Centuries: The Bloodline

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There's only two endings; liberation or destruction. Nothing less, nothing more. Disclaimer: The materials that were used to create the book cover are not mine. This is a story that revolves around the revelation of different and mysterious creatures under the nose of human civilization which will unfold the genuine story of the aftermath of the creation, a bloodline that was kept behind the wings of a sworn protector and by the power of a great friend, and a game between the wicked and the wise that has been happening since the beginning of time.

Fantasy / Action
Alexandria Grimmie
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The creation of the universe has various of versions which speaks some of its truth, the original texts were told through time by mouth and by written words, a few of those maintained their first testaments, however, most were lost in translation, and different religions and beliefs argue about what was more believable, logical and rational.

From the beginning of time, human civilization tried to justify the story that a party think was true, this resulted to disagreements, discrimination, division, and war, as these ideas and beliefs contradicted each other, even though all of it were just merely explained truths and theories which were not proven yet, and that reason did not stop people to fight against one another.

Although it also caused agreements, unity, and assurance, as when people had the same idea, the feeling of belongingness sprouts in their mind and heart. Belongingness was the root cause of building groups and religions to protect their idea which numbered as time passed by and as population widens.

The ideas for the creation and the beings who created the universe was the reason of why the civilization continued to intensify the intelligence they possess as they wanted to find out the truth or justify the things they know or the ideas that was nailed in their minds since their time began, but none thought that when the day comes when the genuine truth will be revealed, no one can handle it for they have shed blood and hindered relationships for the idea they have built through time.

These were the different versions of the creation and the almighty, godly creatures whom created the universe: (a) the universe began with the clashing of two elements that clustered into pieces across the nothingness which turned into different worlds, stars and other beautiful mysteries, (b) the universe was created by a divine being which people viewed as godly creatures whom had characteristics like humans, (c) nothing created the universe at all, it was just there ever since forever, no godly creatures nor events made it, (d) other versions of truth by different groups which relates to the former three versions, but those groups and religions who protected these versions said otherwise.

Those perceptions were true, in some way, because those were created from one story that stemmed through time and translated by different minds then later on told by various of mouths which was understood by diverse ears.

The truth was, there was a creator, but it has no name, appearance, form, nor characteristics, for it was just a force. A powerful force that no one can explain how and when it existed which lingered through the nothingness, and the same force which cause elements to exist to create different worlds.

It was called the Divine Intelligence, a force that created the elements, and guided to form a beautiful mystery of which even in the modern civilization cannot be explained. It has no other name, nor explanation. It was just a force that continues to beautify everything.

The life forms and creatures were created through the force’s tiniest creation, which the modern civilization did not know because that particle was tinier than an atom, even the things that did not move and the things that seemed to be lifeless, each of it has atoms, so everything has a life, nothing was lifeless.

From the beginning until today, everything is still being created as everything still expands, develops, and beautifies.

The first thing that the Divine Intelligence created was the fields, a place wherein its first created specie, the winged creatures, was able to exist and live. They were the first creation that seemed to exude perfection, as they were the creatures which inherited the half of the potential and intelligence of the creator, a force which they can feel from within and everywhere they venture.

These creatures understood the life and truth of which the force left as a mystery for they treat the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent creator as a leader and a wisdom that continued to provide knowledge.

Through time, its force became more powerful and unstoppable, it created worlds and species as the universe expanded from nothingness to a space of which life can be seen and felt in every nanometer, or a length lesser than it.

However, even though uncountable worlds and creatures were created after the fields and winged creatures, the power and presence of the Divine Intelligence can be mostly felt in its first creation. The winged creatures took the task to be the guardian of other creatures which started to exist in their own worlds.

And finally, the Divine Intelligence created a world which strayed far from the truth as eons passed by because of the commencing of a one powerful spell from a powerful and wise creature. It hid the rest of the creature from the truth, the humans, the only creation which can perfectly sympathize and empathize but afraid to exist and accept the ideas and elements they unable to comprehend.

This is a story that revolves around the revelation of different and mysterious creatures under the nose of human civilization which will unfold the genuine story of the aftermath of the creation, a bloodline that was kept behind the wings of a sworn protector and by the power of a great friend, and a game between the wicked and the wise that has been happening since the beginning of Earth.

