Neglected to Rejected

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Rhea Wilson got rejected by Roman Murphy her mate and alpha of the Achaean Pack. She leaves unknowingly carrying his child. Rhea Wilson was seen as the "nerd" at school. she was bullied by her fellow pack members and treated like an omega while her family ranking were gammas. Roman is the athletic, hot young alpha of the Achean pack. When he finds out Rhea is his mate he uses her then rejects her for another. Rhea leaves the Achean pack to start a new life, unknown to her at the time that she is carrying the alpha's child. Years later when Rhea is forced to return to the Achean pack will love find its way into their broken hearts?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Rhea love It's time to get ready for school" the soft voice of my mother fills my ears.
Groaning I got out of bed, had a shower and got dressed in black skinny jeans, vans and a plain white T-shirt. I left my brown hair down letting Its natural waves run down my back.
I make my way down stairs to the kitchen where my mom was preparing breakfast.
"Would you like to sit down for some?"
"No thanks mom I'm going to be late for school" I said then kissing my mom on the cheek I grabbed my bag and left for school. My father had already left for work. He was the gamma of the pack, we were close buthe was always working. My brother Danny will take over in a couple of months.
The walk to school was around 15 minutes giving me enough time to think. I enjoy learning at school but I hate the people, ever since I can remember I was treated differently, hated by everyone. Was it because I don't participate much in pack affairs or events? Or because I prefferred to keep my head in my books. Hell I don't know and I don't care. Hey maybe these general plebs hate me because I'm smarter than them, I like that thought.
Time sure goes fast when your evaluating your life in your head. Before I knew it I was at school. walking towards me locker I grab the books for my first class, only to have a note fall out, picking up the note it read:
Go rogue no one wants you here your too weak, too pathetic!
I knew exactly who that note was from shaking my head I threw it back in my locker with the others, why they take the time out of their day to write me such gracious words really tells me alot about them. note the sarcasm.
As I closed my locker Laura the only friend I have at this werewolf school made her way over to me. she turned 18 a few weeks ago and found her mate, a guy named Alex he was nice very quiet though and was a year and a half older, he already graduated from high school. Lucky bastard.
"Hey guess who's birthday It is on the weekend and who is going to find their mate?" she asked in her usual cheery voice.
When there was no reply she says "you" in her outside voice.
"Can you not be so loud everyone is looking" I say back.
Rolling her eyes at me we go to our first class physics. As we walk I can hear the insults and snickers directed towards me from people in Achean pack, especially the popular crowd. Clara the Queen B and also the one who likes to leave love notes in my locker was standing with the alpha of the Achean pack; Roman. Roman just bacame alpha of the pack a month ago. he had his arm around her shoulder, wow guess they got back together.
Even though Danny is a year older and already graduated he, Roman and Kaden the next Beta Who is still in school with Roman are best friends.
Danny moved out last year with his mate Jessi, and let me just say that was one of the best days of my life. when he still lived here he would always have parties and then I would have to put up with their mockery, well not anymore!
I'm glad he's out of the house, he never was a brother to me anyways. Never and might I add NEVER stood up for me, instead he always joined in on their fun. Bullying me.
Clara and her gang of snakes found it especially amusing to play with my emotions, even though I don't give them the time of day it doesn't mean their words don't hurt me.
Secretly I was ecstatic for my birthday this Saturday all for the sole reason of finding my mate, that would mean a fresh start. A new chapter. A new life.

That was the first chapter of the new and improved Neglected to Rejected. I made a whole new plot and characters.
This chapter was really just to introduce the characters, and as I progress it will hopefully be more interesting. suggestions for the story will be dearly appreciated.
I will try and update once a week but there may be more than one update in a week. Sorry for the short chapter I just need to get in the "flow" of the story.
I'm going to make a new Wattpad account where I will be posting the story also so please check it out :)
-The Achaean

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