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Chapter Twenty-Five

-Fire with Fire-

“Alright ladies, it’s time!” Jupiter called out to the room full of overly excited women. As they all took a seat around the living room, the taller woman topped off another eight shot glasses before leading Ava towards a chair in the middle.

“I just want you to relax and enjoy this.” Hailee heard the blonde whisper before pressing a quick kiss to her cousin’s cheek. “Just think, in another twelve days, we’ll finally be married!”

The two shared a tender moment together, bouncing up and down in excitement as discreetly as possible. Hailee smiled as she watched, but the happiness did not reach her eyes. She wondered what Dominic was doing right now. Did he even miss her?

Tossing back the tequila in her special ‘Maid of Honor’ shot glass, Hailee caught Jupiter’s nod and turned up the music on the sound bar. It was time to have a little fun tonight and forget about her broken heart.

“Christmas Eve isn’t for another few weeks,” Jupiter shouted over the noise. “But tonight, I hear you’re all in luck! Make some noise you horny bitches, cause Kinky Kringle is in the house!”

The bass line in the Feliz Navidad remix thundered throughout the tiny room, but nothing could drown out the wild cheers of Ava and her few closest friends.

“We all know during the day that Santa’s Workshop can be a charming, happy little place. But when the sun goes down, the beats get turned up. And I can promise you the North Pole isn’t the biggest rod in town!”

As she caught a glimpse of the ridiculous velvet Santa suit, Hailee rolled her eyes before taking the seat closest to the door. The story line was incredibly cheesy-- a half naked Santa sucking on a candy cane with the word ‘naughty’ stamped across the front of his red boxers-- but she couldn’t deny that Jupiter’s twin was kind of hot. With a slab of six perfectly chiseled abs and a face that could make any girl swoon, Hailee had no doubt that at the end of every night, Justin’s waist line was loaded with dollar bills.

She tried to avert her gaze from the sexy Santa’s swaying hips, grinding along with the beat as he entered the room. It felt wrong, ogling another man while she was at odds with her own, but she didn’t want to be that friend either. At least, not on Ava’s special night. As yet another shot was passed out to the group of women, Hailee found herself quickly downing the drink. Just one more, she thought to herself as Jupiter refilled her glass-- this time she poured in a little Hypnotiq.

Surprisingly, Hailee found herself growing bored as she watched Justin work the line. He was about the same age as her with looks that could kill, but his biggest problem was his smug overconfidence.

“Tell me little girl, have you been naughty or nice this year?” Hailee tried not to cringe as Jupiter’s twin straddle her legs with his own. Was it really her turn already?

Like the rest of his body, his thighs were nicely toned, but there was no way they could even compare with the sequoia sized ones on Dom.

“Why don’t you go ahead and tell Santa what you really want?” He smirked.

It was obvious he was oblivious to Hailee’s disinterest.

With an absent minded scratch to her neck, Hailee remained silent as a single word formed in her thoughts. What could she say? The big, dumb Alpha had ruined her for life. He was just so much better-- stronger-- and bigger all around than the male stripper in front of her.

As he continuously thrust his bulge in her face, Hailee warily turned her head to the side. She swore she vaguely heard her name followed by the sound of pounding, but chalked it up to wishful thinking coupled with the copious amounts of booze flowing through her system. She was ready for the ‘sexy Santa’ to move on to someone else, but he had mistaken her actions for a challenge and showed no signs of giving up.

“It’s alright, baby girl--” She felt his satin covered fingers curl around her wrist. “Tonight, nothing is off limits,” he purred. “Not even Santa’s sack.”

Hailee’s mouth fell open as he brushed her palm against the hardening outline in the front of his shorts.

“Would you like a taste?” With a teasing smirk, Justin pulled the candy cane from his mouth. “Of my peppermint stick of course.” He winked before placing the sticky candy against her lips.

Suddenly, Hailee jumped up as the front door exploded inward.