There’s only two endings; liberation or destruction. Nothing less, nothing more. It will be the beginning of the end of humankind’s reign on Earth for there will be powerful creatures that will come forth to take back what was neglected from them; freedom and dominance.

As the Earth continued to develop, the Divine Intelligence created a being who was assigned to balance the powers and forces of all creation, it was tasked to look upon the creation and sustain peace and order using the inherited wisdom and power.

This creation was called the Daughter.

One day, a conflict was reported that the creatures were having a difficult time living with one another, so the Daughter divided the lands according to the special abilities of the human-like creatures.

The humans lived with the Daughter on the mainland or the neutral ground, a place where violence was forbidden, it was in the centre of the divided lands for the reason of easy accessibility for other human-like creatures, and her to look above all the happenings around the territories.

The human-like creatures who can shift into a large hairy beast occupied the North, it was a vast land wherein the environment suited their special abilities, and this was places for them because they were one of the largest population compared to other human-like creatures.

Next to them were the magical human-like creatures, they were asked to live in the East, the land wherein human-like creatures such as magical and powerful as them can practice without compromising other human-like creatures’ safety because most of their special abilities manipulates the physical energy around them.

They were neighbouring the other magical but mischievous and deceiving human-like creatures in the South-east divided by an easily seen but impenetrable wall, but unlike the other magical beings, they were given a small land but enough to practice their special abilities.

The Daughter decided that these human-like creatures did not need a large land because their population was small and their special abilities were mostly done with their minds, unlike the previous ones who can control the weather and nature.

For the occupants of the South, the Daughter thought it will be safe if she gave these human-like creatures the farthest land from other human-like creatures but with the abundance of animals in their area because they were the human-like creatures who survive by drinking blood from their kind, humans, or animals.

This was the biggest conflict of all because of the blood drinkers who preys on the humans or other human-like creatures not because they wanted to, but because they needed to.

There was a kind of human-like creatures who the Daughter allowed to live closely to the neutral land in the West because of their tolerant special abilities; they were not shifters nor magical beings but they were humans who were naturally made with a talent in battle strategy and combat, they were also respectful of others and empathetic compared to other human-like creatures.

And finally, in the North-west, the last kind of human-like creatures were given one of the largest lands similar to the human-like creatures who can shift into a large hairy beast, there were the human-like creatures who can shift into any different kind of animals that were existing in their time, but they can never shift into that particular beast.

After the division of territories, the peace lasted for thousands of years until one of the original and the most powerful magical being on the East, Merlin, warned the Daughter about his series of visions; he prophesized the happenings for the next few days and eons.

The Daughter gathered all human-like creatures to declare that violence and rebellion are forbidden amongst all creations, the only elements that will take life, for the humans, were time and illness.

However, one of the original magical human-like creature from the South-east, Morgana, took advantage of their stay in the neutral land with the other human-like creatures to form an alliance with a goal to dominate amongst the creations.

Months after the declaration, the Daughter conceived a child with her human mate named Hugo. She wanted to celebrate it with all of the human-like creatures so she went from territory to territory to personally invite the original’s clan for the celebration, but the Daughter noticed some inappropriate behaviours in the territories of the human-like creatures of the South-east, South, and North-west.

In the time of the celebration, she summoned the leaders of the human-like creatures she wanted to talked to namely Wilshire of the South, Kho of the North-west, and Morgana of the South-east.

However, the Daughter was caught off-guard when the three most powerful and one of the original human-like creatures attacked her, threatening that they will kill the barely living one she is carrying if she fights back, she agreed to talk about the things they want to express.

But the traitors thought that the Daughter will not compromise the safety and freedom of her people, so she went unconscious when they commenced the second physical attack and locked her in the dungeon.

It was only hours after the Daughter’s disappearance when Hugo sensed that she was in trouble. He went to find Merlin but he was busy fighting the rebellious human-like creatures and leading his people, same as the other leaders namely Gretel of the West and Lewis of the North.

Hugo saw how Morgana, Kho, and Wilshire led the rebellion and killed hundreds of humans and tortured human-like creatures, then suddenly he remembered that his mate once said that the Divine Intelligence was in her favour, so he went to a private place and summoned the Divine Intelligence.

