Because I want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 2

Leo Vogel had been sitting in his office all morning, wishing he was anywhere but there!

He was restless, both in mind and in body. It had started last night with a dream he couldn’t quite remember when he’d awakened. Somehow though, he knew it was important. So, now, instead of being able to concentrate on the reports in front of him, he’d been trying to remember what it was about.

Thinking of the dream also started him thinking about other things.

First, he thought about how Falco and Tobias had now found their Geliebte’s (beloved’s).

Next, he thought about how that fact alone had made his spirit long for a Geliebte of his own.

Then, he thought about the restlessness that had plagued him the last few years.

Finally, as he thought about that restless, and empty feeling it took him back to when it had started. As any male vampire did, he longed for love and a good woman, but after a time it was pushed back to the edge of his mind and forgotten. Roughly thirty years ago though, the longing had struck with a vengeance, but it was mostly just a slight annoyance. Kind of like the annoying buzz of a mosquito that you can hear but can’t see.

With every year that had passed though, the feeling strengthened. A couple of months ago though, he began to find it harder and harder to ignore. Within just a few days, it started getting louder and louder.

Last night it became a loud crescendo of sound on his psyche, starting with the dream he couldn’t remember!

Leo hissed. Turning from his desk he stared out the window behind him, giving up all pretense of work.

His mind continued to churn with thought. He thought about the fact that he had told no one of these feelings, not even his Mutter. He wondered now if talking would have made his life simpler, just by sharing his burden. He really didn’t even know how to explain what he was feeling though, so why bother.

Besides, he was the oldest. He was supposed to be the one with the answers, not questions.

Who wanted to hear about the weird feelings he was getting anyway? No one, that was who!

So, he’d stoically plodded along and ignored the empty feeling in his gut.

Leo gave a long sigh, tipping his head back to stare at the ceiling. That empty feeling had been so much easier to ignore when all the Vogel Bruders were single!

He was brought back from his rambling thoughts by a voice outside his door. Pulling his gaze from the ceiling, he turned it toward the door. Then he listened.

“Miss, Miss, you can’t go in there!” The receptionist said.

“Miss please! These are private offices. Do you have an appointment?”

Leo raised an eyebrow at the question. She knows I don’t have any appointments this afternoon. At least, I’m pretty sure I don’t.

“Oh, well, not exactly,” a female voice answered. “He’s a good friend of my fathers. I just wanted to stop in and say hello, since I’m passing through. My father probably told him I’d be out this way anyway.”

Oh, now Leo knew something wasn’t right! He wouldn’t forget an appointment with the daughter of one of his friends…wait, do any of my friends have a daughter old enough to come on their own and see me?

“Oh. Well, alright then,” the receptionist answered. “He doesn’t have any appointments for quite some time. So, I suppose it would be alright.”

Leo heard the knob turn, the door opening, then a beautiful lady walked inside his office.

She was tiny with red hair that fell well past her shoulders. She was wearing big, black framed glasses that made the green eyes behind them look huge. She was perfect to him.

They stared at each other for long moments, saying nothing.

He stood up and moved around his desk as she moved closer.

“I have been searching for you almost my whole life you know. I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find you,” she told him.

“And why exactly have you been searching for me little one?” He asked

“Because I want a vampire’s kiss, and I want you to be the one to give it to me,” she replied as she moved closer. She now stood right in front of him.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to say to that. So, he stayed quiet, breathing in her sweet peach scent he found himself becoming addicted to.

“Are you married?”

“Nein,” he answered.

“Then I’m not leaving without what I came for,” she whispered.

She then gave a sigh of what he assumed was relief.

Then she reached her hand out and lay it on his chest. She continued, “I have dreamed about a male vampire since I was eleven years old.”

Shock moved through his system as he thought back to the dream last night. Though he couldn’t remember any details, he wondered if it was the same as hers.

So, clearing his throat, he asked, “How do you know it was a vampire in your dreams? Aren’t they supposed to be nothing but myth and legend?”

“Mm…maybe they are,” she agreed. “I know this one is real though because his eyes were the color of blood and he had fangs.”

“My eyes aren’t red, and as you see, I have no fangs,” he argued with her. He wasn’t ready to admit she was right, not yet.

