Destination Leoned

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"She remained silent for a while, considering whether or not this is a conversation she wanted to have. " Ellaine becomes entangled in a world where the truth is not what she has believed all of these years. When the mysterious Blake shows up at her best friends house one evening it sets off a series of events. The feeling of emptiness that she has carried with her all of these years is slowly filled with the truth, but is the truth worth it? Decisions need to be made, trust becomes a luxury that she cannot gamble with and life- life becomes a little more exciting.

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Why are tears warm? It’s not like warm weather or hot chocolate on a cold day. It’s a comforting warmth but still I’ll describe a tear as an unknown feeling in your conscience.

I sat in front of my long wooden framed mirror, on an old blue cushion on the golden wooden floors. It’s the beginning of summer holiday and there’s this huge party tonight at my best friend Lance’s house. I’m staring at my dull brown hair, big brown eyes shining because of the tears slowly but surely running inch by inch from the corner of my eye to the ends of my chin, dripping onto the photo in my hand. A picture of a dark brown haired boy, curving brown eyes, bushy dab eye brows and his dimples clearly showing because of the huge smile on his face, a smile every girl couldn’t resist.

Why him, what did he do wrong? He was one irritating boy, but I loved him dearly. I wished I knew what happened; wish I knew the truth.

I stood up leaving the picture on the floor, searching for my sneakers and a random pair of socks. I never really dressed up for anything, was never in the mood to wear make-up.

Pulling my newly bought black and blue striped hoodie over my head and quickly slipping into my sneakers, grabbing my superhero backpack to put in some extra clothes, other shoes and a few other random personal items. I stood up gazing at myself in the mirror trying to decide whether I want to brush my hair or not, I decided not to. The lonely picture on the floor caught my eye and as I stretched to pick up this special piece of photograph a teardrop fell into my hair.

Stop crying you teenage moron!!!

I brushed the tears in my eyes away with a shaking finger, walked to the bed and sat down, sinking into my puffy blue duvet covers. “Why don’t I have a boyfriend, why isn’t my life one happy fairy-tale?” the last party I attended didn’t go too well. Lance couldn’t make it and truthfully I was lonely, because all the other people came as couples, except for me. So all I did wad skip from talking to one happy couple to asking a bunch of random questions to some other couple who didn’t want to be disturbed. I pasted the picture on my wall and headed out the bedroom door.

The sun was starting to set, the orange foggy colours on the horizon was picture perfect. I could hear the rave music as I arrived in front of his two story light brown house with a glass open sliding front door. We had been in the same class for 6 years now and he’s closer to me than any other person in my family. We live near each other so I’ll always walk whenever I felt like visiting. I have my own anytime access, a cold silver key around my neck.

The house inside is filled with red and black, Lance’s favourite colours, balloons. The chandelier in the middle of the living room, which he turned into a dance floor for the evening, held a disco ball with different coloured flashing light bulbs. As I started to make my way through the hip shaking girls, robot dancing boys with big smiles I heard a familiar voice “Now a slow love song for all the couples here tonight and friends who’d like to dance together!” Lance said winking at someone I couldn’t see. The lovely rave song thumping in my ears and vibrating beat through my body stopped. And the latest number one hit love song sang by a cute boy band started to play and everybody took someone’s hands and started to slow dance. Unable to stand this lonely feeling I shoved faster in the direction where I last saw Lance.

He hates love songs; he only listens metal, scarcely rave!

I stopped in my tracks, sweat making my hair cling onto my neck because of the warm suffocating air in the room. A smile appeared on my face when I saw him, lance was dancing with a blond, tall and skinny girl dressed in pink and white. He looks so happy dancing with this perfect legged girl in her short white skirt. I wouldn’t want to ruin his moment, so I slowly turned around, my hair bouncing around as I shove my way through the suffocating crow. I decide to head towards the big open door on my left.

Who was that blond girl? She’s definitely not familiar to my memories. Maybe she’s a friend of one of our friends, yea that’s probably it.

