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Chapter Twenty-Nine

-The Way We Were-

The club would be full tonight and his security team on high alert. There was absolutely no other day that Bojing hated more-- except for maybe the nights of the full moon. He had no reason to celebrate, he wasn’t Irish, hell he wasn’t even American. But in the good ole U-S of A on St. Patty’s day, everyone was Irish.

The two ice cubes in his glass clinked together as he tossed back his whiskey. His facial features remained hard as he stared into the darkness ahead of him. Bojing hated St. Patrick’s Day. Hated everything about the holiday-- the leprechauns, the drunks, even the damn color green-- it all reminded him painfully too much of Hailee.

He could still picture how his favorite outfit hugged every one of her luscious curves. It was a simple green, silky chemise that attached to a pair of sheer and black thigh-high stockings. The outfit was one she had worn before her Queen of the Damned routine had caught on. If he was being completely honest, he knew most of the success of the entire club had ridden on that single act. But it would always remain her earlier days that he was most fond of.

Bojing took the last swig of his watered down drink before slamming the empty glass back down on the arm rest. Sometimes, he still wondered how he had gone from Emperor of the Mongolian Empire to this. He shook his head at what his life had become. Perhaps it was the alcohol talking, but he almost swore he could hear his father voicing his harsh disappointment.

His movements were slow as he pulled the cork from the decanter. As he re-filled his glass, Bojing cursed at the feeling of weakness he hadn’t known since before his time as a human. He hadn’t fed in months, hadn’t left this damned room since that mutt had shifted in front of him without the full moon. He knew his skin had grown colder and pale as well. If he didn’t feed soon, the process of petrification would be completed in another week.

With every passing day, he could feel Hailee growing more distant. He still wasn’t entirely sure how he had lost her. Seven billion people in the world, nearly three million in Chicago, and as fate would have it she just had to go out and find ‘the one’.

Bojing tossed the glass against the wall with a ferocious snarl. The light brown liquid silently rolling down the wall. Just the thought of her with that giant fur ball made his stomach churn. What did she see in him besides a walking mountain of muscle? Didn’t the bond that they share mean anything to her?

He wondered if her rejection of him, would have stung less if she hadn’t picked someone so strong. Dominic was powerful enough-- formidable in his own right to have earned the title of top werewolf. And Bojing had wiped out enough Alpha’s to know one when he saw one. But a werewolf who could shift at will? Without the full moon? That was altogether something different, something he had never encountered before. Bojing was sure the new Alpha could be unstoppable.

So are you, his conscious told him. And you’re about to have an army.

Maybe, he shrugged, even while shrouded in darkness. But what good was it ruling the world if you had no one to share it with. He needed his Queen, his second-chance Luna to help rule by his side.

He should have treated her better when she was still under his influence-- back when she still could have been called his. Instead of letting her live alone in that rat infested building, he could have insisted she move in with him. He should have sent her flowers, gifted her with diamonds or even brought her more of those european chocolates that she loved so much more often. He wondered if she still got a craving for those Portuguese candy bars. She would always laugh at the roaring lion on the front wrapper, but it was the dark chocolate covered wafers with caramel inside that would really make her eyes light up.

He smiled at the memory of the first time she had opened a package. To Bojing, chocolate was chocolate. But since that day, Hailee had insisted it was entirely different, so much so that she had sworn her life had changed. Bojing chuckled-- she had been so mad, claiming she would never be able to go back to the ordinary.

As he continued to stare into the darkness ahead of him, the smile on his face began to falter. He knew what it was like to find something so deliciously unordinary. Bojing had his own mate once, though in his world, they were referred to as your chosen one.

He had first met Marguerite by chance, strolling through the parlor of an opera house in the south of France during the early 1600s. He could still remember how regal she had looked in that light blue gown with the laced up bodice and puffy sleeves. It had been incredibly fashionable then to have extremely low-cut, rounded necklines. The moment Bojing had laid eyes on his raven haired beauty he was done for. It was safe to say he had pretty much lost all sense of control, and by the middle of the second act, he had force fed her his blood and snapped her neck. Luckily for him, the soprano’s garish baroque had drowned out any screams from his future bride.