He was shocked and nearly blinded by the light which appeared in front of him, the light faded then he saw two warrior-like human-like winged creatures stood where the blinding light once shone, their names were Lilith and Seth.

These human-like winged creatures helped him to find his beloved, they helped her escape from the dungeon by fighting off the rebellious human-like creatures guarding her cage. With grave injuries, the Daughter was weakened, somehow her pregnancy weakened her. Lilith was the one who helped her to heal in an incredible speed whilst Seth was calming the enraged Hugo.

After the initial attack, Gretel reported that a lot of human lives were lost in the battle, the human-like creatures were gravely injured but none were killed because of their immortality, many rebellious human-like creatures tried to eliminate the life of some human-like creatures but failed.

They were immortal but still can bleed and feel extreme pain.

The Daughter was hurt because of losing so much human lives and as she heard the screams of the human-like creatures in pain caused by the rebellious attack, she formed an alliance to end this rebellious movement with the remaining wise leaders; Merlin, Lewis, and the progenies of the original hunter; Gretel and Hansel.

For months they were planning commencing small movements in order to bring peace amongst the human-like creatures again. Hours before giving birth, Merlin visited the Daughter and Hugo with the news about their offspring.

The majority of the descendants of the Daughter are females, in her bloodline, producing a male will be rare. The females will be stronger than the males as only the first born female will inherit the Daughter’s immortal blood, special abilities, and wisdom.

However, the inherited gifts of their blood will skip generations and the full potential will not be revealed as long as the predecessors with the inherited gifts still lives. This might change, but change in their blood will be rare and if so, there will be a great change on Earth too.

Also, the descendants of the Daughter will not be invincible just like the humans and human-like creatures, they will be weakened from the time of conceiving of a child, and the descendants can only recuperate after a year form child birth.

After many hours, the female was born and named Sofia, after the name Hugo gave the Daughter. The leaders, including the human-like winged creatures, who decided to stay with them, blessed the new born female.

But every good moment will come to an end.

After a month of resting and spending time with her own family, the Daughter went back on leading the alliance. The leaders were having a meeting in the gardens when Lilith warned them of a vast army she saw when she was hunting for fruits for Sophia.

They knew that instant that a war will commence in a few moments; they will break the sacredness of the neutral land again. The Daughter commanded Hugo to hide in the mountains with Sophia and Seth.

However, Hugo did not want to leave his beloved so Merlin agreed to create a protection in Sophia’s room as he created in the neutral land, it will be guarded with an army as her parents went to war.

When the rebellious human-like creatures arrived with the army, the Daughter’s army which was also uncountable and ready to fight for life and peace were strategically positioned to defend the land and their desires.

She offered to have talk with the opposing party about their differences and forget the war which will cause bloodshed. But Morgana refused to make amends and commanded her army to attack.

The Daughter knew that it was impossible to kill immortals such as these human-like creatures with special abilities, so she knew that if they lose these human-like creatures who stood on her side, they will be captures and possibly turn into slaves, and also the rebellious human-like creatures can also swipe the humans from the face of the new world.

So with the strength she had, which she knew was not enough because of the pregnancy curse as Merlin said, she still fought hard to protect her people.

The first war on the new world was bloody and hideous, the rebellious human-like creatures used their special abilities for the hunger for power and dominance whilst the wise human-like creatures gave their everything just to stop the rebellion that will possibly end their freedom and the human civilization.

Whilst the army were fighting with their special abilities and fists, the leaders were at the centre of it all, fighting one another for what they desired the most.

Morgana’s forces nearly won until the Daughter used her unknown power when she saw a human-like creature cornering her beloved.

She felt tingling sensations on her hands and saw black lightning-like electricity flow through her body to her hands, it was warm and strong but unlike the lightning from the skies, it did not harm her but only her target.

She was trying to control the black lightning but then she saw the human-like creature who was cornering Hugo was about to strike him with a powerful magical force, she was enraged.

It was like on instinct, she embraced the power of the black lightning and let it control her, then she struck the human-like creature.

Just like that, everyone stopped as they watch the body of the human-like creature that was struck by the powerful black lightning turned gray and hard as stone, then the human-like creatures were terrified as the stone-like victim turned to ashes.