As I sat down right in the centre of Lance’s lawn, I hear the love song softly singing in the room behind me. The cold green grass is crunching as I move around to get a comfortable sitting position. The silence I loved, looking with admiration at the shimmering stars, some placed far and some placed near.

Why do I feel like crying again? There’s something missing, something I unconsciously am longing for.

My silence and wondering thoughts were interrupted by a softly tuned, wondering “Hello”. I turned around facing a boy, about two heads taller than me. He’s standing right in front of the light so that all his details are dark and I can’t see much more than just his silhouette.

“Can I sit down?” this vague voice came from his mouth, which I couldn’t see but in a tone I could hear was hoping for the answer I’m about to give. “Yes, of course!” and then the boy sat down and I stared in confusion. He was now illuminated by the light he previously covered. He had a cute smile, soft lips, his hair was black but the tips looked brighter than the roots. His eyes bright blue with a darker ring around it, eyebrows shaped to bring out his eyes and his cheekbone structure was nicely shaped. “It was getting too stuffed up in there.” His voice sounds like it could sing any melody softly and soothing.

“Why are you sitting here, you know, in the middle of the lawn? Not even any snacks around?” He asked with a slight smile on his face and a sarcastic laugh after the last five words he spoke. “I didn’t feel like dancing slowly, well I can’t slow dance, so I just decided not to dance at all ” I admitted blushing and looking not at him but past him. “Besides everybody’s already taken.” I add. His laugh came not rudely but soothing, “Hay I wasn’t taken!” his words spoken in between the laughing. “What’s your name?” his smile bight as a muscular hand brushed his black hair out of his eyes, sweeping it to his left side.

“I’m Ellaine, but my friends call me Ella. And you are? I haven’t seen you before, with who are you here?” he looked away the moment I said my name, but sat quietly. I felt like I was rambling, asking too many questions all at once as he just sat there, not even breathing as he stares out in front of him, into the distance. Onto the horizon filled with glittering lights lighting the dark. Lance’s house had the most beautiful view of this disgusting city.

Did I say something wrong, does he not hear me? Does he also shut off at some moments while you’re busy in a conversation? These were the thoughts that sprinted their way through my mind as we sat in silence in the damp night air.

He mumbled something so soft, I couldn’t even hear the words enough so naturally I shifted closer. I’m trying to hear what he’s saying but it’s like the warm wind’s swatting away his mumbled words away from me and into thin air it disappears. He looked at me with a fierce look on his face, it was scary, but in a way he still made it look charming.

“I’m Blake, I’ m here with my sister who lives next door.” He pointed at the large three story house on my right hand side. The house had an ancient look to it, like a haunted house in a horror movie, except all the bright, different coloured lights framing the windows makes it look more inviting. “I’ve never seen you or your sister either”

That’s strange; I didn’t know the Locks had children.

“My sister isn’t mad about going outside, she’s more of an indoors, quiet girl. As for me” He stopped talking, carefully letting his long fingers run over his right hand’s white knuckles. I could see there was some kind of sadness in his eyes, but he tried hard to hide it. “I live with my farther, a few blocks away. When I’m bored I walk to my sister just to have some company.” He stopped talking just as he wanted to tell me more; it looked as if telling me all this was hurtful to him, like the words he spoke is burning the tip of his tongue with every letter coming out of his mouth.

“Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know your parents were divorced.” I felt stupid, because I was asking personal questions. While zipping open my hoody, the warm air around me was irritating. Around here in the summer month it felt like you could burn even in the night light. Looking up I saw Blake has taken off his scarf while I was looking away. “You don’t have to apologise, you didn’t know. We both don’t know anything about each other.”

He looked now more comfortable in his skin while speaking to me. He threw a quick smile into my direction and then glanced down at my pair of sneakers.

“You don’t look like any other girl around here, you look… well you look as if you have inner peace and a lot of self-respect. You look so comfortable in your own skin and I realised you don’t mind slipping into your own fairy-tale at the most unexpected times.” He calmly expressed, as if he had hours to inspect her when truthfully they haven’t even been in each other’s company for more than a mere few minutes.

