Because I want a Vampire's Kiss! (Book 3)

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Chapter 6

Leo was worried. He didn’t know what he could have done wrong that his bond with his geliebte hadn’t taken. His grip tightened on the steering wheel as he turned onto the road leading to Dean’s house.

“Leo, it’ll be okay,” Camilla whispered laying her hand on his knee.

He gave her a quick look. “I hope so.”

“Oh wow! This is where Dean lives? It’s beautiful,” she whispered wide eyed.

He had to admit, it was a really nice place Dean had here. Although, he did wonder why a single man needed a three-story house.

The house was brick with black shutters. The porch went all the way across the front with a swing at one end. At the other end was two rocking chairs with a small table between them.

The yard was large, and shade filled because of the large trees at each corner. The fence was white, and there was a rose bush on each side for the gate full of yellow blooms.

As they stood gazing around at everything, Dean walked out.

Dean was a big man. He stood at least seven feet tall and would tower over Leo’s own five feet ten easily. He was slim though, whereas, Leo was broad in the shoulders with lots of muscle. He was also blond and wore his hair slightly long and pulled back in a leather strap of some sort.

It was rumored in the vampire community that Dean was of Viking decent.

“Well, well, well, little Leo Vogel. This is a surprise. What brings you to my home?” Dean asked in his deep booming voice.

Leo took Camilla’s hand, and led her up the walk way as she stared wide eyed at Dean.

“I have some questions,” Leo answered. “I was hoping you might be able to answer them for me Dean.”

Dean stepped back and held the door wide open. “Certainly, come in.”

So, they did.

Leo made sure Camilla didn’t accidently touch the big man and be hurt again.

After closing the door, Dean led them into what looked to be a library. The room was wall to wall book shelves with a couple of comfortable couches and chairs scattered around.

“Sit down, sit down. I don’t get much company anymore. Would you like something to drink? A snack perhaps?”

Leo glanced at Camilla, she shook her head no. Leo turned back to Dean and said, “We’re good thanks.”

Dean gave a nod and they all sat down. Then he said, “So, Leo, introduce me to this lovely lady.”

“Dean, this is Camilla,” Leo said. “She’s my beloved.”

“Your beloved,” Dean murmured with a sad smile. “I’d heard that the Vogel brothers were finding what was once thought only a myth.”

Leo nodded. “Ja. She’s the reason I’m here actually.”

Dean’s eyebrows went up. “Oh? I don’t know how I would be any help to you concerning a beloved since I have never found mine.”

“I know, but you’ve been around a long time Dean,” Leo said. “I figured because of that, you would know things.”

Dean roared with laughter, then said, “So, I’m the “wise old man of the mountain” now am I? Full of wisdom,” he smirked. “Fine, ask your questions.”

“Alright. Well, Camilla and I met yesterday afternoon when she walked into Vogel Automotive,” Leo began. “I took her home with me, but later I had to leave for a bit. I was gone three, maybe four hours, and when I returned she was showing signs of the bond sickness.”

Dean stared into space for a moment, rubbing his chin with his thumb. “You’re the oldest, correct?”

“Yes,” Leo agreed.

“May I add something?” Camilla asked.

“Certainly,” Dean said giving her his full attention.

“I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but I’ve had dreams about Leo since I was eleven,” Camilla said. “I’m now twenty-nine.”

Dean frowned at this information. “Dreams you say.”

Camilla nodded.

“Dreams are rare, and usually only happen to an older vampire who is about to give up completely,” Dean explained.

“Completely?” Camilla whispered.

Dean nodded. “Yes, on finding love, and on life. It is a point they have come to where the loneliness has become too much, and they are tired of living.”

Camilla turned to look at Leo. “Is that what happened? Were you giving up?”

Leo frowned. “Nein. Sure, I was lonely and tired of being so, but I don’t think I was to the point of giving up completely.”

“I did say usually, but there are always exceptions,” Dean broke in to say. “Anyway, the dreams would explain why it was only hours instead of days before the sickness hit. The bond between you was already there, it didn’t have to start at the beginning like most do. Did Leo talk in these dreams? Were his eyes blue or red?”

“Yes, he talked to me, and his eyes were red,” Camilla answered.

Dean nodded again. “Yes, that would definitely strengthen the bond. His beast bonded with you in your dreams, so half the bond was already created before you met.”

“My eyes were red, that is a sign of anger or hunger,” Leo disagreed. “If it had been my beast, my eyes would have been gray.”

Dean chuckled. “Maybe, but what greater hunger is there then the hunger for love?” Dean asked with a chuckle. “Once the two of you met face to face the beast side of you was ready for intimacy. He was ready for you mark her as yours and he saw no need to wait. The fact that you left her without completing the bond is what caused her illness to be instantaneous. Because you did not, you angered your beast.”

