dragon heart

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dragons are vicious, that makes them dangerous, and useful. the choosing of ones dragon it a sacred right of the illrain people. When the choosing ceremony goes horribly wring for Vindis it looks like she will return home without a dragon. or will she?

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Dragon Heart

It was my turn to undergo the bloudrite of my people. All Illrain people must choose their dragon, and the dragon must in turn choose them. As I approached a cave set into the side of a baron mountain, the smell of smoke and rotting flesh pierced my nostrils. The rock surrounding the cave had been scorched from a dull grey to a crumbling black, only the sound of sharp talons scraping against cave walls broke the deep silence. As I stepped into the cave all light was sucked from the world and I was plunged into unrelenting darkness.

A moment later my eyes adjusted and I was able to make out the faint outline of three enormous silhouettes from the bleak nothingness. My heartbeat echoed in my head like a steady drum as the dragons began circling me, like a hawk would a field mouse; suddenly fear engulfed me and I became acutely aware that my only escape was blocked. The largest of the three lowered his head and let out a low snarl, as he flicked his long tail from left to right and readied the sharp deadly spikes protruding from the end. His nostrils flared as he opened his long jaw showing off a set of menacingly sharp teeth. From the back of his throat shot a steady stream of blazing red hot flame. I dodged and began sprinting for the back of the cave, away from the exit but also away from the flame, that was now threatening to roast me alive. I hit the back wall hard as a bellow echoed from the mouth of the cave, the largest dragon lead the smaller two towards me, I was cornered. The dragons began their slow approach, the smaller two broke off and came at me from the sides as the larger one dove for my front. Without thinking I ducked then dove skidding through his legs and under his enormous muscled body. I scrambled to the cave entrance only to find my path blocked by a much smaller more timid dragon, this one was a female with no talons or tail spikes, her skin was a dark purple opposed to the traditional midnight black, her snarl was weak but threatening, luckily it was not aimed at me. She looked right passed me to the large male who I assumed to be the leader of the group. She took a deep breath and the flame that escaped her was blisteringly hot and aimed with pinpoint accuracy at the lead male, it hit his long snout sending him reeling further into the dark embrace of the cave. The smaller dragons stood close to the cave wall stunned, a moment later they set their sights on me and came full blast at me using their powerful bat like wings to propel themselves forward with an unfathomable force. The two of them were perfectly synchronised, I slammed into a cold solid wall but before either of them were able to do any further damage, I drove my short broad dagger up into his chest, it did little damage to the thick scaly hide of the dragon. However they were distracted for long enough that I was able to slip away.

Outside of the cave I came face to face with the shy female, she met my gaze, her eyes were friendly, full of kindness and understanding. As she lowered her head and inched forward, I put my hand out and touched her brow, her scales were rough and sharp. “Frigg, I will name you Frigg. After the ancient war god.” I announced. She let out a relaxed sigh and lowered herself to the ground so I might get on. The flight home was the most amazing experience of my existence, we soared above the white clouds with the entire sky open to us whilst we rode on the back of the wind. Friggs wings arched and bent gracefully as she changed course and adjusted altitude. Spreading my arms and closing my eyes, I wished it was possible to stay forever in this complete tranquillity that was such a change from the total chaos of the clan. Frigg let out a thunderous whooping sound that gave me chills, along with the feeling that she too felt truly free for the first time in a long age. We swooped down towards my clans camp, it would become Friggs new home, her and I would hunt and train to one day fight together until darkness came to claim us.

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