“No, they are the color of the ocean so blue, just as they were when I dreamed of you last night. For the first time in eighteen years, you weren’t completely blurry. For just one moment in time, I saw your eyes clearly change from red to blue. You told me I was close, you told me to find you. Not only that, but I would know your voice anywhere. So, now I want what I came for, your kiss!”

“A kiss?”

“Yes, please,” she begged him.

She leaned her small body into his and waited.

Who am I to argue with a lady? Leo though, right before he crashed his lips onto hers.

Suddenly all the emptiness inside was gone, instead, his mind was flooded with her. His body now craved what only this woman could give him. His heart now beat in rhythm with hers.

He knew the moment she walked in his door and her sweet peach scent had filled the air that she was his, his Geliebte. The one he had waited for, for so long. The moment their lips touched he knew his would never touch another’s.

Breaking their kiss, he pushed her back and around his desk. He then moved everything off it, not caring that papers fluttered to the floor. Picking her up, his hands going completely around her tiny waist, he placed her upon it.

“You are so tiny,” he whispered as he nuzzled at her neck.

She can’t be more than five feet and maybe a hundred pounds, he though, not that I really care, because she is perfect for me.

She moaned and in a breathless voice said, “I take after my mother. Father teases…that we…!”

His lips found her earlobe and sucked it into his mouth for a moment before moving to her neck.

“That we…ahh…are…oh, Leo!” She moaned out.

He nipped at her neck right at her pulse. He wanted so badly to bite her, to taste of her sweet essence!

She grabbed hold of his biceps as he pushed her flat onto his desk.

“That you’re what?” He questioned her as he unbuttoned her blouse.

“P-P-Pixies!” She finally managed to say.

He finished unbuttoning her blouse, pushing it off her gaze at her pale flesh.

“No fair,” she said, her lip out in a pout. She reached up then and began to unbutton his shirt.

The phone on his desk chose that moment to beep. He then heard his receptionist say, “Sir, Bruno is on line one.”

Leo raised his head up with a slight growl to glare at the phone. Reaching over, he pushed the button and spoke, “Tell him I’ll call him back shortly.”

“Yes sir,” the receptionist responded.

He huffed as he buried his face in his Geliebte’s neck.

“Well, that kind of spoiled the mood huh?”

“Mm…” he mumbled as he continued to breath in her peach scent. This calmed the beast within. His hands continued to roam over her body.

Hers found their way under his shirt to run through the hair on his chest.

“Um…I don’t think I ever got it said, but my name is Camilla Smythe,” she told him.

He raised his head. “I’m Leo Vogel.”

She gave him a loving smile as her green eyes sparkled from behind her large frame glasses. “I know. I saw your name on the door.”

“So, I’m guessing I don’t actually know your dad?” He asked teasingly as he raised an eyebrow.

Her cheeks turned a bit pink even as she giggled. “Ah…you heard that? The answer would be no. Unless of course, you’ve been to South Dakota?”

“Nein, I’ve never been there. I know where it is though, and you’re a long way from home little one,” he whispered, running one hand through her hair.

She shrugged. “Maybe, but I found you. It took me four months of long car rides and yesterday I was ready to give up. I didn’t though, and I found you. Oh Leo, I am so glad I found you!”

“Ja, you did little one,” he answered. Then he huffed.

She pulled back to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

“I better get Bruno called back or he’ll be showing up at my…”

*Knock, knock*

“…door,” Leo finished with a snort.

“Leo man, why you got the door locked? We’ve got an issue to resolve, and I need to talk to you,” Bruno called out. “Open the door Bruder!”

Camilla giggled, but straightened out his shirt for him. She then fixed her own as he rounded the desk.

The door rattled. “Leo? Are you alright…”

Leo opened the door.

“…in there?” Bruno asked as he stared at Leo.

“Next time don’t come banging my door down Bruno. You wait for me to call you back, like I said I would, or at least knock politely,” Leo answered.

“Um… sure. Sorry big Bruder,” Bruno said softly, looking a bit nervous.

I can be very intimidating when I want to be, Leo thought with an internal smirk.

Leo stepped back so Bruno could enter.

“Camilla, this is my Bruder Bruno. Bruno, meet meine Geliebte, Camilla Smythe.”

Camilla jumped off the desk with a smile and her hand out. “Hi! It’s so nice to meet you Bruno. You know, you two look a lot alike. There is no mistaking that you’re from the same gene pool.”

“Nope, just like twins, we are,” Bruno agreed. “Well, if we hadn’t been born twenty years apart anyway, eh Leo?”