“Holy shit.” Hailee was uncertain who the curse had tumbled from.

“Oh god, please tell me this is part of the show,” she heard someone else mutter.

As the big man stood with a scowl just outside the door, Hailee’s stomach churned with flips. Fists clenched by his sides, his chest heaved with every shallow breath. She had never noticed before how Dominic needed to turn slightly in order to move his broad shoulders past the frame. She was pretty sure he had just barely cleared the top as well, another four more inches or so and he would have needed to duck too.

With his eyes angrily darting back and forth between herself and the ‘sexy Santa’, a low, beastlike snarl suddenly tore from his lips. Despite his sheer size, Dominic moved rather fast. One moment Justin was standing beside her, and in the next, he was dangling a few inches above the ground.

’Dominic--” Her head was swimming as she staggered slightly, but this only seemed to anger the hulking officer even more.

The air grew impossibly thick as the hair on his forearms seemed to darken. She almost thought her mind was playing tricks on her again, until the top buttons on Dominic’s uniform suddenly shot across the room.

“Put him down,” Hailee ordered, but the furious weremale wasn’t listening.

Hailee heard Justin whimper, it was pretty much all he could do. His eyes widened as the fabric around Dominic’s massive arms threatened to burst as his muscles grew more dense. If Dominic didn’t calm down soon, Hailee knew what would happen next.

“You better get him to chill the fuck out,” Jupiter hissed in her ear. She hadn’t even heard the other woman get up from her seat.

“Dominic--” Hailee tried again. This time placing her hand against the heated flesh on his forearm.

The muscle-bound officer sneered as he turned towards his mate. She guessed it was because he could sense that her touch alone could bring him back down to reality, but the beast didn’t want that, not yet anyways. Hailee found herself in a similar situation. The moment Dominic walked in the door she had struggled to stay in control. She knew their mate bond would try to force her into forgiveness. She wasn’t sure she was ready for that, but she couldn’t risk him shifting in front of everyone either.

“I swear, Dom, it’s not what you think.”

As he continued to study her, Hailee watched his gaze begin to soften. A second after that, he had returned to his normal size. Not that there was a significant difference between the two, Hailee noted. But at least he had decided to drop Justin from his grasp.

Hailee was about to say something more when she suddenly found herself unceremoniously tossed over Dominic’s shoulder. She tried screaming for him to put her down, and when that didn’t work she switched to cursing. He was like the Terminator though, as he continued on through the little house. She even kneed him once in the chest, but all that earned her was a sharp slap on the ass.

“Don’t break any more of my shit!” Jupiter yelled as he entered the kitchen with Hailee still draped across him.

She could hear some of the other’s voice their concerns. “Are you sure she’ll be ok?” One of them asked.

“Did you see him?” Another giggled. “I’m sure she’ll be just fine.”
It wasn’t until he had stormed out the back door, that he finally let Hailee down on her own two feet. She guessed own was a relative word though. He might have set her down, but his arms never once loosened from around her. Despite what the mate bond wanted, Hailee slapped him hard across the face as he darted in for a kiss.

“You can’t just come in here like that and think--”

“Hailee, I’m sorry.” She watched him run both hands across the top of his close cropped hair. “I know I can’t take back what I said but you’ve gotta believe me. I didn’t mean it!”

“And I’m just supposed to believe that?” Hailee snorted. She ran her hands up and down her arms as the cold Chicago winds whipped all around her. “You know, after I first bit you, I gave you an out. I told you I’d completely understood if you left. But you said--”

“I said it was basically your own fault that you were stuck with me,” Dominic nodded. “Yeah, I remember,” he told her. “And like I said a few seconds ago, I’m sorry.”

With a shake of her head, Hailee spun away from him. If she didn’t she knew her body would betray her. “I just-- I don’t know, Dom,” she muttered. Her arms hugged her chest as the cold settled in her bones. “You hurt me pretty bad.”

