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Chapter Thirty-Three

-The Great Outdoors-

“You haven’t told him, have you?”

Hailee wasn’t sure she could take much more of the looks on both mens' faces. Pops with his disappointment and Dominic-- well, she could feel his anger through the bond. Sense his betrayal and feelings of mistrust.

She looked up at Dominic, but his bright blue eyes burned with so much hurt. Her mouth clamped shut as she turned away. She merely shook her head at Pops, knowing full well that her secret might have came out when they turned up here.

“Well, I guess that’s somethin’ ya’ll youngins probably need to work out, then.” As he pushed back from the table, Hailee silently pleaded with John not to leave. “It’s not my story to tell,” he said, as if he had heard her unvoiced concerns. “But the boy has a right to know,” John added as he placed a hand on Hailee’s shoulder.

She watched the older man refill his glass before heading out to the porch. Pretty soon she could hear the familiar squeaking of his rocking chair as it rocked back and forth. Her mouth must have bobbed open nearly a dozen times before shutting again-- how on earth did she even begin to explain? Her eyes darted about the room, focusing on anything but him.

“Why-- why is it so hard for you to trust me?” His voice croaked with the same reflection of pain that laid behind his gaze. “I’m not like him,” he muttered. “I would never hurt you.”

But it was never herself that she was worried about. If she died, she died. Tortured, poisoned, whatever-- as long as it was her and not someone she cared about. Especially Dominic, he was a good man-- a good officer and he deserved so much better than the life she had thrust on him. She didn’t know if she believed in the fates, but she was certain they had made a mistake. Hell, she was the mistake.

“The night Bojing found me, do you remember me telling you how he fed me his blood?”

With a look that was more jealousy than anger, Dominic nodded his head.

“The healing properties found within his blood immediately went to work, but my wounds were too much. The werewolf who bit me had shred the carotid artery in my neck and when it pounced on me, he punctured my left lung.”

She watched Dominic’s large frame slump forward as he listened with baited breath.

“I died and came back that night,” Hailee finally told him, “and both vampire and werewolf venoms left their mark.”

“So you’re a--”

“Hybrid?” Hailee supplied for him when he seemed to struggle to find the right word. “Yes. But I swear this doesn’t change anything between us or our mate bond,” she quickly blurted out.

“I didn’t think it would,” Dominic replied simply. She watched as he stood up from the table, quickly making his way over before kneeling down in front of her. “But why did you hide this from me?” he asked.

Even with Dominic on his knees before her, the officer was so large she still had to tilt her head slightly in order to match his gaze.

“I didn’t want you to think less of me,” she confessed. “I know how much you hate Bo--”

“Don’t say his name,” Dominic interjected harshly. Hailee noted how he pushed the words between clenched teeth. “I don’t hate him because he’s a vampire, I hate him because he’s a criminal that needs to be stopped.” His hand balled into a tight fist as he looked down at her. “I hate him because of the things he’s done to you.”

Hailee could feel herself shudder as his fingers drew slowly along her leg. The feeling of his rough, strong hands sent ripples of pleasure across her skin.

“So do you feed?” He asked.

Hailee could see him struggling to fight the pull of the moon. He wanted to stay human for just a bit longer-- wanted to stay in control before his inner beast took over.

“I can survive off both.” Hailee paused between sentences as Dominic trailed up her thigh. “I’ve never fed on a human though,” she admitted. “And I don’t ever intend too.”

“You created Ava first,” Dominic began. “So does that mean she’s like me?”

Hailee was vaguely aware of her mate inching closer as he spoke. His scent-- all primal and male wafted up to her nose, she could feel her own desire growing in the pit of her stomach. She was barely able to shake her head as heat pooled between her legs.

“I only scratched her,” she reminded him, the words ending in a moan as Dominic’s hand slid under her shirt. “When I bit you and you bit me, my blood mixed with yours, creating something so much more powerful inside of you. It’s like you have all of the strengths of both species but none of the weaknesses.”

“You are my weakness,” Dominic’s voice rumbled.

Hailee’s breath caught in her throat as his hand fell to her hip and his face to the cradle of her neck. She could feel herself nearly coming undone as his tongue gently lapped at the mark embedded in her heated flesh.

“Tell me you love me, Hailee.” His voice seemed small and broken as he spoke.

Hailee tried to pull away as she looked down at him, confused. “You know I do,” she replied, but it must not have been what he wanted.

“I’m not talking about the mate bond.” He seemed to turn angry the more she tried to pull away. “I’ve seen the type of person you were with before me.”

It was a strange sight, seeing this large, powerful man on his knees, about to shift into an incredible monster-- yet he was so unconfident in his own skin. She watched his brows furrow together as she finally stood up and moved behind the chair.

“I chose you, Dominic.”

“The bond chose me!”

