Neglected to Rejected

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Chapter 4

Finally, today is the day. Graduation day.

The day I get my High School diploma, I can't wait!

I'm currently getting ready for the graduation, I'm wearing a dark pastel pink dress with pink flowers embroidered on it. I'm also wearing nude heels, yes heels not vans you heard correctly. I leave my hair to fall down my back in all it's natural entirety.

When I'm ready I head downstairs to see my mom with a camera in her hand.

"Really mom"

"Of course my baby is graduating now smile," she says in her most cheerful voice.
Complying to her wishes I flash my biggest smile, smiling at the fact that I'm now one step closer to a new mateless future. my mother snaps a few photos before we head over to her car.

We finally make our way over to the school gym where the ceremony is being held. As soon as I walk in I see Roman dressed in a perfectly fitted suit, I'd be a liar if I said he didn't look handsome unfortunately he isn't mine to look at. Well, technically he was but you know what I mean. Just then Clara walks past me wearing a revealing red dress. not really appropriate for the occasion.
"Stop looking at my man Wilson, go drool elsewhere you are not wanted here," Clara says catching me off guard.

"It's a shame your so busy now I was really starting to miss your love letters in my locker everyday" I dryly reply.

"You're just a jealous bitch," she says a little lost for words and walked over to Roman making sure I looked before kissing him.

Well she wasn't exactly wrong there I was jealous, but I would never admit to it.

Turning around I make my way over to Clara who is standing with Alex, he came all the way for her graduation. How sweet.

"Oh my, Rhea girl you look so hot!" Laura shouts a little too loud for my liking. I love her, but her outside voice in an enclosed environment... not so much.

"Thanks, you look quite ravishing yourself," I say in the most elegant voice I can muster, causing Alex to let out a growl only meant for my ears. I and Laura both burst out laughing.

Sitting in our assigned order the graduation ceremony begins, the principal is on the stage when he reads our names we go up to collect our diploma.
Snapping out of my daydream I watch as Roman goes up o collect his diploma. How can a specimen be so perfect, Its just not right?
About a million names later my name finally gets called.
"Rhea Wilson", the principal says my name over the mic.
Getting up I walk up to the stage to collect my reward and flashing a smile for the camera.
After the ceremony, there was a small gathering for everyone to mingle but I just went home, It's not like I'll see most of the people here ever again.
Roman, Clara and the rest of the pack, except mom, dad and Laura, of course, can kiss my ass because I'm going to New York.

Thanks all for being patient, I finally have chapter four up, I have already started working on chapter 5, hopefully, I'll get it done on time :)

Let me know what you think.


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