Neglected to Rejected

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Chapter 2

Well the week sure went by fast. Before I knew it I was getting ready for a party, which just so happens to be on my birthday, lets pretend it's for me. Actually its Roman's party Laura scored an invite and well I'm just a plus one. the reason however I'm going is because there will be people from other packs attending, therefore increasing my chances of finding my mate.

Anyways, getting ready I leave my hair down in Its natural form I wear a simple navy dress and of course a pair of black vans. I put a dab of concealer under my eyes as someone was up late watching Netflix, I wonder who that was.

I honestly don't even want to go to the party, It's just filled with a bunch of drunk snobs but if it means finding my mate it is a risk I'm willing to take.

"Rhea, Laura's here!" My mother yells.

"Coming!" I yell back as I grab my phone and make my way down the stairs.

"Enjoy your birthday love and stay safe, and let me know if you find your mate," she says with a cheeky grin.

"Thanks, mom I will". I head out the door towards Laura's car.
"Excited to find your mate?" she asks me.
"The only reason I'm going to this stupid party is to find him," I say with a shrug.
"Cheer up It'll be fun I promise".

This party sucks.

We've been here for about an hour and I already want to go home.
The cool kids are way too drunk to harass me, most of them, in fact, are outside by the bonfire and Laura's dancing with Alex leaving me standing here like the new kid standing at the front of the class. All on my birthday too. I feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable here, parties have never been my cup of tea, it was Danny's.

You know what screw it! I highly doubt I'll find my mate so there's no point in me being here.

Making my way Outside I decide to walk home. I sent Laura a message to not worry about me, on my way out I spot her and Alex in a corner... kissing. Alex is a nice guy and all but he's so odd and peculiar, I mean the guy never talks!

Cool, she won't miss me, what a shitty birthday.

The night air was cool on my skin but I kept walking, I decide to take a detour to the lake. As I walk I'm getting further and further away from the party and the noise soon fades away.

A few metres from the lake the most intoxicating smell ever, better than my mother's Sunday roast fills my nostrils. Mate.

As if on Its own accord my feet move forward in the direction of the smell.

Standing there by the bank of the river is Roman in all his handsome soon to be alpha glory. Goddess of this creation please help me. He can't possibly be my mate.

Sensing my presence he turns around, his piercing blue orbs making eye contact with my Hazel ones he whispers "mate".

I'm weak. I can't feel my legs. Is hearing the voice of this fine specimen as he acknowledges me as mate supposed to make me lose all feeling in your legs? Hell, I don't know.

Shit! He's still looking at me. Shit! He's walking towards me.
Rooted in my spot he grabs my waist and rakes his eyes all over my body. I can smell the Alcohol on his breath, but I didn't dwell on it, this was my mate. Taking my hand he leads me to a cabin near the lake, and as if blind I follow him. I mean he hasn't rejected me, right?

As soon as we're inside the cabin he closes the door and locks it.

"What are you do-"

Cutting me off from my sentence he smashes his lips to mine as if devouring me like some rabid animal. "your so beautiful" he says huskily in between the kissing, my heart skipped a beat. My eyes fluttered close and I kiss him back with just as much hunger. I can taste the alcohol on him.

Before I knew it I was on the bed naked, and he was on top of me. Naked. Kissing me, I've never felt so desired before, so wanted before. Maybe my Life will finally turn around for the better. This could be the new chapter I so desperately want. A life with my mate.

While the night was still young, Rhea gave her innocence over to her mate. Roman.

What do you guys think? Rhea found out that Roman is her mate! Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

From here on the story will hopefully get more interesting ;)

-S. du Plessis

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