He smiled and I saw his blinding shiny smile, looked like he could make millions out of a toothpaste advertisement. “I think that’s what made me wonder off to come and talk to you.” He said this sentence so soft and soothing, like he was talking to himself and forgot about my company. “Well I’m not really the skirt wearing, high healed; make up plastered face kind of girl.” I said returning a smile, but not one nearly as shiny as his.

There was a silence, not an uncomfortable one but a welcoming one. After a while I realised I was staring at him unknowingly, but as soon as I realised that I broke my eye contact to look down at his shoes. He was also wearing a pair of sneakers but they look more expensive than mine. “I win the starring contest!” he exclaimed, excitement breaking the silence. “So as now I’m the winner and you need to do something.”

That look on his face was pure enjoyment. A sense of excitement is gathering in his eyes as he struggles to tear his eyes away from mine. “Well, what must I do mister winner?” standing up I kneeled before him, laughing. “Can’t we go to a place where there’s more light? I’d like to actually be able to see precisely how Ellaine looks” his replied in a joking tone while standing up and showing me to lead the way. I never liked it if a boy asks a girl to lead the way, because it was only an opportunity for a guy to stare at the two round figures on a girl’s behind.

But it’s dark so he can’t really see a thing, not that there is much to see. In the bright light here on the porch I could see that the tips of his hair weren’t black, but purple. He stared at me for a while, making me think that maybe I have something weird on my face, but he broke the silence between us first just as I broke eye contact first. “My father and Mother was never married, but my sister Amanda and I are twins. Her surname is Lock, because that’s her stepfather’s surname. My surname is Twiche and my father isn’t married, but I’m closer with him that I could ever be with my mother.” It was random information he gave me, but that’s what keeps me intrigued. As he talks his eyes widened and narrows, he reminds me of a TV presenter always talking with so much emotion expressed on his face. “My mom and dad were married and I as well live just a few blocks away. I always walk to this house because it is like my home. “I stopped to see a sudden surprise in his face, an expression cartoon characters get when they have an idea. He’s so easy to talk to, as if I’ve known him for years, but I really don’t and I can’t understand it.

I wonder why he is talking to me of all people. And I thought this party was going to be on top of my boring moment list!

“Blake we really need to go home, we’ll drop you off at dads or you could spend the night in our living room?” a thin voice came from behind Blake and we both immediately turned to face the voice. It was the unknown girl Lance was dancing with earlier.

She has make up thickly pasted over her face, her nails are matching her pink short skirt, her heals as high as the highest I’ve seen, white to match her tank top, wow what a pretty girl she really is.

Blake walked over to her and started speaking words I’m not paying attention to; I’m too focused on realising all the resemblances’ between the both of them. The same type of noses, not too long or to short, the eyebrows walking in a line that brings out their eyes, they have a spectacular cheekbone structure which fitted them both. I realised his lips stopped moving and it was my turn to speak, standing right under the sharp light I could see she’s a girl who’s attractive to many.

“Hello Amanda thanks for attending the party. I really hope I will see you soon!”

She looked at me showing a slight expression of disgust and turned around with her blonde hair whipping back, grabbing Blake’s shoulder. I stood still as a statue wondering about the stupidest things that doesn’t matter in this world. I went into the room where the dance floor is, expecting to see a lot of moving bodies, but to my surprise there was only a few. My brown eyes, sleepy and heavy searching through the crowd for Lance, but couldn’t find him.

A warm hand touched my shoulder and in 3seconds Goosebumps went from my feet to the sensitive parts of my inner neck, all because of surprise. I turned around slowly, seeing Lance’s face; I hugged him with happiness and a wide smile over my face. “So how was the dance with Amanda? “I whispered softly and his cheeks turned red and I saw him blush, not something that happens that often, almost never. “She’s one hot, funny blonde!” Lance is one of the schools most popular boys, he was the heart-breaking jock that all the girls adored and wanted. For the night I sleep on the red corner couch in Lance’s room, he always insisted that I must sleep on the black duvet bed but I never want to. The couch is far more comfortable and warmer than that old bed.

