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The Wolf Siren #2 ~ Nic's journey of heart

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Prince Druderosnic Lumerian (Nic) seeks to find his Ononi-nar, his twin flame. Jordan Avery is not your typical woman. Will their hearts complete each other? Or will Nic end up without his soul mate? “When you find your Ononi-nar and complete bonding, it is physically impossible to feel anything romantically inclined for any other, you become apart of that person, mind, body and soul. You share everything, including your lifespan. We will live this life as one and exit this life as one - connected, even in death.” _______________ Warning: This is a fantasy. If you read other supernatural stories, you will notice similarities and differences. Please understand that we all have our own version of the way this genre exists.

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Chapter 1 ~ On My Way


I could hear her laugh - the sound was so pure as it bubbled up inside of me, filling my heart with the fluttering of a million tiny wings. I could see the long silky black hair as it shimmered under the sun’s rays. Again, her laughter rang through my body, clenching around and igniting my heart. Every night it had been the same for months now, I knew my soul was calling for her, my bones were unsettled, my mind unclear, she was running carelessly through the light and warmth as the forest surrounded her, enhancing her beautiful aura. She was home and my happiness but just like always, something would grab her, she would scream, her panic would consume my lungs, her urgency restricting my breath, her fear, unleashed and shattering, piece by piece, my broken soul - she was in danger and I had to save her. I did not know how, but I was going to bring her back from the darkness that had captured her innocence. She was the most important thing right now and the only drive, I had left.

The bright reddish-orange hue that covered the morning sky signalled a warning. Violet, my beautiful Siren niece, had spoken of the signs I must watch out for as I proceeded with my perilous mission. My heart sought to be completed by my one and only, my Ononi-nar.

My twin flame.

My soul mate.

The being perfectly crafted for me alone.

I mounted Marco, my gallant steed, after a brief respite. With our strength regained and our bellies full and content, we were well rested and heading North, following the path of red-warning above our heads. It had been months since I left my sister Drea and her mate, Alpha Hunter. They had really been the extra push I needed to pursue my yearning. Watching them and their delirious happiness, called to that very basic instinct within me… Love.

Being born as an Elven Prince, to parents who were not Ononi-nar’s, our family lacked the most natural form of connection. Though the King and Queen had tried to show us love in their own way, it was clear they were unable to truly love each other, instead, compromising for the sake of our kingdom and the love of its people.

Marco, my Arabian thoroughbred, was muscular, fierce and brave. His strength far surpassed any mere animal and his understanding, coming from the passionate connection he and I shared. Our souls entwined, tethered together through kin-ship and reliability, I for him and he for me.

The open road I found to be lonely and desolate, the gloomy, unforgiving punishment of solitude would warp any mind, often rendering the strongest and bravest souls under its complete control. I was lucky, I had my horse, but after spending so much time with the wolves and seeing how they thrived within their pack connectedness, I now yearned to have my heart filled with such warmth to fight the bitter chill of emptiness.

I was once a man that filled the hours of darkness with the heated flesh, of all forms, of deliciously intoxicating women but now, I sought more. I seek completion, I seek the only one that can re-light the spark within my chest, the flame that burns for life.

The trees began to rustle behind me, a slight swishing that could be mistaken for wind before it grew loud and erratic, shaking like in a hurricane. A message was heading directly for me - a message when I had not sent out one.

The tree network was the way Elven folk spoke over great distances, the humans had attempted to destroy nature spirits, relieve them of their strength and purity. Humans disgusted me and I was glad they were almost wiped out, they did not deserve our compassion and their hatred ran deep, but so did mine, for their revolting species. I was a Prince that could not overlook or forgive them for their treachery against my kind, even though we were taught forgiveness for all behaviour. They had betrayed the very essence of life in order to create a pyramid with them on top, what they didn’t realise, is one species, animal, etheric, supernatural or mythical, cannot exist without the other. They had thrived for so long, being allowed to dictate the importance and relevance over others, that it lead to their own downfall.

The leaves surrounded me like a tornado vortex and Adaron, Lord of the trees, deep voice thundered loud and clear, the sheer vibration boomed through my ears, demanding my full and complete attention.

...Prince Druderosnic, Commander of the High Elven Guard of Durak Arcadian Kingdom. Your mother Queen Sadoramalia Lumerian has been looking for you, son. She desperately seeks your council... his gravelly and chasmic sound reverberated through me, yet whispered, so no one else could hear.

“I am on a mission of the utmost importance. Please inform mother I have gone West, towards the fire pits.”

...Nic, you are nowhere near the fire pits?...

“Oh, I know Adaron,” his cavernous chuckle rumbles, lifting Marco’s mane from the sound waves.

...Har-Varna (stay safe) young prince, you are heading in the direction of unfavourable monsters, they hurt Mother Nature, I can sense their destruction from here...

“I will Adaron, safe journey.”


“Namarie.” (goodbye)

I knew my mother would be on the hunt for me but to send Adaron, when he was close to a billion years old and well into retirement age? Was low, even for her. Yes, his power remained unmatched by any other that roamed the land, even that of my sister or niece, but he was entitled to live the remainder of his life in peace and harmony. I feel their ruling reign is to come to an end and it was time to step into the shoes, I was born to fill.

But not, until I had her.
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