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Chapter Nine

-Pretty Woman-

Dominic shuddered as his eyes slowly peeled open. It was a dark and gloomy November afternoon and with no commitments or obligations for the day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to stay in and cuddle his mate. The only problem with that plan, was the lack of warmth in the bedroom. In fact, the entire place seemed colder than an Alaskan tundra. Dominic watched as his own breath floated on the frozen air for a few moments before turning towards the only source of heat he could detect.

With an arm tucked completely underneath her, he knew it would have been impossible for him to move without waking Hailee. He wanted to get up and check the thermostat, but something told him that this was more of an electrical problem with the old building rather than a quick or easy fix. The protector in him couldn’t stand the idea of Hailee staying here a moment longer. It was also the reason why as soon as she had informed him of what had happened with Big Dragon yesterday, Dominic had returned to the station and put in for a week of leave. Something he had done only one other time during his twelve years on the force. Thankfully, the Chief had accepted his request without question and put it into effect immediately.

Which ultimately meant that Dominic was about to spend a whole lot more time getting to know Hailee better-- in the biblical sense, anyways.

Sighing heavily, he rolled Hailee closer. The scent of honey and lavender had quickly become his new favorite. As he buried his nose into her dark curls, Dominic began to relax and soon closed his eyes. He was just about to drift back off to sleep when he suddenly felt something move around his legs.


Clamping his large hand over Hailee’s mouth, Dominic’s stern face met her sleepy gaze. As he placed his finger up to his own lips, he motioned for her to slowly look down towards the end of the bed.

“Don’t freak out,” he whispered. But unfortunately, his hand did little to muffle Hailee’s scream.

With a hiss and a couple of squeaks, the three terrier sized rats scampered off of the bed and scurried behind Hailee’s dresser. The only thing he could figure was that the rodents must have chewed a good size hole into the wall behind the large furniture piece during the middle of the night. From the horror stories he’d heard before, Hailee and himself had been lucky that they hadn’t woken up with their faces chewed off.

“That’s it.” Dominic grunted as he sat up and pulled his mate into his arms. “We’re packing your shit and moving to my place-- today.”

The tone in his voice left no room for discussion, but judging by the way Hailee shivered against his broad chest, he wasn’t exactly worried that she was about to put up an objection. Giving a silent nod, Hailee moved off of his legs and entered her closet. She didn’t even seem phased by the fact that the heat wasn’t working-- which lead Dominic to wonder how often did this happen.

No body should ever have to live in these kinds of conditions, he thought. Unfortunately, he had seen a whole lot worse across the city. If only the Mayor was a little less concerned with lining his pockets, perhaps the residents of Chicago could thrive.

An hour or so later he was pleased to see Hailee’s eyes widen in amazement as they entered the lobby to his building.

“This is where you live?” she asked.

With a nod and a smile, Dominic shifted the weight of her bags before leading her over to the elevator. His chest puffed out slightly as he watched her eyes sweep across the golden chandeliers and marble floors polished to a shine. From the print-free glass windows to the rugs still fresh with vacuum lines, everything about the entrance to the building screamed with perfection.

In the days since being bitten, his life had been such a whirlwind of lust and passion. Dominic silently chided himself for not thinking of moving her in with him sooner. In his defense though, from the moment he walked through that door after shift, it had become nearly impossible to think with the head resting above his broad shoulders. Call him arrogant, prideful, or whatever you like, but no mate of his would ever live in such a dump again.

“Hey, hey, Mr. Hastings! Long time no see.” The tall, slender black man quickly stuck his hand out for Dominic before pressing the up button on the elevator’s panel. “I see you’ve brought home a lady friend toady.”

“Yeah,” Dominic chuckled nervously before taking the attendant’s hand in his own. “And I’m pretty sure this one’s going to be staying here for a while.”

A dark, bushy brow rose halfway to the man’s shiny bald head.

“This one? Boy what are you talkin’ ’bout?” With a scoff, the man sent Hailee a wink. “You ain’t never brought home a lady before,” he teased. “In fact, I was starting to wonder if you were one of them funny ‘iron closet’ types.”

“Iron closet?” Dominic frowned. “What the hell--”

“Don’t worry. I’ll explain it to him later.” Patting her mate calmingly on the chest, Hailee smiled before offering her slender hand to the attendant. “By the way, I’m Hailee,” she said.

“Moises.” The man nodded while enthusiastically pumping her hand. “Apparently the incredible hulk here has forgotten his manners. I always told him it didn’t matter how high he piled those muscles on top of one another,” he shook his head. “If you ain’t got smarts--”

“This is us,” Dominic suddenly interrupted as the elevator chimed loudly. And it couldn’t have happened soon enough, he thought. He really wasn’t interested in listening to another lecture about brains over brawn, especially since it was so obvious he had both. With his free arm he quickly ushered Hailee towards the door.

