The Bredenhann Tales

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Fairytales for the strange and wonderful. Heard the tale of the deaf prince? Or the peasant girl who outsmarted all the knights in the kingdom? These and more can be read in this book Have you heard about the couple who asked for a child from two fairies, but was only granted one? Or the little girl who could not escape her little house in fear of the monsters who would eat her? Don't be scared. Their tales are new, their endings are not what you would believe. Some end in happiness, and some end in fear, All get what they need, but not what they might deserve in these tiny fairy tales.

Fantasy / Children
Icarus B.
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The Monster's little house

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a little house all by herself.

Her father sent her there with her mother when she was very young.

He told them, "My dear sweet wife, the kingdom has fallen ill. A plague has befallen the people. They have become monsters and soon will break down our doors! You and the little princess must run away, so that you may live, and rebuild your kingdom elsewhere!"

Thus, she and her mother ran away, to the little house she now called home. Her mother has since passed away, and she has forgotten what the word princess meant. yet she stayed in the little house, alone and scared.

She never saw the monsters, she only heard them at night, when she tried to fall asleep. They screamed and growled and banged on her little house and the walls that surrounded it. in the mornings she would clean herself up go outside, and fix the holes they had left in walls surrounding her house and garden. Sometimes she found swords, pieces of clothing and hammers where they had almost broken through. She kept it all, to remind herself that they are still there. She would tend to her garden and washing, and soon the house itself. By the end of the day she would fix herself her last meal, keeping some of the boiled water for herself for a bath. After she had washed all the grime and sweat off of herself, she would go to bed before the sun sets. And thus was her daily routine. Some days, when there wasn't as much damage to the walls, or not as much tending to the house and garden, shed take a break, and read the books her mother had left her.

Her favorite, was a book about a boy finding friends and playing with them. She had grown quite lonely, for the pixies and the fairies did not come here. All the magical creatures avoided her little home like the plague. One night, as she was drifting off to sleep, before the monsters came scream and thud, she wished that she had a friend. Any friend, to talk to.

It was but an hour later when the monsters screams woke her, and she realized how selfish her wish was.

A few more days passed, and she realized that the birds had stopped chirping. She found this odd, for it was not even close to winter yet.

The next day, as she was tending to her garden, a pack of dandelions ran straight past the little house. she could hear their big poofy feet stomping on the ground. She stood on a bucket, so she was tall enough to see them over her walls. There were so many of them. She though they reminded her of a pack of startled deer.

She thought it did not partain to her, as nothing could get into her little house, and went on with her routine.

She woke that night, knowing something was different. She couldn't put her finger on it though, and sat up to wake herself up a bit more.

She froze, as she realized something was in her house. Something big and dark and warm. It was standing right at the edge of her bed. It was giant, with horns portruding from its head. It had a thousand dripping eyes, and nails that dragged across the floor. In one of his six hands he held a wooden staff, with vines crisscrossing its stem. Actually, there were quite a few foresty things stuck in its horns. Looking close she realized he was quite filthy, with forest stuck on him everywhere.

"Who are you?" He asked, not taking his eyes off her. She realized where the heat was coming from, as his breath hit her face.

She crinkled her nose, hoping the smell would be gone soon.

"Do not mock me girl!" He said, making his staff thud on the floor. "Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?!" His voice grew louder, even though he wasn't shouting. The forest pieces stuck to him moved, and she had the sudden urge to giggle.

This stunned him, she realized, and she took the moment to climb out of bed and and walk towards him.

"Sir!" She laughed "You look absolutely bewildered! And your filthy too! Come" She took one of his hands. "I'll run you a bath and help you clean up. Have you eaten?" She took im to her little bath, and made sure to reheat some water. After she prepared the bath she helped him clean up, and fed him soon after.

She even told him a story, she read him her favorite book, until he fell asleep in her mother's favorite chair.

It was only after she went back to bed, that she realized the monsters had not come for her that night.

With her new friend living with her, her routine adjusted. The monster helped her tend to the walls, which became quite faster since he used magic. While the little girl cooked and cleaned, he looked after the garden. The fairy folk returned, and soon after the birds. They even found a dandelion sleeping in the herb section of the garden.

The monster invited the little girl to see the lion, and even pet him. She would remember how sof his yellow fur felt for the rest of her life.

That was the day she learned the monster's name was Leshy, and that he was a forest spirit.

"Men hunted my woods, my family, and I had to leave my home, to save them." He explained, as he tucked her into bed that night "It is why I left my little home unguarded. It is why you could come live here." he smiled, his warm breath comforting her.

"I am glad," the little girl yawned. "I am sorry about the wall that we had to buld around it though, especially now that it is no longer needed."

"I wondered what the wall was for, you never told me."

"Mama said monsters were out there, trying to find us and hurt us."

Monsters? Leshy wondered, he had not heard of any monsters near his home.

He waited for the little girl to be asleep before he left her side. With a deep breath, he took his staff, opened his door and walked to the edge of his protection spell, that kept his little home hidden.

There he found a soldier wandering, he had the same sigils on his clothing as from the clothing the little girl found by the walls.

He called out to the soldier, who grew angry when he saw the monste before him.

"You!" He cried. "You must be the monster that stole our princess!"

"Your Princess?" Leshy grew angry. "I am the forest spirit, Leshy! I have no princess, but a girl who claims she ran from monsters. I can see she was wise to do so."

"Monsters? There are no monsters here but you! Our King told us our queen and princess was taken by a monster! The other guards have given up, but I know our princess is still alive!"

Leshy was silent as he thought. "Pray tell, soldier. What would a monster gain, from taking a queen and a princess? Did the king affront them in some way?"

"No!" The soldier replied. "In our land the queen rules the land while the king stands by her side. Without the queen, rule falls to the king. Our lands are no longer protected as they were with the queen by our side."

"I believe you have been fooled soldier. Come with me." Leshy turned the way he came, and the soldier followed him back to his little house, where the princess lay sleeping.

Leshy explained to the soldier what the princess has been told by the king, and made the soldier realize that the king had been lying, to his subjects and his queen.

When the princess woke, they told her aswell, and she was overjoyed over the prospect of going home. The soldier helped her grab the little things she owned, and they left the little home for good.

The soldier told the subjects what the king had done, and the king was banished from the lands. The princess ruled in his absence, as she should have since the beginning. Whith the soldier as her advisor, she ruled her kingdom into a time of peace and free of mosnters. The kingdom worked with nature, nstead of against it, having the little fairyfolk teach them how. As her kingdom grew and thrived, the little princess never forgot the lovely monster and his little home past the forest, and neither the dandelion and his soft fur.

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