“So, there was no need to wait because he’d already felt her love for us in the dreams,” Leo murmured as he looked at his Geliebte.

“Correct,” Dean agreed with a nod. “Anything else I can help you with?”

“Ja,” Leo said as he shifted uncomfortably. Then, clearing his throat, he said, “We completed our bond last night, or at least I THOUGHT we did. Today though, I realized she doesn’t bare my mark.”

Dean once more raised his eyebrows.

Leo continued. “Vows were said, and blood exchanged. This worked for both of my Bruders, why not me?”

“Because you are the oldest,” Dean informed him.

“What? What does me being the oldest have to do with it?” Leo shouted, shaking in his irritation. “Mutter never said anything about me being older changing anything.”

“Please calm down Leo,” Camilla said softly as she began to rub his arm.

Dean looked at her then. “Let me ask you this Camilla. When you dreamed of Leo, was there something that he always did, something almost intimate? Something you may not have even noticed as…sexual until you were older?”

Camilla frowned thoughtfully, even as her cheeks tinted pink. “Um…like what exactly?”

Dean huffed. “All men, whether they will admit it or not, have a favorite body part. Their eyes, and hands, tend to go there when they see a woman. When it’s “their” woman, they become extremely touchy in that area.”

“Oh!” Camilla said as if a light had been turned on in her head. “Like when my friend Shelly says all the guys judge her by her rack or her butt?”

Dean chuckled. “Rack?”

“Boobs,” Leo answered.

“Ah, then yes, that’s what I mean. What body part does Leo seem the most fascinated by? It is a place he will always find a reason to touch, even in your dreams,” Dean said.

Camilla looked down then, and as she did, Dean’s gaze followed.

Leo looked down also to find his hand on her thigh, his forefinger making circles.

“So, Leo likes your thighs? To touch, to rub, to squeeze, to kiss?” Dean inquired with an uplifted brow.

Camilla nodded.

“To bite?” Dean asked then.

Camilla looked startled as she looked up at Leo wide-eyed. Then turning back to Dean, she almost whispered, “No. He’s never bitten my thigh!”

Dean looked at Leo then. “But you want to, don’t you? It almost eats at you how badly you want to, yet you deny yourself of that need.”

Leo shifted, uncomfortable, and looked away from Dean. It was true, he desperately wanted to bite her thigh as he enjoyed the scent of her arousal or the scent of their love.

“Camilla, there are three places a vampire can get the most blood from. The wrist, which is a neutral place and means nothing. The neck, which is much more intimate and is almost like a type of kiss. Then there is the most intimate of the three, the femoral artery in the right thigh. This is where the vampire bites only the one he or she loves, and only at the most intimate of times,” Dean said softly.

“Oh,” Camilla said breathlessly as she looked at Leo.

Leo knew his face was probably flushed, because just thinking of biting her thigh was making him crazy with lust. He could almost feel the beast in him rising. He longed to bite his Geliebte as he pleasured her, bringing her to new heights of pleasure.

“Now, Leo it seems has a thing for the thigh anyway. So, it would be his ultimate high to feed on the thigh of his beloved,” Dean continued. “Therein lies his problem.”

“What?” Leo questioned. Why would it matter where I bite her? All that really matters is that I do! So, I have a thing for thighs, that has nothing to do with the bonding!

Dean smirked at Leo, then continued, “Let me explain for you. For the oldest born vampire son, fate made a bit of a quirk in the bonding process. I’m the oldest myself, of nine children, and so this is what my ma told me. She said as the oldest, it takes a bit extra to complete the bond…”

“But why?” Camilla interrupted to ask.

“Because they are fate and can do as they please?” Dean answered with his own question and a shrug. “Who knows. The point is, as vampires, we carry inside us a beast. Do not all four-legged beasts have a first born that is stronger, bigger, more…aggressive?” He asked.

“I suppose so,” Camilla whispered.

“As first born, the beast in us likes to throw his weight around. I suppose that is a good way to put it anyway,” Dean mused. “So, therefore Leo, as the oldest, there is an extra step you have to take.”

Dean stood up then and stretched.

Leo also stood and taking Camilla’s hand he helped her up also. Then he asked, “What step is that exactly?”

“It’s simple, you give your beast what he desires the most. Whatever it was that you wanted to do in the worst way when you were bonding yet denied yourself. You might not have done it because you’re ashamed of wanting it so sadly, or maybe you were scared Camilla wouldn’t like it. Whatever the reason, get over it. Your beast will demand it before he will allow her to bare his mark.”

Then, Dean walked out of the room and led them back to his front door.

Opening it, Dean stood back as the two of them exited his home.

