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Chapter Eight

-Red Heat-

“Oh, come on! C’mon-- come on!”

The brisk November air sent a chill up Hailee’s spine as she turned the keys in the ignition a hundredth time. Daylight Saving Time had past weeks ago which meant the sun had set at a ridiculous time of four thirty. Winter was coming to Chicago and along with it came dead car batteries, frozen windshield wipers, pot holes and ice-- lots and lots of ice.

With a shudder, Hailee gripped the collar of her faux fur coat before sending up a prayer to the car gods. Of all the people and places in the world, why did this have to happen to her, now? Most days she didn’t have to worry about driving in as she always caught a ride with Mingo, the club’s bar manager. But on Saturdays, she was supposed to be there a few hours earlier. Much earlier.

As she gave the keys a final turn, Hailee huffed in disappointment at the sound of the engine’s protest. It whirred once, twice, a third time-- and then suddenly the car purred to life.

“Oh thank god!” Hailee cried before slamming the door shut. As she gently nudged the car into first gear, she sent up a second prayer begging for Big Dragon to see reason today.

Cringing at the Christmas song on the radio, Hailee changed the station before turning up the volume. If she turned it high enough, it would just about drown out the sound of the muffler that needed repair. Last winter, she had put a hole in the exhaust driving over one of the city’s infamous giant pot holes. She had tried her very best to avoid it, but you know-- ice.

With no sign of Bojing in the parking lot, Hailee sighed in relief as she pulled in. This wasn’t the first time she had ever been late, but after her ‘lesson’ last time, she vowed it would never happen again.

Grabbing up her keys and purse, Hailee inhaled deeply, being sure to fill up her lungs before holding her breath. Maybe if she tried really hard, she could convince Big Dragon that she was sick. Afterall, dogs came down ill all the time, didn’t they?

"You smell like him.”

Hailee fought off the urge to scream as Bojing suddenly appeared. With his hand wrapped lightly around her slender neck, Hailee could feel the sharp tip of his elongated finger nail idly tap her main artery. In a motion too quick for even a were to process, Big Dragon had spun Hailee around.

“I don’t remember you asking for my permission.” As he held her backside tightly against him, Hailee could feel the vampire’s fingers dig into her hip.
“Get rid of him Hailee,” Big Dragon hissed. “Get rid of the wolf cop.”

“You know I can’t,” Hailee replied softly.

Bojing’s eyes narrowed as he spun her back around.

“I will not hesitate,” Big Dragon warned. “The last thing I need right now is for that mutt to be sniffing around my operat--”

“I’ll talk to him,” Hailee growled. Giving a quick shake of her head, she could feel her wolf growing furious at the mention of her mate being threatened.

“And what makes you think he’ll listen to you?” Bojing challenged. “You could barely get him out of here the other day. Can’t say that I blame him though. If you were mine, I’d never let you out of my sight.”

“And yet, here I am,” Hailee frowned, gesturing to the club behind him. “It’s not exactly like he has much of a choice.”

Big Dragon’s eyes brightened, as the lines crinkled by his eyes. “Which reminds me--”

His voice trailed off as he took hold of Hailee’s arm.

“I can’t wait to hear the excuse for why you were late today.” A dangerous yellow-gold lit up his eyes as he pulled her closer. His hand trailing down over her rounded rump. “I thought you had learned your lesson the last time.” He flashed her an intimidating smile as his fangs glistened in the moon light. “But apparently, you need a reminder.”

With a harsh snarl Big Dragon released her, roughly sending her down to the black topped pavement as he let go.

Hailee whimpered as she watched Bojing flash over to her car. With just one pound of his fist, he had smashed in the front end of her car.

“Go home,” he said as he casually made his way back to the Atlantis. “And make sure you take care of your cop.”

Hailee gaped at him as her gaze followed him to the back door.

“I’m withholding lasts week pay,” he continued. “And you can stay home for the next three days.”


Hailee began to protest but stopped short as Bojing raised his hand.

“I’m being merciful here, Hailee,” Big Dragon cautioned. “Don’t test me.”

Hailee’s heels dangled from her hand as she carefully picked her way along the side of the expressway.

“That bastard!” Hailee screamed as she swiped at the lone tear trailing down her cheek.

Silently she chidded herself before deciding to buck up. It was a long walk to the nearest Metra station but she’d be damned if she’d give that Asian asshole the satisfaction of knowing he had broken her.

There was a slight tingling sensation as the tiny hairs raised on the back of her neck. At the red and blue flashes of light, Hailee could feel her heart beat quicken in pace but she didn’t look back and she refused to stop.

“Excuse me, Ms?”

She could hear his boots crunching the gravel underneath his feet as he stalked towards her. His delicious musk wafting towards her on the night air. With just a few more of his incredibly long strides, she knew he’d catch up to her.

“I said excuse me!”

His voice was gruff as he grabbed hold of her, spinning her around. As his flashlight beam traveled down the length of her body, Hailee could feel herself flush, especially as he paused slightly at her cleavage.

