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Chapter 1: The Regret of Eos

“Ugh... Humans are disgusting creatures and nothing will ever change that. Their exploitation of Eos is one of countless reasons needed to vindicate their extinction.”

During a cloudless, full moonlit night, two factions fought, desiring nothing less than the complete eradication of another. Full scale war reached its climax. Countless lay dead along buildings and streets of the largest capital in this world that’s now in ruins. For dozens of miles outside, grass was replaced with corpses, mountains covered with destroyed weapons of war and smoke, but still, their moon shone bright.

Two powers showing no signs of retreat or defeat were overcome by madness, bloodlust and hatred. The once elegantly crafted capital held a super weapon, one capable of ending their war along with all participants. Both factions, drowned in madness, were no longer able to drift out of a ever blackening sea. As vehement leaders watched auburn flames burn on a horrendous battlefield, they came to a consensus. If this is to end in being swallowed by darkness, then without exception, they shall all be consumed together. Disastrous leaders gave an inconsiderate command... The weapon was to eradicate everything on this stained continent.

All eyes tilted to the sad yet beautiful moon. As if begging people below, she offered out her radiant rays of redemption, but her desperate cries went ignored. Few stray souls wanted to reach their promising moon, wanted an end to this madness, but those already far gone were overcome with hatred. Everyone stared up at that moons angelic figure as desolation ascended upon that nights sky. Eos was fired.

The moon filled with hopelessness and overcome by anguish watched as her people were annihilated. They reached a peak and their dark emotions were made manifest. In the sky, a darkness took form. From every entity on the continent, shadowy essence left and made its way to a mass of darkness above a broken capital.

Pitch-black darkness filled with utter despair, enveloped Eos’s blast radius as it reached nearby mountains, consuming it. As if powered by that blast, the mass of darkness flew up into her sky, then headed straight for her. The dispirited and mournful moon. Darkness forcefully wrapped itself around her.

As she struggled, filled with fear, pure cries filled the night with horror. The night started to cry. Countless meteors fell upon the now shattering continent. Instead of a beautiful sight, the meteors eminated an overpowering feeling of pain and hopelessness. Darkness completely covered her, assimilating her, but refusing to let all people below be overcome with darkness, broke off three pieces of herself, sending them unto the planet. Her biggest piece contained the moon herself, while two smaller, perfectly identicle pieces contained her power. Those small, white, illuminated pieces, gracefully fell, holding an aura of complete rapture.

A dark wave sped through the planet like an unmatched tsunami. Only a small percent of this planets population did not participate in the war and were scattered around all other continents. The wave filled people with a deep sense of hopelessness.

The pieces flew to the North-Western continent. The biggest piece went to a small hut where a woman was giving birth. That wave started to transform the mother into a being of darkness, but the moon entered her womb and became one with her child. Moon became the child. Child became the moon. Same, yet seperate.

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