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Chapter Twenty-Seven

-A Christmas Story-


Stumbling over her own two feet as she headed out the door, Hailee cursed. If it wasn’t for Dominic’s thick arm wrapped tightly around her waist, she was sure she would have fallen flat on her face. Damn that bloodsucker and his fucking ‘present’.

“Wow.” Dominic chuckled as he attempted to help Hailee up into the SUV. Her foot had slipped twice before the big man just decided to lift her into the seat. “You are clearly, way more drunk than I thought.”

“I’m not drunk,” she pouted.

With an all knowing smirk, Dominic nodded his head before shutting the door behind her. Immediately, Hailee felt herself melt into the heated seats of the Range Rover while watching her mate round the front of the car. It was a nice touch, but she wasn’t done.

“I’m not!” She insisted as soon as he had hopped into the driver’s seat. “It’s just taking a little longer for the alcohol to exit my system,” she countered. “Wolfsbane, remember?”

Hailee couldn’t remember a time when Dominic had ever let out such a deep, hearty laugh.

“I’m pretty sure then by your own definition, that means you’re drunk,” Dominic teased. “I’m not complaining though,” he was quick to add. “I had a pretty good time myself tonight.”

As Dominic plucked her hand up and interlaced their fingers, Hailee smiled. At five-foot-eight she would have never considered herself tiny, but the size difference between her hand and his was staggering. Then again, everything about Dominic was.

“I’ve missed you this week,” he said before brushing a light kiss across her knuckles. “I’d be lying to myself and you if I said it hadn’t driven me nuts knowing you were with Justin.”

“I would never--” Hailee shook her head as she began, but Dominic was quick to cut her off.

“I know,” he replied, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. “Just a new, crazy wolf and some old insecurities,” he admitted.

Hailee nodded her head, knowing all too well about both. “Sometimes, I still wish I’d had more control over biting you.”

“Why?” Dominic’s brow raised almost angrily as he tried not to explode. “Would you have bitten someone else?”

“No. Never!” Hailee declared, sighing heavily as Dominic continued to grind his teeth. “I just wish--” She licked her lips nervously, pausing slightly before treading forward. “I just wish I had asked you first, ya know?”

“It wouldn’t have changed anything,” Dominic shrugged. “I would have still said yes, a thousand times over.” Without a moment’s hesitation he had responded bringing her some relief. “I’ve told you before that you never need to doubt that I love being a wolf,” he growled. “And Hailee?”

She hummed in response as she turned to meet his heated gaze.

“I fucking love you.”

Hailee shuddered involuntarily as his large hand slid up her thigh.

“Careful there Officer,” Hailee purred with a teasing tone. “We wouldn’t want you to get into an accident because of distracted driving, now would we?”

Dominic snarled as he pulled away in response. “You’d better be ready for me when we get home,” he warned. “It’s been twelve days,” he growled. “And five before that. I fully intend to make up for lost time.”

With a smug expression Hailee leaned back against her seat, stealing glances at her hulking lover every once in a while out of the corner of her eye. She was curious if Dominic ever grew lightheaded from the amount of blood it took to fill out that enormous outline stretching his slacks. She had some plans of her own when they got back to the apartment, some of which that involved his own handcuffs. Maybe for once in his life it was him, who needed to be prepared for her.

Tires screeched as he pulled into the garage, and Hailee actually found herself lurching forward as he threw the SUV into park. As his calloused hands gripped her roughly around her bare legs, Dominic left no room for Hailee to protest as he easily pulled her over the center counsel and into his lap.

“My wolf--” he pushed through clenched teeth as her hands splayed across his broad chest. “Need you close.” With a lustful glance down at her lips, Dominic’s mouth greedily slanted over her own.

Hailee was panting hard by the time Dominic finally popped open the door. She hadn’t even realized how stuffy it had gotten inside the car, until she felt a blast of refreshingly cool outside air. In no time at all, Dominic’s long legs uncurled from inside the SUV before he effortlessly stood with Hailee still in his arms.

“Please, let me walk in,” Hailee reluctantly begged before crushing her lips against his again. When she pulled away, her eyes pleaded with his own. “The looks we got the last time--”

Her voice trailed off as he slowly let her down.

“So, you’re ok then?”

Hailee gasped as Dominic suddenly pulled her behind himself.

“You have to believe me--” Bojing almost sounded sincere as he took a step towards her. “--I never meant for you to get poisoned tonight, Hailee.”