Everyone was stunned as they realized that the Daughter has the capability to wipe them, kill them. She had the power, even though weakened by the pregnancy, to eliminate a life of an immortal.

Suddenly, Lilith felt jealous after seeing this power of the Daughter, as were the leaders of the rebellious human-like creatures, she also wanted to acquire the power.

Without the knowledge of the others, Lilith walked closer to the Daughter whilst forming a new weapon on her hands, unseen and unknown but other human-like creatures, it was still beyond the comprehension of everyone on the world because they were still young and discovering what this world has to offer, but it was displayed on the fields of the Divine Intelligence as a forbidden weapon.

It was a dagger with a power to kill any human-like creature, immortal or not, once stabbed through the heart for it was blessed with winged creature’s blood.

One day, it will be used by the human-like creatures once they discover the knowledge to do so, but as long as they have not known this yet, it is forbidden to be used in the presence of the human-like creatures.

This was the first time these young creations will see a dagger, a weapon besides their mind, special abilities, and fists. Lilith felt the strings that connects her to the Divine Intelligence snapping as she took the steps in order to kill the Daughter and to acquire her power.

The hunter, Hansel, saw Lilith carving a weapon out of thin air, he looked at where the winged human-like creature was going, then he realized that she was a traitor. He ran towards the Daughter to protect her, in doing this, he received the first stabbing in history, it went through his heart.

He crumbled down to the ground as his twin ran towards him. It was then Merlin heard Hansel’s murmuring something important.

As Gretel cried beside her twin brother, Merlin deciphered the words, they realized that it was a prophecy, it was uncanny because Hansel’s capabilities did not include clairvoyance but Merlin knew it will be essential someday.

Hugo went to his beloved’s side, thinking that he can protect her from the winged human-like creature. But then Lilith did something to time. It was one of the winged human-like creatures’ special abilities, to manipulate time.

Since Seth was another winged human-like creature but loyal to the Daughter, he was not affected by the stopping of the time, he fought off Lilith as other human-like creatures stood still with time, excluding the Daughter who readied to defend herself from the attack of Lilith.

However, Lilith defeated Seth, she was about to stab Hugo’s heart but then the Daughter protected her beloved, as a result, she got stabbed through the heart.

Lilith was distracted and shocked as Seth, this was enough to lose her control with time.

The two winged human-like creatures knew that only their kind had the capability to manipulate time and/or be immune to it. They realized that their knowledge of the Daughter’s capabilities had not yet come to a conclusion, they still had much more to discover yet.

Everyone was flabbergasted as they saw the Daughter fell down to the ground, with a dagger through her heart. As the grayness crept on her skin, Merlin started to cast a powerful spell to all human-like creatures as he was one of the Daughter’s most loyal and trusted companion, he included everyone because he did not know the human-like creatures’ descendant’s choices; to be rebellious or to be wise.

The spell was for the human-like creatures with special abilities will be living in the dark and will feel fear of being seen and discovered by the humans, and as for the humans, they will forget the existence of all human-like creatures with special abilities for their protection.

And also, it includes the protection of the land of the Daughter, which no power nor human-like creatures with wicked intention will ever step on it again without being seen or caught, and those humans, in the first millennia that will follow, who will choose to venture the outside world, to step out of the borders of the neutral land will forget the life they will leave and the intelligence they have learnt.

It was a harsh spell on the humans but it will be the cause of the scattering of civilization in different places of the world, and for the human-like creatures who freely domiciled in other areas will hide under the noses these humans.

Morgana tried to counter Merlin’s casting of spell but the Daughter, in Hugo’s arms, released an immense power towards Merlin to support his spell casting. Merlin did not know how to handle the power coming from the Daughter because it was too strong and still out of control but he managed to tolerate it.

By the time it ended, the Daughter smiled at her beloved, gave him a final farewell that only they can hear, and took her last breath.

She, like the human-like creature that was killed by her lightning and Hansel, turned gray and stone-like before turning into ashes that was carried away by the winds. Hugo cried his heart out, feeling the greatest heartache in the early years of the new world, Seth flew beside him and swore that he will protect the Daughter’s bloodline as to repay his failure to protect her, starting with Sophia.

Then a powerful scream was heard from the skies, Hugo noticed that it was his beloved’s voice, he smiled as a powerful lightning flew across the sky, momentarily blinding everyone.

