Because I want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 3

Leo turned his chair away from his desk. Moving Camilla around carefully, he placed her head in the crook of his arm. He smiled as he took in her features.

She was small boned and delicate. Her face slim and her nose, which was lightly splattered with freckles, almost pointy. Her hair was a deep, rich, red, soft and silky to the touch.

His gaze moved down to where her hand disappeared inside his shirt. Reaching down, he finished unbuttoning his shirt and moved it aside.

His skin was pale. He wasn’t chalky white, because he loved to get outside and putter in his yard shirtless, but he was by no means dark either. His Geliebte’s (beloved’s) arm which lay against his chest however, was slightly golden, with surprisingly few freckles, for a red head.

Her hands were small, her fingers long and slim. He carefully ran a finger along the back of her hand to feel it’s softness.

His Geliebte gave a soft moaning sigh and he looked up, but she still slept.

Leo thought hard. I really want to see the beauty hidden under her clothing but…would it make me a pervert to gaze at her that way while she slept? Surly it wouldn’t. After all, she is meine Geliebte! It is meine right to gaze at her!

After his internal argument, he began undoing buttons on her blouse.

His breath stalled as more of her golden skin was revealed. Her chest was paler then her arms though, so she must not bare it much.

Her breasts were small, but firm and encased in a simple white bra that begged to be removed. He didn’t dare go that far though, instead, he ran his fingers over her rib cage and side.

She gave a sigh, then whimpered a bit as her back bowed into his touch.

Moving his arm up, he brought her face close to his and nuzzled her neck. He placed soft kisses along it as his hand roamed over her back. The skin there was so soft, and he couldn’t get enough of touching her.

She began to make small sounds that were slowly awakening the man in him, and he felt his cock harden. As his arousal heightened, his kisses grew rougher, and he began to nip at her skin.

His hand moved from her back to her lower thigh. He squeezed it gently before moving upward, sliding his hand between her thighs. When he reached the top, he began to slide his hand up and down, even as his thumb rubbed at her woman’s mound.

Camilla’s eyes fluttered open as his mouth covered hers. Her arms moved up to wrap around his neck. She moaned, and her hips bucked

As he began to smell her arousal, his kiss became even rougher, his need for her growing. He felt the beast inside awaken at the sound of her whimpers.

She pulled back, breathing deep and stared into his eyes.

He watched her pupils dilate.

She whimpered again, and her back arched against his still moving hand.

“Leo!” She cried just as her thighs tightened around his wrist.

Leo smiled as he felt the thin cloth of her pants dampen.

“Now my pants are wet,” she pouted, poking her bottom lip out.

He growled as he leaned in and captured her lip with his teeth. This led to more kisses and his cock growing even harder.

Finally, he pulled back, breathing hard. “Little one, I need you! I have not felt need this strong ever, and if we don’t stop now, I will have you right here on my desk!”

“I want you too Leo. I have never felt this way about anyone before. I’ve never let anyone close enough to feel this way about them,” she admitted with a sigh. “I wanted the one who haunted my dreams, and no other would do.”

Leo raised his head to look at her. “I remember you saying you dreamed about me.”

She nodded.

“Let me take you home with me, and then I wish to hear about these dreams,” he gave her a smile then. “Then, in the privacy of my home I will finish what I started meine Geliebte.”

She just stared at him with a questioning look on her face. Then she slowly nodded. “Okay, and you can explain to me why you call me beloved.”

After straightening their clothes, they walked out of Leo’s office hand in hand.

“Edna, cancel anything I had going on today. I’m going home.” Leo said as they passed the front desk.

“Yes sir,” Edna said looking at them puzzled.

Camilla let out a giggle as they passed Edna.

Leo looked at her and asked, “What is so funny?”

“Poor woman. She’s probably trying to figure out how I went from “our fathers are friends” to “holding you hand” in an hour!” Camilla told him.

He let out a small chuckle as he opened the door for us to step outside. Placing a pair of sunglasses on his nose he took a deep breath.

“Good afternoon Mr. Vogel,” a young man said as he went around them to go outside. He gave their entwined hands a puzzled look as he went by.

Leo just nodded at him.

“An employee?” Camilla questioned.

“Ja, sales probably,” he answered.

“You mean, you don’t know?” She asked him incredulously. Her dad knew most of his employees by their first names at Smythe Enterprises.

Leo shrugged. Then he sighed as he turned to look at her, pushing his sunglasses onto the top of his head. His blue eyes then locked onto her green ones.

“I’m not very…tolerant of humans little one. They…” he stopped and looked around the busy sales lot. “It might be best not to have this conversion here. Let’s go get my car.”

She nodded, and he put his sunglasses back down. Then she remembered, “My car! I left it at Subway!”

Leo smiled. “Then let’s go get it little one. I can leave mine here over night if need be.”

So, without another word, they took off down the street. Once they got her car from Subway, they headed for Leo’s house.

When they arrived at Leo’s house she looked around as she got slowly out of the car.

Leo lived in a nice neighborhood of mid-sized homes and neatly kept yards. His yard thought was a riot of color! He had flowers everywhere!

“Wow Leo, you must really like flowers,” she whispered.

“Nein, not really. It just gives me an excuse to be outside. I don’t like to just sit still when I’m outdoors, I need to be doing something. Mutter accuses me of having “outdoor ADD” when I’m outside,” he told her.

She took notice of his brick home with blue shutters and wrap-a-round porch as she asked, “What’s outdoor ADD?”