“Fuck you,” Hailee spat at him. “You had no right to mess with my cousin and her wife on their wedding day.”

As she clung to Dominic’s massive arm, she could feel her big man trembling underneath his clothes.

“Why are you here, Bo?”

She watched the vampire wince at the tone in her voice as he stepped out of the shadows.

“I-- I miss you.” He hesitated for a second as he regarded the large, shaking male. “Ty, Jackson, your clients-- we all miss you. We’re lost without our Luna,” he tried again.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone to replace me soon,” Hailee scoffed.

At his look of confusion, Dominic decided to help fill in the blanks.

“Your coven,” her mate supplied. “We know all about your army.”

“An army,” he breathed as he gazed at the werewolf pair thoughtfully. “Is that what you think?”

“What else would you call it?” Hailee sneered.

“Personally, I like to think of us as family.” His tone had taken on a softer tone as he tried to convince her, draw her further away from her mate. “You, me--” he gulped, “--Dominic.”

The vampire didn’t miss a beat as a hazy fog clouded over Hailee’s mind. “You should know, I was quite devastated when I found out about Nikki--”

In her mind’s eye, she could feel a tether being tossed out to her as she tossed about the waves.

“I’ve always provided for you, Hailee. Looked out for you-- been good to you. Haven’t I?”

Another tie to the bond was mended. One foot slowly shuffling in front of another. He was so manipulative, the sire bond so potent. It wasn’t until Dominic issued a ferocious roar that she realized what was happening.

Mixed with a terrifying howl of pain, it sounded like a hail of gunfire as Dominic’s bones cracked in realignment. His clothes practically exploded off his body as a thick dark fur grew in faster than she could think. As he stood up to an incredible eight feet of intimidating height, Dominic’s muscles bulged forward as they fought for space on his already dense frame.

This was a true nightmare, Hailee thought. Her worst fears had come to life. Dominic had shifted right in front of Bojing.

As her head whipped back to the ancient vampire, she watched the man falter. His mouth hanging agape. In the blink of an eye, Big Dragon was gone the next. Hailee was sure no happy endings would come from this. The man was smart, smart enough to know when he needed to retreat. But if anything now, this had just solidified his need for an army.

“What the hell was that?” Hailee screeched as she spun on her heel.

Her hand reached up to slap the monster across the snout, but he caught her wrist in one of his gigantic, sharp claws.

“Shift.” Hailee ordered. “Now!”

As fur slowly returned to skin, he may have appeared to be human-- but Hailee knew the beast was far from giving up control.

“You’re mine!” He snarled the words as he pulled her flush against his naked self. His big, warm hands roughly pawed the length of her body. As his eyes darkened with a predatory gaze, Hailee knew if she didn’t get him to calm down, he was going to take her, right here, right now.

“Dominic, wait.” It literally took all of her might pressing against his broad shoulders to lift his head away from her neck. Long gone was the playful, happy mate from before. And in its place stood a sex-crazed manbeast utterly given over to his desires.

“Not here,” she insisted. Where anyone might walk in on them. But they couldn’t exactly go traipsing through the lobby either. He remained silent, as his lust-drunk state often did, but he seemed to understand their dilemma as he pulled her over to a different set of doors.

Hailee barely had any time to read the words ‘Fire Escape’ before Dominic tore open the metal door. The big man grunted as he tugged on her hand, but Hailee refused to budge as she looked up at the dizzying flights of stairs. There was just no way with all the alcohol and wolfsbane-- twelve stairs a flight-- three flights to a floor-- and Dominic’s apartment was located on the thirty-third.

“I’ll just meet you up there,” Hailee suggested as she tried to wrench her hand free. Instead, the powerful weremale lifted her into his strong arms.

“Dominic--” she began to protest, but he cut her off with growl. As his eyes burned a breathtaking, sapphire blue, Hailee knew it was pointless to argue.

Dominic took the thousand plus steps two at a time, never stopping, never once pausing. As he kicked open the door to his apartment, Hailee noticed how his nostrils flared and his chest heaved.

“I warned you to be ready for me, mate.” Hailee’s eyes widened as Dominic lowered his head towards the sensitive flesh on her neck. “So, I’ll only ask once-- are you?”

She tensed as his warm breath fanned against her skin. “No,” she replied weakly. “I just--”

Dominic nuzzled her earlobe as his large hands ran down her arms. She was barely able to think as his thick fingers laced with those of her right hand, lifting it above her head and pinning her against the wall.