After a day, the humans woke up on their beds, in their houses, without the knowledge of their past friends, enemies, and lovers.

As for Hugo, he woke up with Sophia crying in his arms without the knowledge of his beloved, but unlike other humans, he never had another beloved again as for his heart was loyal to what his mind did not remember.

Whilst the other human-like creatures, woke up inside caves, forests, above mountain ranges, and other places hidden from the human knowledge. Some human-like creatures were satisfied because the war ended, but most were depressed because they cannot be with their friends and beloved once more.

The saddest part was the humans have no memory of their relationship with the human-like creatures. Some of these human-like creatures promised that they will not approach the humans, as they feel fear in their hearts, and they cannot locate the neutral land anymore, but they will continue to search for the land where their past lives and will watch and protect them as they continue their lives without the knowledge of the outside human-like creatures.

These events were happening as Merlin started to record everything on his scrolls. He named every human-like creature and its special abilities to have a unified identity that everyone can use, with the help of Seth, they have named Lilith as a demon, a traitor to their kind.

And also, both of them exhaust their abilities to protect Sophia and Hugo’s bloodline, as the two of them were only the ones who knew the location of the land of the Daughter, the Ancient Kingdom as they called it, and recorded the pattern of the generation skip so that they know who will acquire the immortal blood after the previous generation.

By the time Hugo was breathing his last breath, he laid across his bed and closed his eyes, he dreamt of a beautiful woman who carried exceptional grace, immense dominance, and the kindest heart with strength and wisdom.

It was then, his dream was disturbed as a winged man and a somehow familiar man visited his room. They asked him of his dream and he confessed, without the feeling of unfamiliarity.

“If she was here, she will be proud of you, my friend.” The last thing he heard before he rested.

This was the confession of how the Earth was created and the story of the aftermath, which told the reason why modern human civilization became ignorant of the hidden truth.

However, it will not last as long as the Divine Intelligence grew stronger at a time, the reason why the human-like creatures grew more powerful as well.

Time will come that the truth will be revealed as said in the prophecy of one fallen hunter who died by the first weapon-killing in history.

“Tell me more! Tell me more!” The little princess, Savina, commanded.

This was the first time she was able to hear a bedtime story given by someone other than her mother. Solomon, her older brother of seven years, nodded, he was at the other side of the room on his bed.

The man laughed at their eagerness to hear such story. He patted Savina’s head. He will always have a soft spot for this little princess, enchanted by her innocent loveliness; no one can resist the charming presence of Princess Savina.

When she enters any room at any time; may it be the council room whilst the members were planning seriously or the war area where warriors are practicing with brutality, she brings light and comfort the moment she walks through the doors.

From her shoulder-length curly red hair bouncing whenever she walked excitedly, her turquoise eyes shined with the sun as it mirrors the light of hope and kindness, the cherub cheeks that reddens after laughing so hard or from being praised by her cuteness, and the way she smiled even though few teeth were missing.

“Next time, little one.” He chuckled again when he saw Solomon pouted, but the crowned prince did not say anything unlike the little princess beside him.

The little prince was turning into a brave, gentle and honourable prince every day but he was still the little prince he always played with, he was the one who spent time with Solomon whenever their parents were busy with their royal responsibilities.

He was the one who thought the crowned prince on how to use swords and words to defend himself as he was known as the royal hunter of the Ancient Kingdom. He also reminded that the prince has to look at every angle before giving out a judgment that may convict an innocent man or may free the guilty.

“Please? Tell us more! We will not see you again for months! I hate cliff-hangers!”

Again, the man refused with a gentle smile. “Na-uh, sleep now, little one. I will tell you the continuation of the story once I return. To cheer you up, I will also tell you the stories of my adventures in this journey.”

“Where will you go this time?” The crowned prince finally said something. “The last time you were gone mother said you went to a secret place to take care of someone.” Solomon’s eyes narrowed. “Do you have a secret girlfriend or something?”

Savina looked at him with wide eyes, as if the idea of him having a girlfriend was beyond comprehension. He laughed again, they made him laugh without effort, that was why he loved to spend time with these children but he knew he had to go.

“You have a princess? Wow! Solomon does not have one yet because he is too young and he is too picky. He has many lady friends though, but he said their friendship was atomic, or something like that.”

