Neglected to Rejected

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Chapter 5

My mother, father and Laura are all currently gathered at the airport wishing me farewell. My bags have already been checked in and the plane is leaving in 15 minutes.

"Oh my baby I'm going to miss you so much," my mother says while hugging with tears streaming down her face.

"I'll miss you to mum" I mumbled trying to hold back the tears.

I'll miss my mother and father so much they were always there to comfort and support me when I needed it. Now they'll be but a phone call away. Danny didn't even bother showing up to bid me goodbye even though the invitation was extended, doesn't surprise me though.

My thoughts were quickly broken by a certain someone clearing their throat, and by a certain someone, I mean an impatient Laura.

She grabs me in a tight hug squeezing every breath from my lungs.

"I'm going to come to visit you at least once a month, and call you every day, so get a bigger phone plan" she cries in my shoulder

"I will I promise"

Saying my goodbyes for the last time I take my carry on bag and board the plane giving the three most important people one last wave. As I board the plane I leave the old Rhea behind, the one who always got bullied, the Rhea everyone trampled over, the Rhea who received stupid notes in her locker everyday, the Rhea with a brother who only thought of her as a embarrassment who was ashamed of calling her his sister, but most importantly the Rhea who got rejected by her soul mate, her other half. That Rhea does no longer exist, that Rhea is in the past.

The new Rhea is looking to the future, and one day they are all going to regret everything that they ever did to me. the world is a selfish place, now it's my turn to be selfish.

The flight to New York took two hours and the entire flight I spent thinking about everything that has happened these last two weeks. Good lord what is happening to my life!

However, there is still one question lurking in the corners of my mind that just refuses to fuck off no matter how much I want it to.

What if?

What if everything just turned out the way I wanted it to? what if I didn't get used and rejected by Roman? what if? Would we have been happy and madly in love? Well, I guess I'm just going to live with what if? for the rest of my life.

The plane soon landed and I went to get my luggage and hailed a cab to take me to my apartment that I'm renting.

The drive wasn't too long, I paid the driver and made my way up to my apartment, it was a simple open plan layout with two bedrooms, gorgeous white walls, and big windows overlooking the city.

It wasn't my parent's large house but it was home. The Achean pack was never my home. I really liked the idea of having my own space.

I took the cab down to a car dealership and bought a simple car because I do not want to take a taxi forever.

The next thing on my to do list was shopping for the apartment I bought simple furniture and groceries. the day felt long and this sick feeling wasn't helping.

By the time I was finally settled in it was past midnight. My apartment had royal blue and a light grey theme to it, with simple furniture. simply but cozy.

I had dinner which definitely was not takeout cough, cough a long shower and went straight to bed. my first night in my own apartment.

A few days have passed and I woke up one morning feeling like a piece of trash.

I threw up three times. I was quite worried because werewolves don't usually get sick so suddenly.

I decided to be safe rather than sorry and booked a doctors appointment. Getting in my car I drive to the doctors.

Wow, only a few days in New York and already there's a problem. So much for being independent and feeling fantastic for starting a new chapter in my life.

I parked my car and made my way over to the receptionist.

"Hi miss how can I help?" the receptionist asked in a friendly voice.

"Hi I'm here for a doctors appointment"


"Rhea Wilson"

The lady typed away at her computer. "Okay, no worries Miss Wilson take a seat doctor Smith should be done in a few minutes.

Taking my seat I wait whilst going on my phone.

"Miss Wilson"

I put my phone away and followed a nurse to the doctor's room

The doctor checked me over and took a few tests

"Miss Wilson The tests have shown that you are three weeks pregnant and the reason you have been feeling unwell was due to morning sickness which you should not stress over as it is common"

Thanking the doctor I rushed home, locking my door I leaned against it sliding down to the floor.

Holy shit I'm pregnant with Roman's child.

I know three weeks late don't kill me...
I tried to make the chapter as long as possible. Enjoy:)


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