Neglected to Rejected

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Chapter 6

I don’t want it.
This is 100% his fault, not mine!
Okay maybe that’s not the whole truth, it does take two to tango but that’s beside the point, how dare Roman use me like some toy only to reject me in a janitors closet for scenery! And for Clara that brain dead hoe too, how in any light is that right?
And now I’m left pregnant and... alone.
Refusing to shed even a single tear for that vile man I got up after hours sitting by the door lost in my own thoughts and misery.
After gathering what remains of my dignity I spent the rest of my day researching about childcare and birth. Yup, that's right Rhea Wilson will come out on top.

A few months have gone by and I’ am now five months pregnant. Boy, let me tell you an inflated stomach, bizarre food cravings (peanut butter and pickles is delish btw), pregnant werewolf temper and the constant need to go to the bathroom has not stopped me from passing all my classes with flying colours.

At first, I wanted to get rid of this thing growing inside of me I did not want a constant reminder of what Roman and what he did to me in my life. after all, moving to New York was supposed to be a Clean slate, a new chapter in my life, and all that jazz.
However, no matter how big the burning fire that is my hatred for him and how he ruined me, I could not take that hatred out on an innocent child.
That would make me a monster even worse than the one Roman is for rejecting me.

So I have come to the conclusion that I will raise the child on my own Roman will never have contact with the child let alone know that it exists. My parents and Laura have already agreed to keep my whereabouts and the existence of my child a secret.

As an alpha, if Roman ever found out he has an heir he might try and take my baby boy away. Yes everyone a boy! I can’t let that happen over the past few months I have really grown to love the little creature growing inside of me.

I grab my book bag and head downstairs to the main floor where the only friend I made is waiting for me. Rose is also a werewolf who left her pack to study medicine in the hopes of becoming a pack doctor one day, she has years of studying ahead of her. During the few months that I have been living here, Rose has become a close friend of mine, she knows what happened to me and has been with me every step of the way, coming with me to every ultrasound and even helping to feed my constant craving. what a legend!
“You ready to go?” she asks me in her usual cheery voice that reminds me so much of Laura.
We walk to my car and head over to the NYU campus. As soon as we got there we had to, unfortunately, go our separate ways, Rose had to go to the medical wing while I studied law and business. Boring I know, it sounded smart at the time, just joking I would like to one work for a successful law firm, and you know to be that lawyer that absolutely slays in the courtroom!

The day went by in a blur and before I knew it I was back in my apartment eating burritos and chatting with Rose.
“So are you really never going to tell Roman that he is a father?”

Rose asks “Wel, no. Rose, he used me for his own pleasure then rejects me the in a janitors closet so he could be with some hoe, I’m sorry my child will go near someone like that, and Clara will not play stepmother with my child, not over my dead corpse!"

"What about your family?"
"My brother no, He's just like them not once did he ever treat me like a sister, he was too focused on his image and being popular he too mocked and laughed at me. As for my parents, of course, they can see him, but they'll have to come here though because I'm never going back."

“I see your point, Rhea I really do, you must hate Roman and well everyone else for what they did to you, but you and Roman are mates I do hope one day you two can maybe happy together. I mean you two were paired for a reason?“. And that ladies and gentlemen were my daily dose of wisdom from Rose.
“Thanks, Rose but I doubt that will ever happen”.

I think back to that night by the lake, Roman really is the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on, he honestly is a walking talking god. However throughout the years with the way I was bullied and treated by him and my fellow pack members he has proven to me that although he has a beautiful face, he has an ugly heart. I don’t think I could be with someone like that.

I don’t just have myself to think about from now on I’ll be making decisions for two and I want nothing but the best for my little wolf.
I’m working my hardest on my degree to ensure the capability to provide for my child, I will never go crawling back to my old pack, to Roman.

So writing Isn't exactly my specialty so excuse me if the chapters are a little short or sound rushed.
I'm slowly working on making the chapters longer, chapter 5 was around 600-700 words long and this one is about 900, so I'm getting there.

Please leave feedback and suggestions because to be honest I don't really have a plot anymore I'm kinda going with the flow here, so your input would be appreciated.

I will also no longer have a set update schedule as you all can see I'm terrible at sticking to them, but I will try to update as often as I can.

Thank you, everyone :)


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