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Chapter Seven

-One Crazy Summer-

The sun was already beginning to set by the time Dominic woke up later that day. For the past eight years, working the night shift had been such a lonely life. Most of the city was getting ready for bed while Dominic was just starting out his day.

Placing his arm behind his head, Dominic smiled as he looked down at Hailee laying against him. Thank god he wasn’t alone anymore, he thought. As his arm tightened around her, he could feel her breath tickle his bare chest as she expelled short little bursts of air.


She was gorgeous. With an amazing rack and an ass you could really grab hold of, she was everything he had dreamed of in a woman, and then some. And Dominic knew it was the same for her. With just a single flex of his powerful arms or a bounce of his pecs, he seemed to be able to instantly set Hailee off-- get her all hot and bothered.

God, where the hell had she been hiding all his life?

It had only been five days since she had bit him, and before that, Dominic could honestly admit that he had been barely living. It was like he had been a zombie before her, no life at all. Now everything he did-- thought-- breathed-- was Hailee.

“Ugh. Stop.”

Stretching her arm across the width of Dominic, Hailee shifted her head so she could look up at him. “I swear I can feel you thinking,” she groaned.

“Well excuse me,” Dominic playfully shot back. “I wasn’t aware that it was a crime for a man to think about his woman.”

“It is when it cuts into that woman’s sleep.”

“Oh really?” Dominic hummed slightly as he planted a kiss to the top of her head. “Well, the sun in starting to set, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ so I’m pretty sure that means it’s time for us to get up.”

“Wait. What?”

And with that, Hailee popped up. The sheets and blanket flung haphazardly from her body.

“Son of a bitch,” she muttered, with a glance out the window. “He’s going to be so freakin’ pissed.”

As he watched Hailee rush about the room, he could feel his eyebrows scrunch upwards together.

“Who’s going to be pissed?” Dominic challenged.

When she didn’t answer right away, the big man stood up from the bed.

“Hailee,” he called out. His tone warning her not to lie to him. “Who’s going to be pissed?” He asked again.

Hailee blew out a breath before eyeing him warily. “I don’t have a whole lot of time,” she shook her head. “So you’ll have to follow me into the bathroom.”

As she began dabbing on her foundation, Hailee motioned for Dominic to take a seat on the lid of the toilet. Silently he sat down, looking up at her expectantly. He had a feeling he wasn’t going to like whatever it was she was about to tell him.

“You’ll never beat Big Dragon, Dom. He has an army. He owns this city.” Hailee paused for a moment as she turned from looking in the mirror. “He owns me...”

* ”Can somebody please tell me again why we’re camping in the backwoods of Georgia and not sitting on a beach somewhere in Mexico?”

With a shrug of her shoulders, Hailee adjusted the weight of her back pack while simultaneously slapping a mosquito on the side of her neck.

“One down. Four hundred billion more to go,” she grumbled.

From beside her, the raven haired Ruby grunted in agreement. The two girls would have much rather preferred to be spending spring break like the rest of the world-- relaxing in the tropics. But unfortunately for them, Chris and Hutch had insisted on a much cheaper alternative.

“Oh c’mon babe,” Chris grinned over his shoulder. “It’s not that bad, is it?”

Pausing slightly, the blonde quarterback waited for his girlfriend to catch up before offering to carry her bag the rest of the way.

“Just think, you get to spend an entire week in seclusion with yours truly.” He winked at Hailee before draping his arm over her shoulders. “A lot of girls would kill for that, ya know.”

“And don’t forget, all the beer you could possibly imagine,” Hutch added before tossing a cold can of Busch’s to Ruby.

Scrunching up her nose, Ruby gave a slight shake of her head. “I sure hope you brought something other than this crap,” she said before tossing the beer back to him. “And how come you never offer to carry my backpack?” She whined.

“I’m already carrying the tent, cooler, and my own bag,” Hutch shrieked indignantly.


“So?” Hutch’s face began turning an ugly shade of purple. “Damn it woman! Can’t you ever--”

But before he had the chance to go completely off on Ruby, Chris butted in.

“Hey! I think I see a sign for the camp site right up here.” He nodded his head towards the path ahead of them. Thankfully silencing Hutch and Ruby’s bickering. “It’s less than a mile away.”