“Ella, Ella! There’s some boy here to see you I don’t recognise him.” I faintly hear Lance’s voice breaking through the clouds and the world hidden within my mind. “Ella, just get up!” He warned and pinched my inner arm, which he knew I hated and my eyes shot open, giving him a mean stare. “It’s early in the morning and you wake me so rudely! You know if a day starts bad it will end badly.” My voice sounds sleepy but has a bored tone as well. “Okay, then I’ll just go tell the tall dark haired boy outside that….” I rudely stopped him in the middle of his sentence and I felt wide awake. “Well then go talk to him, he’s waiting.

” Why would he want to talk to me so early on the second day of summer vacation?

“Are you seriously going down to see him in your pyjamas? “Lance asked loudly as I’m heading down the steal stairs.

Pyjamas is such a dragged out grandmother type of word, I prefer calling it nighties or sleepwear.

Rolling my eyes when I looked back at him, “What? It’s not like I’m in my underwear about to jump of a building. Everybody wears nighties, even if it is a boxer and T-shirt.” He started to laugh, the way he always did when I do things no normal girl would do. “Not if it’s an oversized boy cartoon character boxer with a non-matching shirt!” He yelled up from the top of the stairs. Ignoring him I stumble down the stairs, my warm feet feeling the ice-cold steel of the stairs underneath my feat. I opened the glass door, but I couldn’t see him before I opened the door because the sleek silver blinds were still closed.

So it wasn’t just a dream that the boy I met the previous night was as charming as I remember. His hair compliments his eyes so well and his teeth even more shimmering in this early morning sunshine.

“Hey, how’d you sleep?” I heard my voice shiver; it’s been a long time since I heard this shiver in my words. He glanced at my nighties and a faint smile appeared on his face, “I slept fantastic, but had an awful dream!” He interrupted his own sentence and started to think and my mind was busy thinking already.

“Would you like to go for breakfast or have you already eaten? I mean if you don’t want to, it’s fine” he kept on mumbling more and more but I was so surprised after I heard: would you like to have breakfast, that the rest of his sentence I didn’t even bother to listen to. I started to smile, my whole body awakened. My heart pumping with excitement but didn’t want to show it. ’Sure, I’d love to go eat breakfast with you” He stopped mumbling and a sight of relieve appeared on his face.” I just quickly need to put on some decent clothes, so come on in!” I invited him in like it was my own home. I showed him to go settle on the couch and I headed upstairs.

“And? What did he want?” Lance asked the moment I was in earshot even though he could see there’s a shot of excitement in my eyes. “He wants to go for breakfast. I invited him in, I hope you don’t mind? Just so I can get ready, will you maybe keep him some company while I’m up here?” He stared at me with surprise but I could see he’s not mad.

”Of course I’ll go keep him company while you get ready. Not that we’re going to bond for long, you get ready for everything so quickly.” He answered as the sound of his footsteps faded as he descended down stairs.

I grabbed my black pair of jeans and a white strapped, tight shirt with words in black: I’M NO ANGEL, JUST THE ORDINARY GIRL. Grabbing for my toothbrush while slipping into my comfy blue shoes, I pulled my black hoody over my head as I walked towards Lance’s bathroom. A big open shower with light red walls, taps that are black block shaped with no round edges. Staring at my oval shaped face, I realised the sparkle in my eyes, not because of tears but because of the excitement in my veins and the thought that I’m doing something different today. Washing my face with water that’s the temperature of ice I knew I’m feeling alive. I’m heading down the stairs, my shoes making a clapping noise after every step. “Wow, you finish fast!” Blake said in amazement when I stood in front of him ready for this day to start off. “I told you she’s unordinary” Lance hugged me and gave me a blink for good luck.

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