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Chapter Six


He scented her.

Felt her coming through the mate bond before he even heard the sound of her keys jingling in the hallway. After the events and revelations at the gentleman’s club in the south suburbs, Dominic had immediately returned home to Hailee’s apartment. He had told his partner that he wasn’t feeling well, which in part wasn’t a total lie. But truth be told, pent up anger and rage coupled with a twinge of jealousy, had left Dominic grappling with a much greater beast.

With his head resting against the back of Hailee’s kitchen chairs, the herculean weremale growled lowly as he continued to watch the laptop in front of him. Zipper down and dick out, his long fingers struggled to wrap fully around the fleshy monster on full display. His large frame hung over the sides of the chair he was sitting in, seemingly dwarfing the entire room if possible.

If his mate’s sense of smell was anything like his own, he was sure she would be able to scent the heady aroma of his lust the moment she walked into the complex. And judging by the look on her face as the door swung open, he was right.

“What-- what the hell is this?”

Hailee’s eyes narrowed as she dropped her keys on the little table by the door. Dominic’s gun and leather holster laid atop it as well. Sparing her a quick glance, the Adonis-like man continued to stroke his impressive length before turning back to the screen. With a smirk in response, he knew his silence would only add to her anger.

Hopping around on one foot while she wrenched her shoes off, Hailee gasped as she finally moved through the apartment towards him. Without even looking, Dominic could sense her jealousy and betrayal intensify at the sight of thick, pearly colored ribbons oozing down over the top of his hand. Heavy eyes turned upwards towards her and smugness pulled at his lips. He’d had to of shot off nearly half a dozen times by now, but without her warmth and tightness to burry into, Dominic was even more unsatisfied. And the beast of his lust, was restless.

Dominic reached out for Hailee but she pulled back with a disgusted snarl. As she stepped between him and the table, she viciously snatched up the laptop. Like the engine of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Dominic could feel Hailee’s emotions change from anger to surprise in less than 3.1 seconds flat. He could also scent her arousal as he slowly stood to his feet behind her. Hailee continued to watch her own routine on Porn Hub for a moment before slamming the lid down.

“Tell me, who should be angry now?” Dominic challenged. His voice had taken on that deep animalistic tone that he still wasn’t used too. “My mate has over a million views!” He roared.

As he towered over her, the hulk of a man was quite pleased to see goosebumps break out across Hailee’s flesh. He even found himself smiling at the sound of her ragged breathing as his enormous shaft pressed against her curvaceous back side. He could practically feel the electricity charging through the air as the tiny hairs along Hailee’s arms and the back of her neck raised. Without a shadow of a doubt, Dominic was sure her nipples were probably stood at attention too.

“I had no idea,” Hailee quietly confessed.

As she slowly turned around to face Dominic, she had to lean back in order to make eye contact with him.

“It’s all over the internet,” he growled. “At least four other sites are playing your ‘Queen of the Damned’ act.” As one of his large hands grabbed hold of her ass, he roughly pressed her against himself, her hands splaying across his chest for balance.

“I don’t like to share, Hailee,” he snarled. “And I don’t play well with others.”

Bending over, Dominic’s mouth slanted over Hailee’s-- his tongue swiping against her lips before forcefully demanding to explore every crevice. As he claimed his mate with a savage possession, he could feel her tiny arms snake tightly around his neck. A slight moan into his mouth, and he knew she had gone weak in the knees. As Dominic’s massive arm snaked around her lithe body, the peak of his massive bicep dug into her soft flesh. The woman wanted to dance on stage with a snake around her? Fine. He would show her exactly what it was like to tango with a python.

As she pulled back a little, Dominic watched her unbutton his shirt. He could feel his chest swell as her hand roamed over the broad expanse, tugging on his nipples. Within seconds he was shirtless and Hailee’s fingers had moved on to the waistband of his pants.

Slowly sliding the dress slacks down over his muscled thighs, he could feel her arms reach behind him. Her fingers greedily groping his rock-hard cheeks.

“Forget Superman,” Hailee grinned. “I’ve got two buns of steel right here,” she groaned.

Working his boxers down, Dominic’s passion sprang free. His heavy balls churned with the thoughts of what would happen next. As she began massaging them with her hand, Dominic’s manhood gave a slight twitch. The unbelievable pressure of his cock muscles being swollen so hard had him feeling like he would burst any minute.

