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Chapter Thirty

-The Beastmaster-

At Ava and Jupiter’s screams, he shoved aside the crowd-- not even caring if he mowed people down as he tried to get to the door he’d watched Hailee disappear through. After ten plus years on the force, he should have known by now never to ignore his gut instinct. The three statues he had mistaken for decorations, hadn’t been statues at all! But how in the world was he supposed to have known they’d be after his Hailee?

“I’m wearing green!” Dominic could hear his mate scream. A moment later he had burst through the door in time to see one of the slimy bastards shred the blouse from her torso.

“Not anymore!” The one leaning down over her shoulder jeered. His tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth as he reached out to fondle her breasts.

As he stood paralyzed with rage, Dominic could feel himself losing control. His fingers and hands twitched wildly as he panted and heaved. To a human, Hailee would have looked drunk as the leprechauns torturing her were invisible to the naked eye. But Dominic could see the truth-- could see the three hideous creatures torturing his mate right in front of him.

“It’s been a long year, lassie!” A sleazy midget that was much fatter than all the rest, ignored Hailee’s protests as he shoved her skirt up her thigh.

As another stroked along her calf, licking and suckling at her ankle, Dominic could feel himself growing sick with disgust. His claws dug into the thickening pads on the palms of his hand while his tongue quickly slid across one of his sharp, glistening fangs. These sick little fucks had no idea who they were messing with, but they would learn. Hailee was his and every inch of her belonged to him.

“Get the fuck away from my mate.” The deep thundering of his voice was almost demonic as his eyes glowed neon blue. He could feel himself growing warmer, his body surging with excitement as power flowed to each muscle.

“An Alpha?” The leprechaun who seemed to be in charge suddenly looked up-- his yellow eyes flashing with fear. It was the second time someone had called Dominic that, denoting it as a formal title and not just a trait.

“Seamus, Finnigan--” the head leprechaun shouted in order to get their attention.

With the three finally looking up at him, Dominic was able to envision himself violently ripping the mythical creatures apart. His own beast demanded blood as a fury like he’d never felt before exploded in his veins.

“Give her to me, NOW!” He roared. The force of his alpha command crashed over them like a dangerous, rogue wave. His chest swelled at his own display of dominance, his inner wolf pleased to see the three trembling with surprise.

“Twas but a wee mistake, lad.” The leprechaun who’s name Dominic had yet to learn spoke. ”We hadn’t any idea that the she-wolf twas yours.”

Dominic growled slightly as Hailee stumbled forward into his arms. She seemed incredibly weak and almost immediately he could scent the bitterness of the silver poisoning her veins.

“My mark is right there on her neck,” he sneered. As he held her firmly with a single arm, he shoved the hair back from her neck baring his claim for all to see.

“Aye, so it tis,” the leprechaun nodded as he dropped his gaze. If Dominic didn’t know any better he would have thought the ugly bastard was actually ashamed.

“Ye have my word, Alpha, it twon’t happen again.” The three lowered their gaze slightly as the head Irishman spoke. “Wit’ the way things are goin’ in this town, if ye ever need us fer anything-- anything a’ t’all, all ye have to do is ask.”

Dominic tilted his head as the three men took off their rounded green hats and bowed. He was quite surprised to learn that not a single one of them sported a strand of hair. With pointed ears and skin like shoe leather, Dominic decided it was probably a good thing they were invisible. He imagined that not many boxes of Lucky Charms would sell with one of these repugnant fuckers on the front.

“Why?” Dominic’s deep voice echoed thought out the alley. “After everything that I’ve seen here tonight, why would you help?”

“I would think it twas quite obvious, really.” The three leprechauns turned to each other and grinned. “If Big Dragon turns half of the city into vampires and uses the other half as cattle, there will be no one left for us wee folks to torture.”

He wasn’t sure that sounded much better, but for the time being, he let it go. At least these hideous dwarves only came out to play once a year. When he finally nodded, the leprechaun handed him a business card.