“You just what?” he whispered.

Hailee trembled visibly, shuddering with each passing second. She was unable to focus on anything but his touch. The mark on her neck scorched across her flesh, igniting something inside her that ached for more. With a soft mewl, Hailee tilted her head to the side.

“Just--” was all she could manage to reply.

“Just remembering that you’re mine,” he answered for her.

His lips left a wet trail down her jaw to her exposed neck before taking in her intoxicating scent.

“You may have been the one to mark me first that night--” Dominic pulled away slightly as his fingertips caressed her cheek. “But I’ve known since that night in your apartment--” He raised up to loom over her before gazing down into the pools of her soul. “You belong to me.”

“Dominic!” Hailee gasped as his teeth suddenly sunk into her, marking his territory yet again. She found herself bucking into his body as she writhed, the sensation was just so intense.

After taking a few steadying breaths, Dominic relaxed his jaw. A second later, he had hooked his arm under her legs.

“I hope you aren’t particularly attached to this dress,” the big male smirked as he deposited her on the bed.


With a raised brow, Hailee looked up at him, but he didn’t even bother to answer as his hands ripped the dress open with a snarl. As he knelt down at the foot of the bed, Dominic gently slid her over to the edge.

“Oh god,” she shivered as he began kissing her mound. The lost she wolf couldn’t help but whimper when the tip of his tongue suddenly traced lower, dragging over her clit.

She thought she was going to explode as he alternated between sucking and flicking his tongue over her bud, never letting her focus on just one sensation for long. She was so wet by now, she knew she had to be dripping.

“You taste so sweet,” Hailee heard Dominic mutter. With one hand holding her hips tightly in place, his other moved up her chest, closing over her right breast to knead it softly. His rough palm grated over her hard nipple as his head dipped lower, lapping up her juices and moaning in hunger.

Dominic stood up then, towering over her naked body. She could see the throbbing of his erect cock and groaned loudly as he took her hand and guided it towards his thick shaft. Her fingers instantly wrapped around him and squeezed lightly, stroking along his length up and down. She was pleased to see Dominic sucked in a sharp breath in response. His head rolled back against his massive shoulders as his hips rocked forward with need.

“Oh fuck, Hailee. That feels so good.”

She watched as a surge of his precum wet the tip of his cock before dripping down over her fingers. With a devilish smirk she tightened her grip and stroked faster. The action making him shudder even as her own hips shifted restlessly on the bed.

“I want you so bad,” he breathed out, and in a flash he was on her. Without a second thought he dipped his hips between her thighs as she wrapped her legs around him in encouragement.

“I need to be inside you,” he whispered, “because you’re mine.”

He easily pinned both of her hands above her head as his gaze locked on to her. “Only mine.”

Hailee gasped in shock as Dominic adjusted his hips and shifted forward. His bulbous head parting her lips before viciously sinking in. Dominic moaned and shuddered, but he refused to relent. The manbeast was entirely lost.

Hailee threw her head back, clenching and arching into him desperately. This adonis of a man always filled her so deeply, ruining her for anyone else-- just in case. There was no need for her to even claim ‘I’m yours.’ Dominic knew. He knew he owned her.

“So gorgeous.” Dominic bucked the last little distance, slamming his cock fully into her before rotating his hips. “So sweet.” He pulled back slowly and slammed in again. “So utterly and completely mine.”

“Dominic!” Hailee screamed out his name and threw her head back, arching up sharply toward him. She could hear his pants as he pistoned his hips harder-- faster, the sound of each impact wet with her own juices.

“Cum with me, now!” He growled and pressed his forehead to hers, slamming his cock hard into her pussy once more. As he planted his full length deep inside her, he suddenly arched his back with a primal shout.

Hailee screamed again, tightening impossibly around his cock. The pleasure was so intense it ripped through her body and left her slick with sweat. Dominic shuddered wordlessly atop her, hips rolling once more, desperate to empty every last drop of cum into his mate’s writhing form.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, their tongues slithered over one another’s as they both fought for breath.

“Merry Christmas Eve,” Hailee smiled as Dominic finally collapsed beside her on the bed.

Her mate smiled broadly and nodded before cradling her against his chest. “Merry Christmas Eve,” he finally rasped in response. “But, that only makes up for one day...”

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