Dominic was feeling hot, so flustered from the videos of Hailee and still upset by the events at the club. He let out another growl before shredding Hailee’s shirt. As he made quick work of her bra, his large hands excitedly cupped her ample breasts. He continued to tease the soft tips till they were hard enough to cut glass. Suddenly, Hailee’s fingers delicately began sliding along his enormous shaft.

He could feel every inch of his cock responding to her touch. The feeling of power and strength, the thickness, and pulsing need of desire all rested in her tight grasp. Shifting his weight back and forth on his feet, it was all he could do not to thrust himself through her hand, fucking her tiny fingers with his massive member. His entire body quivered, his ever thickening prick, angry and red.

As she palmed him with one hand, her other slowly pumped the length of his impressive shaft. He could feel his blood rush south as the stiffness gathered, coming alive, getting hotter and harder. His cock thickened as she stroked up and down, the length shooting up between them.

Hailee lazily gazed up at him as his passion strained against her palm. As the head grew and darkened, she teased his tip-- the veins swelling all throughout his shaft. The pleasure was beginning to show on his handsome and relaxed face.

Licking her lips, Hailee glanced down at his prick standing straight up at full attention before looking back up at him longingly. Dominic knew she was amazed by the pulsing eight inches, the girth only a few inches or so less than that. Her hand couldn’t even grip him fully around the muscular base.

As her fist slid to the top, Hailee’s thumb smeared the drop of translucent precum from his slit. Her fingers rubbing it into his hard sensitive flesh. Gliding back down, her hand then grabbed at his massive balls in their tightened sack. Dominic bit down on his bottom lip but the groan still escaped.

His hands roamed over Hailee as her own ran over his hairy chest. Dominic had underestimated how good it would feel. Her hands on his body, on his nipples, sliding down his defined abdomen before grabbing a fistful of his thick and powerful cock. She had him so fucking tense, shivering with desire.

As his mouth attacked hers again, he began thrusting his hips slightly, running his rod forcefully between her curled fingers. She stroked him faster, her hand caressing him from the incredibly thick base to the drooling tip. He could feel her fingers getting slick with his own sticky precum.

“God Hailee,” he muttered. “Fuck that feels so good.”

Leaning down, Dominic grabbed a fistful of Hailee’s breast before sucking the stiff peak in his mouth. As his lips curled around the sensitive tip, he could hear his mate gasp at the pleasure. He may not have been balls deep inside of her right now, but he had to admit, this was pretty good too.

With a renewed sense of fervor, Hailee’s hand started gliding faster, Dominic’s shaft writhed, his chest coating with a sweaty sheen. As his pulse raced through his cock, a deep masculine moan rushed out of his throat. “Fuck, yes. Oh god, Hailee. Fuck!”

He growled the obscenities as his hands gripped her waist. His cock was growing hotter and hotter-- his balls drawing up, closer to his body. Dominic’s breathing grew ragged, his glistening abs contracting with each jagged breath. The pressure was building, the hot power oozing as a precursor. As the sweat poured from his body, Dominic knew he was almost there.

“Fuck!” He shouted, every muscle in his body tensed up. As he moaned the word again, he found himself writhing-- gasping-- thrusting. He needed release.

All of a sudden, his cock gave a mighty jerk and a hot surge of cum rocketed between the two. It exploded with a wet noise before splashing in the center of his perfectly cut abs. With another tremendous quiver, the flexing cock shot out a second stream, this one landing between Dominic’s bulging, sweaty pecs. As he moaned and wiggled his ass, at least four more blasts of cum exploded over her hand. Dominic moved to grab a towel and wipe himself off when Hailee grabbed hold of him. As she looked up at him expectantly, her eyelashes fluttered over hooded eyes. Suddenly her soft, pink tongue darted out, lapping up the cum that had pooled along his muscled ravines.

When she was finished, Dominic gripped her chin in his hand. “That was fucking incredible.” His deep voice vaulted about the room.

Glancing down between them, Hailee’s eyes widened at the still rock hard passion pulsing between them.

“And now, it’s your turn,” Dominic smirked before effortlessly lifting her in his arms.

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