Solomon face palmed himself. He shook his head, out of disbelief, as he corrected his sister. “Platonic, Savina, platonic.”

“That was what I said!”

“You said atomic.”

“What is atomic?”

Solomon groaned in frustration but answered otherwise. The man smiled to himself because he knew that the crowned prince cannot resist his sister, even sometimes Savina irritated him, Solomon just cannot abandon her. “Something related to atoms, I think.”

“What is atoms?”


The man gently stopped them from the endless discussion they will have. “Now you two, please sleep?” Solomon sighed but then laid on his bed, but the princess crossed her arms on her chest as she pouted. He sighed. “I promise I will return with millions of stories; do not you worry. Just be patient.”

The two sighed in defeat. “Okay.”

He smiled at them then stood up from Savina’s bed. He tucked the princess first and waited for her to close her eyes, he stared at her for a second, memorizing her innocent face, he thought this will be the last time he will see her like this; little and innocent, because the next time he returns, he knew everything will change.

After making sure Savina was asleep, he then went to the crowned prince, Solomon did not want to be tucked to bed but he did it anyways because it will also be the last time he will do this, he wanted to cherish every last seconds with these two precious children.

“Protect the princess for me, will you?” He whispered to Solomon. “I will be gone for quite some time, okay? Do not leave each other’s sides. You are the man of the house now, crowned prince. She needs you to be there always because I will not be here.”

Solomon nodded but looked at him curiously. “I always protect Savina, you know that. Why are you saying goodbye to us? Do not lie, I am not naïve or stupid.”

“I know you are not. I am not saying goodbye, it is just that I will be gone for long this time, maybe it is the longest journey I have, and maybe it will even take years. I do not know when will I return but I promise you that I will.”

“Okay. Just return before I die or something, okay? I do not want to grow old and not see you again, you are my best friend.” Solomon blinked up at him. “Promise me you will not die, okay? I have to see you before you die.”

He chuckled. He will definitely miss this crowned prince. “I promise.”

Solomon smiled at him. “Off you go, do not worry about Savina. She is protected by your mighty crowned prince.” Solomon said with his little voice before closing his eyes.

He sighed, this was hard but he took the steps towards the door. He did not want to leave these children especially when their father was a man who he questioned all the time, but he knew that their mother will protect them in her own way, so this little idea brought little comfort to him. He went out but before closing the door, he heard a small voice.

“Take care, Seth. See you again.”

He smiled. “I will see you again too, little one.”

“Seth, thank the heavens you are back!” Sandra said as she hugged her guardian angel. She did not see him for a week because he went back to the kingdom she once lived in to visit her great grand-children; the intelligent and handsome Solomon and the innocent and lovely Savina. “How are they? Please tell me what is new with them, I miss my family, Seth.” She said sadly.

Seth hugged her tightly. “I know Sandra and I am sorry for this but you know I have to take you here for your safety, Morgana’s forces are lurking and their population is increasing.” But he gave her a small smile to cheer her up. “And you know, because people will be curious why you stopped aging. You still looked like a 30-year old woman, you know? Even though you have two great grand-children.”

She released him but the sad look on her face remained. “I am immortal but my heart died with my beloved, Arthur, then my soul dies everyday as I watched my daughter grow and age until she took her last breath. It is hard for a mother to bury her child. It was supposed to be the other way.”

“I am so sorry, Sandra.”

“It is not your fault, Seth.” She patted his back, trying to comfort him.

His heart ached as he watched this woman, who had witnessed her husband and daughter died then taken away from her grand-daughter and great grand-children, comfort him. He knew Sandra was strong because she came from a strong bloodline, it was in her blood.

But he was still afraid if Sandra decided to take her life away out of depression and loneliness. Other descendants of the Daughter, who acquired the immortal blood, killed themselves using the black lightning or his dagger because they watched their family age and die.

Sandra smiled at him, still hiding the pain away. “Merlin is in the cottage, he needs to tell you something about Hansel’s prophecy.”

“Do you have any idea about it?”

She shook her head. “None, he just came the other night, saying he has to talk to you about the prophecy. I think he discovered something about the months.”

“Okay, lead the way then.”

Story writing started: May 18, 2018

Story writing ended: ---

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