The Alpha Twins

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Vynne and Isaiah are twins, which is rare among werewolves. Vynne is send away for their own safety, as it brings difficulties. She meets her mate and finds out that her brother is coming for her. Once every so often, a werewolf bears twins. In 99/100 cases, one of them dies before birth. This is one of those 1/100 cases. Both Vynne and her twin brother, Isaiah are born. When one is weak, the other is strong and the other way around. As these effects grow stronger and stronger as they age, Vynne is send away for three reasons. 1. Because the effects are weaker when they are apart. 2. Because they could start a war over the Alpha position. 3. Because they might attempt to kill each other to receive a godly amount of power. As Vynne finds her mate and learns that her brother is coming for her, she must make difficult choices to protect the ones she loves.

Fantasy / Romance
Salis Forest
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Andrew heard his wife's screams all the way through the door, into the hallway. Of course, that wasn't so weird when you had the hearing of a wolf, but it killed him inside. It killed him to hear his mate in pain. To know she was hurting.

Despite the fact that birth was a natural process, he couldn't help but feel this way. He couldn't help but feel like running into that room and protecting her from any harm. The only problem, in this case, was that the harm came from within in her.

His wife stopped screaming, though he could still hear her panting. The crying of a child followed not long after. The tension left his body. She was alright, the child was alright. Everything would turn out alright.

A human doctor came from within the room, looking very pleased with the news he was going to bring. 'They're healthy,' he began and Andrew let go of the breath he had held. 'Mother and children are both doing fine.'

Andrew's blood froze in his veins and made him unable to speak, to move, to even breathe. Children. Plural, not singular.

'Did you just say children?' Andrew asked the doctor to be sure. To make sure if this was a disaster of the happiest day of his life.

'Perfectly healthy twins,' the doctor answered happily, unaware of what this meant to Andrew, his wife and those twins. Unaware of what this could cost them in the future.

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