She knew he had been bullied in the past, but it had never occurred to her how damaged he might be. If that hadn’t been enough, she remembered what his own sister had said to him-- I wondered how you finally found someone to love you, she had snarled.

“You need to believe me,” Hailee insisted. “I couldn’t be any happier that the bond choose you.”

She licked her lips as her eyes trailed down over his body. He was changing right before her eyes. Alpha power oozing from every pore.

“God, you’re incredible,” she breathed. “So handsome and strong. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. You’ve been generous and understanding, loving me since the moment we met. How can you even for a second-- doubt that I love you more than life itself?”

That seemed to do the trick as his eyes suddenly lit up. The electric blue around his blown pupils was practically hypnotic.

“My wolf--” Hailee could hear the strain in his voice, an animalistic purr as his wolf fought to come forward. “--He needs you.”

The deepening octave caused a shiver to dart up her spine.

“Not here,” she shot back. “Not in the kitchen.”

As she looked towards the door, the big weremale moved forward.

“Dominic,” she warned, gulping as he stared down at her from his towering height. A cocky smirk spread across his face as his eyes roamed the length of her body, clouded over with lust. He stepped towards her as she stepped back but the glint in his eye screamed that he enjoyed a good chase.

“Running from me will only make it worse,” he growled.

He started to make his way around the table, but Hailee countered his movements, doing the exact opposite of everything he did. As she headed for the door, Dominic snarled in response. Her eyes grew wide as he easily flipped over the oak table between them. Suddenly, Hailee did the only thing she could think of-- and ran.

Heavy breaths caught in her throat as she raced through the back lawn of Pops house. She could feel the cold grass on her bare feet as the sun began to sink just over the horizon. At the sound of bones cracking and clothes being ripped to shreds, Hailee didn’t need to look back to know Dominic would soon be hot on her heels. Of course the old fucker laughing his ass off in his rocking chair found the whole thing amusing.

Looking back, Hailee gasped as she realized Dominic was quickly gaining on her. He ran with a bounding pace, sometimes upright on two legs-- sometimes on all four. He was so close behind her now, Hailee swore she could feel his hot breath fanning across the back of her neck. This only seemed to excite her though, and suddenly she could feel the changes to her own body.

Night vision finally intensified as her irises expanded before changing to the glowing green of her wolf. Her upper and lower canines elongated, turning into sharpened daggers as her fingers stretched into claws. It was always in this form, on the night of the full moon that she felt the most bonded to Dominic. Sometimes she wished it could last a little longer than just a few hours.

All too soon Dominic’s hands clamped around her biceps, and without any mercy, he yanked her to his chest. He panted hard as the enormous veins on his cock pumped with blood, making it stiffen and curve slightly upwards. Hailee tensed, knowing what was to come. She welcomed it though-- submitted to it.

Abruptly the werewolf’s mouth opened and his tongue lengthened out, licking the line of her throat. He kissed her so brutally that when he pulled back Hailee knew her lips were pink and swollen. She caught her breath before leaning in, her teeth nibbled along the front of his throat. The delicate bite made his hard prick twitch and his hands fasten tighter around her waist.

Suddenly Dominic threw her to the ground, tearing her shorts and tank top from her as she fell. As he followed on his knees, he quickly lapped the span of her sex with his tongue, swirling her clit and teasing the tender nub.

“Dominic!” Hailee screamed his name to the heavens as her body recovered from the first climax of the night. She thrust her hips forward, wilfully opening herself to him. But the Alpha male didn’t need to be coaxed into taking full advantage of such an invitation.

She twisted within the grip of his strong claws as he flicked his tongue with long, sensuous strokes. Her eyes began to roll back as the pleasure was almost excruciating and the need so great she could scarcely think.

Hailee whimpered when Dominic unexpectedly pulled away. He growled deep and long as he pressed his huge cock against her cunt. She squirmed as he placed the head to her hole. His member was so much bigger now that the werewolf had come out to play.

She could feel the hilt of him ramming against her cervix with tremendous force, the air blown out of her lungs with every incredible thrust. Her fangs extend as her sharp nails dug into the thick muscles of his back. The faint scent of his blood hung in the air as his shaft pushed deeper inside.

Hailee’s release grew close as he continued pounding his prick in her deep and fast. Effortlessly the werewolf stood with Hailee still sheathed around his cock. His enormous fingers wrapped around her slim waist as he started to lift her up and down, bouncing her on his member right there where they stood. Immediately, Hailee’s head rolled back and she let out a loud groan as Dominic relentlessly fucked her full force. A few of his earth shattering strokes were enough to cause her body to again ripple with another strong orgasm, this time causing her to pull herself against her mate’s incredibly powerful body. As she did she could feel the huge muscles in his arms and chest bulge as he bounced her up and down.