He chuckled as he opened the door and held it for her.

Stepping inside she sighed at the feel of the cool air on her hot skin.

“When inside I can sit for hours doing nothing. When I’m outside, I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes,” he explained.

“Ah…I understand. Now, explain about your employees.”

Leo motioned her to the left, and stepping through a doorway, she found herself in a sitting room. The walls were a light cream, the chairs and couches a dark brown leather, the drapes tan with gold thread shot through them.

So, sitting down, she looked at him expectantly.

He sat down next to her and took her hand.

“I’m the oldest of five Bruders,” he began. “Bruno, who you met today is next, then Tobias, Falco, and last Felix.”

“No sisters then?” She questioned.


“So…how old are you exactly?”

“I’m 196, but to humans I’m only thirty-six,” he replied.

“Oh…” she almost wheezed before taking in a deep breath. “Well, I’m an only child and I’m twenty-nine,” she told him.

Raising her hand to his lips, he kissed it. Then he continued by saying, “Being as old as I am, I was born at a time when drinking from the vein wasn’t a big deal. Bruno and I were raised feeding from the vein only. It was how things were done and that was that.

“Tobias however, was born in 1850 and was raised mostly on the vein. By that time though my parents were trying to find alternatives. It wasn’t much before Falco was born in 1902 that other means were found. Even then most vampires refused to stop feeding from the vein, and if they killed no one, not much was said.”

“So, um…you bit people?”

“Ja, I did, for most of my young life. See, that’s the thing Camilla, I liked it, and didn’t want to stop. Oh, I knew I could be killed for it, but I didn’t care. I was young and stupid, and the taste of warm blood was…I guess you would call it addictive. It was my food and my drug combined. Anyway, when I get to close to a human it…brings back memories, memories of that time,” he continued.

“So, it basically makes you hungry?”

“Basically. Little one, my hearing is one hundred times better than yours. Even now, I can hear your heartbeat, your blood rushing through your veins. It calls to me, to my thirst, so ja, I’m stand offish to my employees. It’s not because I’m stuck up or snobbish, which is what they think of me, but because if I’m not…”

“Then you want to attack them and bite,” she whispered.


Camilla sat there, rubbing circles on the back of his hand with her forefinger. She chewed the inside of her cheek as she thought about his words. She felt her cheeks heat up at where her thoughts took her. Still she asked, “So…how come you haven’t attacked me? Well, with something besides kisses anyway?”

Leo reached up, and with a finger, he tilted her face up. He then gazed into her eyes.

She became lost in those beautiful blue eyes of his.

“Trust me, I want too. I know though, that once I do, the sweetness of your essence will ruin me for the taste of another,” he said in a husky whisper. Then, he scooted closer. His hand went behind her head, pulling her ever closer to him. “Kiss me Geliebte.”

Their lips met, moving together as if they had been kissing for years. He tasted of mint, and she was addicted, couldn’t get enough. His tongue slid across her lips, she opened for him like a thirsty flower, and he was her rain. Their tongues tangled and teased as moans filled the silence.

Leo lifted her onto his lap.

Her hands moved to once more unbutton his shirt.

Leo didn’t bother with buttons! He ripped her shirt open and buttons flew everywhere!

“Leo, I liked this shirt!”

“I’ll buy you a dozen just like it,” he promised.

Then he pulled her back in for another kiss.

Leo felt as if he was on fire! Desire was running through his veins and only his Geliebte could quench it!

He needed her to the point of pushing her down on his couch and, he groaned, pulling back from her.

Nein, I can’t, not like this because I don’t even know how she feels about me. Deep breaths, control Leo, you need to take control, he chanted in his head.

Looking at her, he saw her swollen lips, and desire glazed eyes.

She was almost panting for breath.

“You really do know how to leave a girl breathless don’t you?” She whispered as she ran a hand over his crew cut. Then her lip was out in a pout. “Why is your hair so short?”

He tilted his head sideways at the out-of-the-blue question. “Easy up keep I suppose, why?”

She just shrugged. “So, why do you call me beloved? You called me that even in my dreams. Well, you actually called me Geliebte. I looked it up and found it to mean beloved in German.”

“For a vampire, the ultimate dream is to find our beloved, or soulmate, the other half of ourselves. Very few of us actually do, so most give up after about a hundred years,” he told her pulling her close.

“You know, I told my father I was leaving to find my soulmate,” she said as she rubbed a hand up and down his neck. “Even when I was eleven, I knew deep down that you were mine. It’s funny really, because when I had that first dream vampires were never even a blip on my radar.”

“So, you weren’t one of those girls who dreamed of all things that come out after dark?”

She lifted her head from his chest to look at him. “No, not really. Don’t get me wrong, I loved a good story about those things. Shelly and I watched many a movie about them. Shelly loves a good “bump in the night” thriller. Me though? I was more the Prince Charming and Cinderella type instead of Beauty and the Beast.”

He snorted, “Beast?”

She giggled. “Yes, beast. Not into fairy-tales huh?”

He felt the urge to roll his eyes at her. “Nein. All Bruders, remember?”

“Oh, right!” She muttered.

“So, Shelly?” He questioned.

Her eyes lit up. “Only the best friend a girl could have! I’ve know her since we were five. She’s stuck with me through everything! I think my secret dreams would have driven me crazy if I hadn’t had her to tell about them.”

“Maybe it’s time for you to tell me about these dreams,” he said.

She nodded her head in agreement.

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