“Ye have the allegiance o’ the wee Irish folk now,” he vowed, pointing towards the card with the name Calum in Dominic’s hand. “Just dial the number on the front and we’ll be at yer service,” he nodded.

Dominic was about to respond when the three bearded midgets suddenly vanished before his eyes. If he hadn’t still been holding the business card firmly in his hand, he might have questioned if they had really even been there. He should have ripped them to shreds when he had the chance--

“Ready to go home?” Dominic leaned down to place his forehead against Hailee’s. When she nodded weakly against him, he immediately began unbuttoning his shirt.

“What are you doing?” She gave him a slight chuckle as she fixed him with a curious glance. For a moment, he struggled to remove his massive arms from the shirt sleeves, but soon enough he stood in his pants and a thin, white tank top.

“You didn’t actually think I’d allow the entire city to lay eyes on what’s mine, did you?” he growled.

As he placed the blue shirt around her shoulders, Dominic smirked at the shudder Hailee gave under his touch. Without another word, he easily swung his mate up into his arms.

“Wait,” Hailee protested as he headed down the alley towards the valet. “We need to go back inside or Ava will worry,” she explained.

“I’ll text her from the car,” Dominic said as he shook his head. His large strides never halting. As he looked down at her, he could practically feel the lust darkening his eyes. “I’ve been waiting all day to get you home.”

As he bent to turn on the faucet to run some cool water for his mate’s bath, Dominic’s stomach let out another ferocious growl.

“Please, let me cook you something,” Hailee tried again as she hugged him from behind. He could feel the burning flesh on her forehead press against the middle of his back. “My bath can wait,” she insisted. “I swear I’m fine.”

With a tug on her arm, Dominic had pulled her around to his front.

“No you’re not,” he replied gently before brushing his knuckles against her cheek. “You’re in no position to stand. Let alone just to feed me. I can do that myself,” he said, his tone leaving no room for disagreement.

He quickly began stripping Hailee out of her clothes, hoping that it would serve as a distraction to keep her from arguing further. It seemed to have worked, but as his ever growing passion strained against its confines, he began to have some very big doubts about his approach.

“I know what you’re doing,” Hailee teased as she shimmied out of her panties and bra. “But just so we’re clear, I’ve been poisoned so often, this barely had any effect on me at all.”

As he helped her step into the tub, Dominic suddenly felt a sadness at her words. Werewolf or not, Bojing had no right to treat anyone like that.
“Is that what all the marks are from on the back of your neck?” He asked.

He knew that just underneath her hair, laid over a dozen, tiny, round scars. Dominic had learned early on that silver could burn their flesh even from the slightest of touch. He couldn’t imagine how it must have felt coursing through his mate’s veins.

Hailee sniffed before nodding-- a reminder of the time she had spent as Big Dragon’s slave. Unfortunately, he knew all too well that she would carry those scars with her forever.

Dominic left Hailee to soak, gently closing the door behind him. He rummaged through the cupboards and the refrigerator door for a good five minutes before deciding on a few cans of tuna, a couple hard boiled eggs and a protein shake to wash it all down with. He could have sworn he had heard Hailee walk out of the bathroom, but when he got back there, she was still in the tub.

With a heavy sigh he sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling the card from his back pocket and flipping it over. If he had been just a few minutes later-- he wondered what would have happened to his mate.

“You can’t think like that.”

Hailee’s voice startled him as she emerged from the bathroom. The room seemed to grow hotter to Dominic. Smaller even, as she walked towards with a fluffy, white towel wrapped around her curves.

“You saved me,” she purred as her hands massaged his broad shoulders and massive chest. He thought he was going to explode as her fingertips brushed down his thick arms. “The leprechauns would have never pledged their allegiance to you had you reacted differently,” she was quick to add.