Orgasm after orgasm rocked Hailee’s body. Through the bond, she could feel him growing mad with lust. Her own moans and screams seemed to spur him on. With one final, hard thrust, she found herself crying out his name. A second later Dominic’s head flung back, a triumphant howl piercing the night as he fired his seed deep inside her.

Hailee awoke before the sun rose the next morning, her nether regions reminding her of how many times Dominic had made love to her. If you could call it that. Being with him, even when not in wolf form was mostly wild and feral.

As the sky began streaking with amber, Hailee could feel the fur and fangs slowly begin to melt back. She knew Pops would be up soon and Dominic shortly after that. After a night of rampaging through the woods, the she-wolf knew her mate would have a ferocious appetite.

Sometimes in the morning after a full moon, Dominic would devour an entire pound of bacon and at least a dozen eggs. The owner of Baja’s, a greek restaurant in the southeast suburbs with an all you can eat breakfast buffet, would literally cringe every time he saw Dominic and Doug walking up once a month. The buffet was supposed to last from six in the morning till at least twelve o’clock, but between the two weremales, they could have all of the food in the kitchen demolished by eight-thirty.

Hailee wondered how the shift had gone last night for her cousin and friends. Usually Doug chained up with Dominic at the safe house in Englewood, but last night he was heading over to Ava’s where Jupiter’s brother Justin would help chain all three of them up. Sometimes it really sucked not having any cell service here at Pops. She thought she had done well for the past eleven days, but it was times like this when she wished she could just call back home and check in. She should have let Dominic get that satellite phone from Cabela’s.

“Well, good mornin’, darlin’.” John smiled as he entered the kitchen where Hailee was currently consumed with her thoughts. He stole a piece of cooked bacon off the plate before taking a seat at the table behind her. Hailee’s cheeks reddened at the thought of Pops having to upright the table himself.

“Before I came down here, I was sure we were havin’ fish for break--”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” Hailee speared the spatula in his direction as she spun around to face him. She fixed him with a glare as his eyes crinkled with amusement.

He laughed as he tossed his hands up in submission. “Alright, alright,” he relented. “But I just have one serious question I’d like to ask.”

Hailee sighed before turning back around. “What’s that?” she asked.

“Was it a rough night?”

“Oh my god!” Hailee screeched. She refused to turn around knowing her face had heated up. Thankfully a second later Dominic sauntered in. He planted a chaste kiss to Hailee’s forehead before taking a seat next to John.

“Mornin’,” John nodded in greeting, but Dominic only grunted in response.

As she continued to cook, Hailee thought she heard the older man shuffling in a cupboard for some coffee cups. That was one of the only things she hadn’t started yet. However, much to her amazement as the doors slid back, a large TV screen was revealed before sparking to life.

“Wait a minute,” Hailee’s mouth dropped open. She wasn’t sure if she should feel awe or pissed. “All this time I’ve been missing episodes of The Walking Dead, and you mean to tell me you’ve had TV all along?”

“Got it for Mel as a Christmas gift a few years ago,” John’s voice drawled as he sat back down with the remote in hand. “I would have said somethin’ sooner, but I thought you two were goin’ for the full ‘off the grid’ experience,” he smirked.

At Dominic’s snort, Hailee spun back around. She was about to say something when breaking news suddenly broke out across the station.

-And good morning to all of you from us here at ABC news. We hate to interrupt your Sunday morning broadcast, but it seems we have received reports overnight of some disturbing news from Chicago. We want to warn you that the footage you are about to see, may be considered too graphic and disturbing for some of our viewers.

The picture was surprisingly clear albeit a bit shaky, but there was no mistaking the large, fur-covered creature racing down the alley. As the video zoomed in, a male voice could be heard. The head of the beast shot towards the camera but the monster seemed distracted as a few folks emerged from a nearby bar. Screams from all around filled the air, when suddenly a tall, lanky blonde man ran out in front of the animal, placing himself between harm’s way and the crowd. Gunshots rang out, but it appeared the man only injured the large animal, unfortunately sending it into a terrible rage. With a horrific howl, the creature’s monstrous claw swiped across the man’s neck. A few more screams could be heard on the footage, before suddenly cutting to black.

-Earlier this morning, authorities in Illinois were reluctant to say whether the video was real. However, after a more thorough investigation by the CPD, it is now known that the same scene was recorded on multiple security cameras in the area. Shortly after the findings, Cook County Animal Control was called in for a formal inquiry, unfortunately no DNA samples were found at the site and the bullet casings have mysteriously disappeared. It should also be noted that the heroic man shown in the footage, immediately fled after appearing to gain control over the animal. As of the time of this broadcast, it is unknown if he has seeked medical attention for his sustained injuries. If you or anyone you know has any information that could help lead to the capture of this animal, you are urged to contact local law enforcement immediately. It’s too early in the investigation for authorities to say for sure, but if speculations are correct, it is believed that the violent nature of this animal, may have some connection to the alarming rate of disappearances within the city.

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