caught up in a trance. Unable to take her eyes off of him. As he followed her gaze towards where she was staring, he sent her an unbelievable panty-melting smirk. He really could be such a cocky bastard sometimes.

Scooping her up into his massive arms, Dominic’s mouth wasted no time in latching on and attacking her own. His tongue gently swept across her bottom lip suggestively, but Hailee knew it was all an act. If she didn’t voluntarily allow him access, he would just take it-- greedily.

She had been so caught up passionately wrestling Dominic’s tongue, that Hailee gasped slightly as she was suddenly tossed on to the bed. Surprisingly, he was gentle as he removed her clothes, but as he looked down at her naked body, willing-- ready-- wet-- something inside of him suddenly snapped.

His kisses were rough as he fell on top of her. A strong, powerful arm pinning her easily to the bed. She realized she was helpless against him, deliciously hopeless against the savage beast he had become-- but she was entirely his and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

As his lips moved south, Hailee shivered as his hot breath fanned over her nipples. She moaned and writhed as his mouth encircled a plump mound, but he refused to relent, nipping and tugging till they stood at attention. Suddenly Dominic’s large hands wrapped around her thighs, parting them as far as they could possibly go. Hailee breathed hard as her eyes met those of an animal. Her heart beating wildly and erratic in her chest. With a yielding sigh, Hailee lifted her hips up. It was as if she was offering her cunt to him in submission.

His thrusts were slow at first for which Hailee was grateful. She could feel herself struggling to accommodate his length. But the weremale barely gave her any time to adjust.

His huge size dwarfed her trembling body as he began thrusting frantically like the animal he was. His cock moved ferociously within her, harder-- forceful--hungry, sending waves of unbelievable pleasure through her body. If her moans and gasps were any indication, then surely her body was about to explode.

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