His claws elongated with the remembrance of losing her all too soon, just two hundred and sixty-five years later. While the vampire couple could never conceive children of their own, over the centuries, they had gained enough followers to fill the void in Marguerite’s heart. The small coven had been hiding out at a plantation along the coast of South Carolina, the first state to secede the Union during the civil war. Tyler and Jackson Whitlock had been her guards that evening-- if only he had known then what he knew about them now. His precious Marguerite should have never been permitted to walk around the grounds on that dreadful full moon. That had been Tyler’s second mistake. The first had been to allow his twin brother to wander off in search of a fresh kill.

When the pack of mangy mutts trespassed onto his land, Ty and Bojing’s chosen one fought them off valiantly. It was one of the only reasons that Bojing allowed Tyler to breath this day. The Alpha that had attacked them had been too powerful for his bride and the much younger guard that day. As he looked around and realized he was the only one of his pack who remained, he let out a mournful howl before overpowering them both and removing Marguerite’s heart in revenge. Bojing heard the howl and arrived just in time to rip out the Alpha’s spine along with Tyler’s tongue. His bride had been reduced to a pile of ash.

The soot sifted through his fingers as the vampire swore his own revenge, and by the time the war ended, very few packs remained. He continued to wipe them out over the years, forcing the werewolves to go into hiding. He swore he wouldn’t stop until his Chosen One had been avenged.

At the soft knock on the door, Bojing grunted in response. He just wanted to be left alone, could no body understand that? He shook his head, actually that wasn’t true. What he really wanted was to die.

As the door opened and closed, the blinding light and thumping bass of the club’s music penetrated the quiet sanctuary of his sulking.

“I don’t care if you rip my tongue out like my brother, I won’t just sit back and watch you give up.”

With a single whiff, he could feel his face morphing along the bridge of his nose and forehead.

“What the hell did you do?” he bellowed. His eyes glowed an unnatural yellow as his gums began to throb.

“You’re never going to win her back by sitting in this room,” Jackson replied. He shoved the woman towards Bojing, causing her to stumble right into his lap.

As his fangs elongated at the female’s scent, the capillaries around his eyes began to protrude and darken. Bojing could almost taste the female’s copperish life blood draining from her veins. Jackson had split open her wrist, enticing him to return to his full strength.

“She’s been spotted up in Wrigleyville-- alone.” Jackson tried to further convince him. He hesitated before giving in to his curse, but the thirst was too great. He couldn’t help the snarls and grunts that fell from him as he fed.

“Better?” Jackson asked as Bojing stood to his feet.

With a stiff nod he tossed the woman back towards Jackson before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Send this one to the farm,” he instructed. He would need to feed for the rest of the evening, but already he could feel himself growing stronger.

“Good,” Jackson voiced his approval. “Because we’ve also found one of them hiding amongst us.”

Bojing’s eyebrow raised, the disgust in Jackson’s tone suggesting that ‘them’ could only refer to one thing.

“How did he mask his scent?” Bojing asked. “More importantly, does he have a pack?”

“Apparently he was using a mix of various animal urines to cover his stench,” the young vampire told his Sire. “We’re not sure about a pack,” Jackson answered. “But Ty is currently working on getting you more answers.”

The smirk on Jackson’s face was enough to make Bojing’s stomach churn. It was tough to break a shifter, but he had no doubt that Ty could do it. The boy had a flair for torture, it was one of the reasons why he had saved both brothers from a lynch mob in West Virginia. With any luck, he would have his answers in just under two hours.

Jackson turned back towards the door as a soft knock echoed through the room.


Someone roughly shoved another woman into the cold, dark office. Her wrists weren’t slit like the other one, but Bojing didn’t require any more enticing. He needed to restore his strength if he planned to take down an entire pack. If he finished wiping them off the face of the planet like he had pledged, then Hailee would have no other choice than to come back to him.

By the time he was done draining the life force from the woman’s veins, he was actually feeling quite nostalgic. It was always an incredible feeling being the superior species-- the top of the food chain. And once Hailee was back where she belonged, he would truly be the one unstoppable.

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