Leo and Camilla had just stepped off the steps when Dean said, “Oh, and Leo?”

Leo turned to look back.

“Tell your brother Bruno that just because I’m a rumored playboy doesn’t mean I actually am one,” Dean told him. He then stepped back inside and closed the door.

He and Camilla headed for the car and home.

Walking into Leo’s home later, Camilla tossed her purse on the hall table and toed her shoes off. She then turned, her mouth opening to ask Leo what they were going to do now.

Those words were never spoken.

Suddenly, Leo was picking her up, and walking toward his bedroom with her.

“Leo,” she murmured as she saw his eyes begin to flicker with red.

His beast was hungry for her, and this made her hungry for him. She moaned, and placed kisses along his neck, feeling his hands tightening on her thighs.

She found herself on the bed, his mouth on hers, roughly kissing and nipping at her lips. When she opened, his tongue plunged in, tasting every part as it tangled with hers!

He broke from her mouth and began kissing down her neck only to hiss when his lips met clothing instead of skin.

So, pulling back, Leo sat her up and pulled her shirt off.

“If I’m losing my clothes baby, then so are you!” She informed him as she yanked at his button-up shirt. Buttons went flying, and she smirked. “We’re even now. Your shirt for mine!”

Leo winked at her obviously not bothered at all. He then pulled away completely, and took off his shoes, socks, pants, and briefs.

Looking at his perfectly muscled body was setting her lower region on fire. She let out a whimper, even as she quickly shed her own shorts, panties and bra.

Then he was back, pushing her down onto the bed. His hands began moving along her thighs as his mouth moved over her neck and shoulders. He looked up at her, his desire for her clear on his face. “Do you know why your thighs fascinate me so?”

She shook her head. Sure, she knew what Dean had told her, but not what Leo’s personal reason for it was.

He looked down then, and so did she.

She watched as he stood there, his hands on her thighs. With his left hand he caressed her right thigh, even as his right hand squeezed her left one. Just watching those pale hands move over her skin was enough to make her breathing quicken, and her heart race. She felt her thighs quiver at his touch even as shivers ran over them.

“Such a sensitive place, so close to where my cock wants to be,” he finally told her. “You have such beautiful thighs, thighs made to grip a man’s hips as he loves her.”

His gaze turned to her right thigh as he pushed it slightly up, his finger then trailed over a certain spot.

She bit her lip and gave a quiet moan as her body heated up in need.

“This one also holds the femoral artery which awakens another hunger besides desire in me Geliebte,” he hissed out.

She looked at his face then. She saw his fangs had descended, and his eyes were now glowing as his features sharpened. She realized she was seeing the face of the vampire now. Unable to resist, she raised up off the bed and moved her fingers over his sharpened features. His features looked as if they were chiseled in stone.

As she caressed his cheek, his eyes closed for a moment, and a hiss of pleasure escaped his lips.

Then his eyes opened, and his gaze once more returned to her thigh as he hissed, “Just a taste little one, just a taste of your sweet nectar from your lovely thigh is what I desire. Will you grant me this?”

“Yes,” she whispered as she lay back on the bed once more.

He pulled her leg up higher then, placing it over his arm even as he kissed from her knee downward.

She moaned as she tried to keep her eyes open to watch, but the pleasure of his touch was to much. As her eyes slowly drifted closed, she felt his tongue swirl along her skin. She knew his saliva would deaden the area, so his bite wouldn’t hurt.

There was as slight pinch as he bit down.

Then her hips were bucking as pleasure swirled through her veins. She cried out as his fingers moved to her wet folds and sank deep. He moved them in and out, turning her into a moaning mess as he drank from her.

“Leo,” she cried, feeling her release was close. She wanted him inside her when she came though. So, she almost sobbed her frustration as she tried to hold back. Opening her eyes, she tugged at his hair.

Suddenly, Leo was hovering over her, his fangs still red with her blood. “I will love you as long as I walk this earth my sweet Geliebte Camilla Smythe.”

“I will love you as long as I walk this earth also Leo Vogel,” she vowed to him once more.

Leo quickly grabbed a condom, rolled it on. He then pulled her thighs up, so she could wrap them around his hips before he thrust into her with a hiss.

She cried out as pleasure rolled over her like a tidal wave.

His teeth sank deep into her throat, hisses coming from him as he thrust harder.

“Ah…Leo love…” she cries as she clawed at his back.

Her hips bucked, and her back bowed as they moved together in a fast rhythm. She came hard, screaming his name as he pulled his teeth from her neck.

With a long hissing growl, Leo found his release.

She felt him shudder as he collapsed over her on his forearms.

Then softly he said, “Ich liebe dich.”

She smiled as he told her in German that he loved her. So, she answered, “And I love you.”

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