Neglected to Rejected

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Chapter 3

The next morning I woke up with the sun shining brightly in my eyes.
It takes me a while for my body to wake up and my eyes to adjust to the light.

When I’m finally functioning I look to my left where my mate is supposed to be, only to find the bed the sheets empty and cold.
He probably just had some alpha business to take care of I think trying not to worry, however, I could not shake off the feeling of disappointment. hopefully, I’ll see him later or at school.

Getting up I get dressed and start the walk home, I didn’t see anyone on my way home, which was good how embarrassing would it be if someone saw me walking home in yesterday’s clothes and hair messier than a bird’s nest.

When I do finally arrive home I’m met with my mother fuming in anger. Well, I’m dead.
“Rhea where on the Goddesses’ green earth were you”
“Umm sorry, mom I stayed over Laura’s house” I lie.

She eyed me suspiciously but luckily didn’t say anything.
Making my way up to my room I decided to finish some homework.

The next day is a Monday and we all know what that means school.
The thing I dread the most.
I woke up with a sick feeling I immediately went to the bathroom that connected to my room and threw up last nights dinner. What the fuck is wrong with me I have a headache and I feel nauseous. This is weird I don’t usually get sick and I didn’t drink or anything. Nothing a little aspirin won’t fix.

Alas, I get dressed in a T-shirt and jeans accompanied by none other than the usual, a pair of vans. I’m not going to let a little illness set me back I’m going to school as my mate will be there, I think to myself with a giddy grin.

I head downstairs and decide to skip breakfast, kiss my parents on the cheek and head of to school.
The first and second period went by in a flash, during recess I was starting to feel sick again.
“Hey, Rhea are you ok?” Laura asks
“Yeah, just a headache,” I say. Lie I felt like throwing up again
“Go get something from the nurse’s office” she suggests.

Nodding my head I walk off, I still haven’t seen Roman today maybe he had other stuff to do, I think to my self as I walk.
Getting something from the nurse’s office took a lot longer than I thought it was quite busy today, and I was late for my next class.

After what felt like forever I was walking down the quiet empty hall to my next class.
Before I knew what was happening I was pulled into the janitors closet.

“What the fuck?” I say a little surprised.

“Shut up!” I hear the voice of none other than my mate.
I stare at him in surprise, what the hell is he doing, I don’t see him since the party and now I’m being pulled in the janitor’s closet!

“I’m going to make this quick, I Roman Murphy reject you Rhea Wilson as my mate”
I was at a loss for words how could he use me like that and then reject me? I didn’t know how to respond.

“Because I don’t need a pathetic weak mate like you, I need to think about the pack and you’re not good enough to be my luna, I’m going to make Clara Luna, you’re not strong or smart enough,” he says in a harsh voice.

I was left complete and utterly speechless so I did the only logical thing I could. I ran. I push past him and ran all the way home with tears streaming down my face.
“Rhea dear why are you crying?” My mother says rushing out of the kitchen.
“He rejected me,” I say starting to cry even more.
My mother takes me up to my room and sits me down on the bed.
“Tell me what happened,” she asks in a soft voice.

“At the party, I found my mate it was Roman he just used me and at school today he rejected me, mom, he said I was not good enough to be his mate, he said I was weak and pathetic”
“I cry into my mother’s shoulder”. She hugs me tight and rubs my back.

“It’s going to be okay love he’s not good enough for my daughter anyways,” she says trying to soothe me, but I was too heartbroken. I ended up falling asleep.

I couldn’t take it anymore seeing how my mate was with that hag Clara. How happy they looked together, that should have been me. When will I find my happiness? Why does this shit always happen to me? I feel worthless, pathetic.

It’s been an entire week since I’ve been rejected and I don’t know how much more I could take, it just hurts too much. Since the party I have also been feeling sick, I throw up a lot and I get these horrible headaches. maybe It’s the rejection. We graduate this Friday then I’m going to move to New York to build a new life for myself.

Every day I continued to put on my brave face and went to school, I had to do well good grades meant a good scholarship and that was my ticket out of here.

Walking to maths I see Roman and Clara making out for the whole school to see, I mean who does that, have they no self-respect? No one else seemed to mind, maybe because they weren’t witnessing their mate who rejected them kissing another girl, the girl who enjoys making your life miserable.
They were so engrossed in their little show neither of them noticed me getting my stuff out of my locker just two metres away from them.

He even said I wasn’t smart enough to be a Luna, um excuse me, that is not what the honour roll said!

That after noon after school I went to the forest, shifted into my Silver wolf and run until my legs just about gave in. I kept running until I reached the boundary of the pack territory where a beautiful lake was situated, not the one from the party I wont ever go back there. This lake was bigger and much more peaceful, the only thing I could hear was the swaying of the trees and the lulling of the lake. Again I was lost in my own thoughts and misery regarding the events that happened over the last few days. I never would have expected this to happen to me, my whole life ruined in the span of a few days. Hours passed before I knew it, it was sunset. I returned home.

Sorry for the late update, I just graduated Monday and I had work the very next day so my hands have been quite full with finishing last minute school stuff and all.

I apologise if the chapter is a bit short I struggle with describing scenes and getting the ‘mood’ that’s why some parts look a little rushed.

f anyone has any tips to help please comment them down below. The help will be much appreciated.

*I just added more to this chapter beofre it was around 600-700 words now it is over a 1140.


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