“Oh, ok.” Moises’ face fell as the doors began sliding closed on the couple. “I’ll be sure to put your name down on the list, Ms. Hailee!”

With the doors fully closed, Dominic gave a sigh before leaning his head back against the wall.

“What exactly is he doing with my name?” Hailee’s face had a concerned look as she turned towards the large man.

He laughed slightly before answering as he let her stew over the possibilities. “Moises works head of security in addition to lobby attendant,” Dominic explained. “It’s his job to report any suspicious activity or unwelcome guests. If they think someone is trying to break in or squat, they’ll escort you from the premises immediately.”

Hailee nodded her head in understanding, but for some odd reason, Dominic suddenly felt a flood of apprehension wash over him from their bond. As they slowly rose up, floor after floor, her emotions and feelings only continued to get worse. When the metal doors finally slid open to reveal Dominic’s apartment, Hailee’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“Ok. I should definitely have not bitten you,” she murmured.

As she tried to step back onto the elevator, Dominic let everything fall from his hands.

“What are you talking about?” he demanded.

Angrily rushing forward, the muscled officer grabbed hold of the door.

“Look,” Hailee levelled her gaze at him. “Clearly, I’m out of my league here,” she said. “I mean look at this place! I’m like Julia Roberts and your Richard Gere. Only this isn’t a movie, it’s real life!”

Dominic scratched at his head for a moment before glancing back behind him. “You mean the movie with the prostitute?”

“Oh my god,” Hailee rolled her eyes. “Is that seriously all you can remember?”

“No.” Dominic seemed rather indignant with his reply. He wasn’t exactly sure where she was going with this, but he knew if he didn’t recover quickly-- “I also remember for a fact, that he gets the girl in the end.”

As he followed her back on to the elevator, his fist pounded the red ‘emergency’ button.

“You finding and biting me was one of the best things to ever happen to me.” Holding her at arms length, his brilliant, crystal-clear sapphires searched her face as he spoke. “Don’t you dare ever doubt that,” he replied adamantly. “Before you, I was lonely. Just a shell of a man.”

His lips parted slightly as he looked down at her. “C’mon pretty woman, don’t walk away.”

“Stop.” Hailee muttered weakly.

As he bent down, his warm breath fanned against the side of her neck. “Then say you’ll stay with me.”

Wrapping his arm around her waist, it wasn’t long before she was kissing him back. Moments later he found himself lifting her off her feet, raising her to match his incredible height. As her perfectly plump lips passionately siphoned his tongue, Dominic had to pull back in order to catch his breath.


With a reluctant growl, Dominic let Hailee’s feet drop back to the ground. He would have much rather preferred to rip her clothing off right then and there, but they were still inside the elevator. And if they didn’t get off soon, he knew Moises would be calling. As he slowly exited the metal box, Dominic glanced at his mate curiously as he watched her drag a finger across the entertainment center.

“You haven’t been here for nearly two weeks,” she remarked. “But there’s not even a spec of dust.”

Rubbing the back of his neck, Dominic’s eyes shifted around as he met everything else with his gaze but her. “Living here comes with some perks,” he informed her. “Security, a twenty-four hour gym, an indoor pool--” he paused knowing what he was about to say next might scare her off “--I also have a maid.”

“A maid?” Hailee nearly choked on air as she spun around to face him. Her face flushed slightly and she suddenly got that look in her eyes that most perps got right before they were about to run. “Ok, I so should not be here.”

As she gathered her bags and dodged for the door, a terrifying rumble erupted from Dominic’s chest.

“Would you stop?” He roared. “I may be new to this whole ‘were’ thing, but there’s something inside of me that see’s you as my number one priority. You are mine to take care of.” He gestured to the apartment broadly with his hands. “And mine to protect. What’s mine is yours and what’s your’s is mine.”

To hell with this, he thought as he stalked towards her. If it wasn’t painfully obvious how much he needed her.

“And you Hailee. You are MINE.”

In just two of his impossibly long strides, Dominic would show her just what he meant. It was rough at first as he had completely given in to his primal side. His kisses were sloppy and the beast had grown needy. With the greatest of ease Dominic pulled her up to his chest, but he couldn’t even make it to the bedroom as he deposited her on the nearest counter.

He could feel her body growing hot as he tugged on her hair and when she moaned into his mouth he almost lost it right there. It was nearly torturous as her fingers slowly unbuttoned his uniform. But the scent of her arousal as the bulging mounds of his sculpted chest came into view was worth every second.

The light scraping of her nails as they slowly trailed down his perfectly chiseled abs, sent electric shock waves all the way down his spine. Just looking at this woman could make him go weak in the knees. But as her hands idly played with the waistband of his pants, something inside Dominic suddenly snapped.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard, you’ll never threaten to leave me again,” he growled. “No man, will ever be able to fill you the way I do,” he vowed

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