Leo rolled his eyes at him.

Camilla shook her head and said, “No, not quite twins. Leo’s eyes are a deeper shade of blue and his hair a bit darker, but close.”

Bruno smirked and asked, “Been studying him that close, have you?”

Camilla chose to ignore him and turned to Leo. “I should go and let the two of you talk.”

“Nein, stay!” Leo exclaimed.

“But…I thought you had business…?”

“Mein business is now yours little one,” Leo told her. “We will have no secrets even in this.”

Then he walked around his desk and sat down, pulling her into his lap. Looking up at his stunned Bruder, he asked, “Well? What is the issue about?”

Bruno shook his head. Then he sat down and began to speak.

An hour later, Bruno finally concluded their meeting and they sat quietly as Leo put a few notes on his computer.

They’d only been halfway through when Camilla had fallen asleep with her face buried in Leo’s neck.

She placed one of her hands under his shirt before dozing off.

Leo knew she been trying to be sneaky when she did it. Slowly unbuttoning the shirt and slipping her hand in.

Bruno’s smirk made it clear she hadn’t been successful, and he’d noticed.

“So, our fearless leader has found his Geliebte,” Bruno joked.

Looking down at the beautiful woman in his lap, he smiled. “Ja, and she is so tiny, a little bit of nothing. She is my bit of nothing though, and I cherish her already.”

“I hope she can handle your bossiness Leo, lots of women couldn’t.”

“She is meine Geliebte, she was made just for me Bruno. Do you not think the fates know of my bossy side?” Leo asked as he looked up.

Bruno put his hands up as if in surrender.

“Ja, Bruder. I know they do,” Bruno said softly so not to anger Leo more. “Mutter will be so excited with you finding your Geliebte, and Kimberly expecting.”

“Hard to believe how all our lives have changed in just a years’ time,” Leo agreed, memories flooding his mind. “First Falco found his Geliebte, then Tobias, and now a baby on the way.”

“And now you have found yours. I wonder who will be next?” Bruno asked with a longing look.

“Don’t lose hope Bruder, it might be you,” Leo said.

“Hmm…maybe,” Bruno said as he sat back and crossed his arms over his chest. “You know, I had completely given up hope when Falco met Kimberly.”

“Completely?” Leo questioned.

Bruno gave a nod. “Ja, to the point that I was thinking about asking Bianca to marry me.”

“Bianca? That vampire girl you met in France two years ago? I didn’t realize you were that serious about someone,” Leo said. He was astounded Bruno had kept her a secret from them all.

“Ja, we kept in touch and I want to see her a lot,” Bruno told him. “I was so tired of being alone and, well, we were good together. So, I thought, surely that’s enough.”

“Did Mutter know?”

“Nein. I was going to tell her and Vater, but…well, I never did. Now I’m glad I didn’t,” Bruno said.

“So, what happened?”

“Falco met Kimberly and it sparked a hope in me,” Bruno told him with a soft sigh. “It made me question if giving up on finding meine Geliebte and marrying Bianca was the right thing to do.”

“What did you decide then?” Leo asked as he looked back down at the sleeping Camilla.

Bruno gave a snort suddenly.

Leo looked up at him, slightly startled.

Camilla twitched.

“Fate took the decision out of my hands actually. Bianca met her Geliebte at the airport right before she was to board her plane to come see me,” Bruno explained.

Leo just sat and stared at Bruno. He really wasn’t surprised at how close Bruno had been to marriage.

Bruno was usually the least serious of the five of them. Wanting a woman though? That was one thing he WAS serious about.

Leo did feel sad just thinking about what had happened to Bruno and felt he should say something. It was struggle though because he found it hard to show emotions to his Bruders unless he was telling them what to do. So, he cleared his throat as he though about what to say.

“Nein, Leo. Don’t say anything. This is on in the past anyway. Now I have things to do, so I’ll take my leave but not before saying congratulations. Oh, and call Mutter soon,” Bruno said.

“Alright Bruno, I’ll leave the past in the past," Leo agreed. "Ja, I’ll call Mutter soon, don’t worry. Even I know better then to let her somehow find out on her own,” Leo said with a shudder. “Could you lock my door behind you on your way out?”

Bruno gave a nod as he stood and walked out the door.

Leo heard the click of the lock as it close behind Bruno.

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