Suddenly, Dominic felt something cold lock around his wrist. “What the hell?” He looked up in surprise as Hailee cuffed his arm to the headboard. “What the fuck is this?”

With a grin like the Cheshire cat, Hailee placed her knees along either side of his tree trunk sized legs. “Just think of it as a reward for my big man,” she groaned.

Clearly the silver had worked its way out of her system.

He watched her with a predatory interest as she unzipped his pants and slid them down over his thighs. There was nothing more sexy to him, as she tossed them into a corner before crawling back over. He licked his lips in frustration as she drew the towel tighter, allowing the thickness of the fabric to brush against his bulge instead of her moist heat. As she ripped the beater from his meaty torso, he sucked in a breath. Her eyes drank in the sight before her, but when would he get to do the same?

The strong fingers on his free hand easily tore at the towel. He smirked at her gasp but she quickly recovered.

“Sorry--” Hailee tsked with a slight shake of her head. “--touching is off limits tonight.” She playfully slapped his hand before turning a pair of smoldering eyes towards him. With another soft click, she had cuffed his other hand.

“Son of a bitch,” Dominic muttered. His arms strained against the handcuffs as he tested their strength. How had he let her get the best of him-- again!

“Mmm,” Hailee moaned as she wrapped an arm around his thick neck. “My breasts are so sensitive,” she teased, her big tits bouncing in his face before she cupped them in her hands.

He bent forward as she lifted them towards his face, but he should have known better as she suddenly leaned back. She pushed them up towards her chin, her eyes locking on to his as her pink tongue quickly darted out to swirl around her own nip. He knew she could feel him growing harder as she scooped them into her hands before giving a jiggle.

Dominic groaned deeply as she laid down across his lap. It was driving him insane, his wolf howling for control. But he was so turned on as he watched her play with her own tits. He swore he began to twitch wildly underneath her as her hand slid down between her glistening lips. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take of this.

“Hailee,” he growled in warning.

His voice was heavy and thick. She was playing a dangerous game and she knew it as she smiled up at him with a wink. He watched as she slid a finger inside herself, then two-- god he was so painfully erect. Sure he appreciated the view, but this was driving him nuts. He needed to be inside her-- right-fucking-now.

With a snarl Dominic flexed his arms, not even using a tenth of his strength as he attempted to break free. He was rewarded a second later when he tore through the cuffs like wet paper. Hailee froze as she looked up at him in surprise, but he didn’t waste another minute. He hauled a shocked Hailee up to his chest and positioned her over his shaft.

His thumb brushed against her bottom lip, and Hailee moaned slightly before pulling it into her mouth. He was two seconds away from being balls deep inside her-- could just imagine how her breasts would shake from each one of his powerful thrusts. But suddenly a strange tune he had never heard before started playing on her phone.


He barely registered Hailee’s protest as she attempted to wrestle out of his strong arms. If it was up to him, they would just ignore the interruption.

“This is important,” she insisted, before trying to get up again. With a pleading look, she placed a hand against his chest. His fingers scraped the soft flesh of her waist and a thigh as he finally let go.

“Someone better be dead,” he growled before running his hand down over his own chest.

As the Bee Gees ‘Stayin Alive’ suddenly came to an abrupt halt, Dominic could hear the gruff voice of an older man respond in greeting.

--I won’t pester ya long, darlin’. I know you’re a busy woman up there.

Dominic’s back grew rigid at the thought of another man calling his mate. It certainly didn’t help matters that Hailee blushed slightly before chuckling.

“Nonsense!” He watched her smile as she sat down holding the phone. “I haven’t talked to you or Pam in ages. Is everything alright?”

There was a long pause of silence and for a moment Dominic thought the call had been dropped. It wasn’t until he saw the color drain from Hailee’s face that he realized something was wrong. The officer heard the other man clear his throat as he tried to recover and failed.

--They killed her, Hales. Those blood suckin’ leeches finally took my mate. I got a few lucky shots off, but that was it. He knew there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

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