As she followed Chris’ lead, Hailee quickly glanced about the forest hesitantly. Since the moment they had left the car, she was almost positive she had felt a pair of eyes following them. She hadn’t bothered to mention anything to the rest of the group though. No doubt Chris would just make fun of her and whatever Chris did, Hutch did. Concerning Ruby, she was already terrified by the idea of being so deep into the woods that Hailee didn’t see any reason to add to that fear.

The two couples pushed forward, finishing the last leg of their hike before setting up camp in record time. It might not have been Cozumel or Cabo San Lucas, but at least the site Chris had picked had a great view and a sparkling lake only a few yards away. As she bent down to collect water into the pot for their dinner, Hailee admired the crystal surface reflecting the mountains and the bright, full moon in the background.

With a shiver up her spine, Hailee glanced back over her shoulder.

“Better watch out or the chupacabra might get ’cha!”

Hailee shrieked, the metal pot dropping into the lake with a giant splash. As his fingers skillfully dug into the sides of her rib cage, Hailee’s scream quickly turned into laughter.

“Chris, stop!” Hailee pleaded.

But as he tugged her shirt down over her arm, Chris ignored her and his lips began a rough assault nibbling and trailing down the side of her neck.

“C’mon,” Hailee shoved him away. “I really need to start dinner.”

“Dinner can wait,” Chris argued. “Besides, Ruby and Hutch are already christening their tent.”

Grabbing hold of her ass, Chris tried to advance again. Hailee struggled against him, her fists pounding against his back. She was about to cry out when suddenly a horrific howl pierced through the night followed by a scream.

Chris’ head snapped around as he looked behind himself.

“What the hell do you think that was?” Hailee asked.

“I dunno,” Chris mumbled. “But it sounds close.”

Fishing the pot out of the lake, Hailee trailed slowly behind Chris as they headed back to camp. At the sight of fire light flickering through the leaves, Hailee felt slightly relieved.

“Hey man, did you hear that?” Chris called out to Hutch.

Hailee rolled her eyes at the shadows inside the tent. It would have been just like them to ignore the sounds of eminent danger. As they moved towards the front flap though, it became evident that something was wrong.

A whimper on her lips, Hailee fought back the urge to scream. There was no way to describe the thing that was standing before her except to call it what it was-- a monster.

Fur matted with blood, while saliva dripped from the mouth of the creature. It emerged from the tent, standing to its full height, well over six feet. In it’s sinewy arms laid the limp body of Ruby. Her eyes glazed over and abdomen torn apart. *

“The werewolf lunged for Chris next, easily snapping his leg in half with its massive jaws. As his body fell to the ground, I remember covering my mouth to muffle my scream. Blood pooled underneath him and the monster suddenly howled to the moon. I watched the life slowly seep out of my Chris’ eyes.”

Hailee gave her reflection a once over, setting down the curling iron and picking up the can of finishing spray as she spoke.

“The next part is a bit of a blur,” she confessed. “I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t run-- couldn’t scream. The next thing I remember was feeling a wet warmth right here, along my neck.” Hailee’s hand brushed against her throat for emphasis. “I’ll never forget the feeling of choking on my own blood,” she said. “I thought I was going to die.”

As she turned to face him, Dominic watched Hailee idly played with the hem of her shirt.

“Death tingled in my fingers and toes, slowly creeping up to my chest. I was sure the creature was about to finish me off, when suddenly I heard a man shout and a gun shot cracked right above my head. As he lifted me into his arms, Bojing bit into his wrist. I could feel the warmth rush through me as my mouth filled with his blood. The healing properties within, immediately going to work.”

“Sometimes, I wish he had let me die.” He could feel his mate’s sadness as she sat down in his lap. “I’m sired to him, Dom. Forced to fulfill his whims-- serve every desire.”

Every muscle in Dominic’s body tensed, but he waited for her to finish before he would speak.

“That night, Big Dragon took me to an elderly couple, John and Pamela of West Virginia. They’re the two werewolves that I told you about, the ones who don’t even shift anymore. Anyways, they helped me with my shifts that first year,” she explained. “And they figured that Hutch had to have been bitten previously, possibly during his intern trip in Europe.”

As her arm draped across the expanse of his shoulders, Hailee rested her head against his broad chest. “What he’s done to me-- causing a werewolf to be sired to a vampire-- it’s unnatural,” she sighed. “And unfortunately, it won’t go away until he’s dead.”

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