“You know it’s illegal for a pedestrian to walk the freeway, right?”

With a slight sniff, Hailee silently nodded.

“What happened to your car?” The officer asked.

“There was an accident,” she simply shrugged. It wasn’t an entire lie.

“Would you like a ride?”

Hailee tilted her head to the side before nodding again. As the hard-bodied policeman lead her over to his squad, Hailee sighed.

“I’m going to have to ask you to place your hands on top of the vehicle,” the cop instructed.

“What?” Hailee snorted. “You have got to be kidding me.”

“I’m afraid not Ma’am,” the officer shook his freshly buzzed head. “It’s mandatory that I issue a pat down on any civilian before allowing them to enter my vehicle.”

“Oh.” Hailee trembled as she felt the warmth radiating off of the huge police officer.

“Now turn,” he instructed, leaving no room to question his command. With a slight tap against the inside of her thighs, he announced, “legs apart.”

The cop moved up behind her and placed his large hands on her sides, running them down her hips and legs, before sliding back up the inside of her thighs. Hailee shivered at the feel of his rough palms working their way along her bare legs, just above her hose. He paused with his hand on her inner thigh, hooking a finger around one of her nylon garters. He gave a good tug, letting the strap slap against her creamy flesh before letting his hand continue up her leg.

As his warm hand suddenly cupped her, Hailee couldn’t help but moan under her breath.

“This isn’t an ordinary pat down for you officer, is it?”

Hailee growled slightly as she glanced down at him over her shoulder. Even on his knees, if she were to turn around now, the large man was so tall his head would rest right between her breasts.

When he didn’t answer right away, Hailee cocked an eyebrow at him. “Well?” She huffed. There was a hint of jealousy in her tone.

“Don’t worry,” the officer smirked before shaking his head. “This is a special procedure for a very special woman,” he winked.

Turning back around, Hailee shuddered at the feel of his thick fingers caressing her through her panties. When she didn’t try to stop him, the officer pulled the black lace to the side and slipped his finger between.

“Oh god,” she heard the man moan. “Wet for me already?”

Hailee could only nod her head, the friction his hand was creating felt so incredibly good. His skillful fingers stroked along her pussy, spreading the wetness up to her clit. When his finger at long last pressed against her throbbing bud she whimpered. Her body swayed slightly on unsteady legs as they threatened to turn to jello.

Dominic continued to tease her for a few more moments before withdrawing his hand completely.

Standing back up to his full height, the officer turned her around to face him. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you a more thorough search.” His deep voice sounded so hoarse.

As Hailee’s eyes swept over his chiseled jaw and back up to his icy blue eyes, she could feel the heat of her need pooling between her legs.

“What did you have in mind, officer?” Her light pink tongue darted up to moisten her lips. Something about his dark colored uniform, and the way his vest strained to contain all those muscles, it was just so intense.

“I think its time for a cavity search.” Dominic grinned. With the greatest of ease, he had hauled Hailee up to his chest. She loved the way he made her feel so weighless. It’s not exactly like she was a size two.

There was a sudden blast of cold air as Dominic’s powerful hand shredded her panties. And not even a moment later, Hailee gasped as he quickly impaled her. The feeling of his rock hard cock filling her entirely, had her nearly coming undone. He really was toe curling good.

With his free hand, Dominic pushed her coat open before tugging down the straps of her dress. As an exposed nipple came into view, Dominic groaned before sucking the tip into his mouth. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was a were, Hailee might have cried out as Dominic slammed her back against the side of his SUV. The force of his thrust caused the vehicle to rock as he pounded deeper inside.

Hailee watched the veins stand out on Dominic’s thick neck as he forced himself to work faster-- deeper-- harder. Hailee fisted her long hair with one hand while the other dug into one of her big man’s broad shoulders. She swore she was about to be torn in two. He was like a beast as his eager cock assulted her inner depths. One orgasm faded into the next, and just when Hailee thought she couldn’t possibly take any more, she felt Dominic tense up inside her.

His rythm faltered for a moment as his cock suddenly lengthened. With great force, Dominic exploded. His shaft pulsed with ferocity as jet after jet of his hot seed pumped deep inside. At the same time, Hailee’s mind burst with pleasure from an orgasm of her own-- it seemed to have no end.

Dominic continued to hold Hailee tenderly in his arms as she shivered against him. Leaning forward, his hot mouth left a trail of wet kisses along the side of her neck, gently trailing across her jaw. As he let her feet drop gingerly to the ground, Dominic stooped and quickly pulled up his pants.

He then opened the passenger side door for her and Hailee slid into the warm SUV. With a smile on her lips, she watched her man round the front end of the vehicle before getting in next to her.

“Well it’s about damn time, esé!”

Hailee jumped at the muffled voice behind the bulletproof glass that separated her from the guy in the back seat.

“Do you think you can keep your hands off this fine mamacita long enough to drop me off at grandma’s house now?”

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