As he moved up behind her, she could immediately feel his warmth. His arms encircled her again, but this time she didn’t have it in her to fight him off.

“I know I’m not perfect,” he began. “And I promise I’ll probably make over a billion more mistakes.”

Hailee couldn’t help but smile at that as her head leaned back to rest against one of his massive pecs.

“It pains me more than anything to know that I’m the one that hurt you. I was just so angry that day,” he confessed. “I’m not a good person. I hurt the ones closest to me,” he paused for a moment as his arms tightened around her. “But when I say I’m sorry, Hailee-- I mean it.”

Strong fingers dug into her hips, spinning her back around to face him. Hailee shivered slightly as his eyes raked over her body. Even in the dark of night, she could see that his pupils were entirely blown.

“Damn it, Hailee. I want you so bad,” he muttered. As he took a step back, Hailee noticed how his muscles rippled with every breath.

“So what’s the problem?” she asked.

“Your drunk--”

“I’m not that drunk,” Hailee argued. But as his eyes focused on her, seemingly weighing his options, Hailee knew he wouldn’t touch her again. At least, not without a little coaxing-- “I swear to god, Dominic Alexander. If you don’t get your ass over here and take advantage of me right this second, I will go back in that house and have my way with ’Sexy San--”

Dominic roared as he moved in front of her, his large hands gripping her thighs as he pushed up her skirt. A second later, he had locked Hailee’s legs around his narrow waist. Hailee hissed slightly as her back was slammed against something cool. The coldness of the aluminum siding ‘bit’ into her skin.

“Don’t you ever leave me again,” he rasped against her neck. His mouth left a sloppy trail across her collarbone while his large hands completely covered her ass. Hailee could only moan in response as he pressed himself against her most sensitive parts. If it wasn’t for the fact that his strong hands were keeping her immobile, Hailee would have ground against him a little.

“God I’ve missed you.” Dominic groaned, giving Hailee exactly what she wanted as he moved his hips against her core.

Hailee suddenly yelped as Dominic’s teeth sunk into the mark on her neck. There was only one other time when he had been so primal, so rough-- and Hailee fucking loved it.

“I’m gonna make you scream so loud,” Dominic growled. His voice was so deep, so husky, if Hailee hadn’t already been ready for him, she was soaked now.

With a sharp sting against her thighs, Hailee realized Dominic had shredded her panties. By now, she had come to expect such behaviour, and purred in response before lacing her fingers behind his thick neck. All she could focus on was how much she needed him inside her. The quicker he could soothe the growing ache in the pit of her stomach, the better.

Excitement shot through her as Dominic balanced her in one hand. His unrivaled strength was always such an incredible turn on. Sometimes she still couldn’t believe that this huge beast of a man was hers. All. Eight. Fucking. Inches.

Hailee screamed, her vision blurring as Dominic speared her with a single thrust. It was painful at first. His huge member attacking her as it entered, filling her to the hilt before exiting and repeating the first two steps all over again.

Eventually, the pain gave way to pleasure and Hailee tried to pull Dominic closer. She wanted every part of this hulking sex god pressed against her. Fuck, she never wanted to be separated from him again.

“Oh god,” Hailee breathed. The tension was building deep in her core. She was so close. Just a little bit more.

“You feel so fucking good,” Dominic growled before quickening his pace. He was pounding her faster-- harder-- his scent filling her nose. “Come for me,” he ordered. His voice was harsh as he pushed the words between clenched teeth.

As waves of pleasure started overtaking her, Hailee bit down into the side of his neck. She could feel him lengthen inside her, his large hands holding her up by the ass, squeezing and yanking her up and down in sync with his pounding. Any second now he would explode.

“Oh god. Yes. Oh fuck!” Dominic chanted.

Tossing her head back, Hailee came screaming his name. Her body convulsed around him, shaking and tensing as euphoria flooded her senses. Dominic followed shortly after and with a final grunt he emptied himself inside her.

“I fucking love you, Hailee.”

“I love you too.”

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