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A powerful story of a young and powerful girl who fights against everything and surpasses her limits for justice and to claim revenge Being a part of Anodine is never easy. For anyone. But it becomes more difficult when you have people,or let me rephrase that-devils,who want to merry dance around your dead corpse. I am,or at least was an average teenager,until my world-built on sand, came crashing down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The world breaks everyone,and afterward, some are strong at the broken places" - Ernest Hemingway

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I was gonna die. The leaden figure chased me till the end of the road and when I had nowhere to go it seized its opportunity and came closer

And closer.

And closer.

When I saw its face...

I woke up sweating. Not screaming,but sweating. After what I had seen I should probably be shouting at the top of my voice but well...I had got accustomed to my nightmares by now.

I got up and looked around. My room was not at all intriguing. Stark and monotonous, at first glance it would be difficult to tell that it was a teenager’s room. No ornamented walls, no posters of any music bands, no sagacious quotes. I had a four poster bed in the middle of the room. Probably the only thing that mattered to me, because I loved sleeping.

I piled out of the bed and walked towards the opposite side of the room where stood my study table. Sighing, I bent over and unbolted the windows, allowing the raw breeze to hit my face and lighten up my mind.

Everything was normal...well, everything apart from me. Now, I’m not abnormal or paranormal or something. Am I leaving you bewildered? Hold up a second. Let me explain...

I was from a world named Anodine where everyone had powers- not the superhero kind. Although, not everyone had them. Some ill-fated people did not possess powers hence,they were not authorized to live or be a part of Anodine and we called them ′Commons′. Most of us lived intermixed with the mortal crowd and me and my best friend were one of them. People got their abilities anytime after they turned sixteen so practically I was ‘normal’ till after my birthday. What else do I know about Anodine? Essentialy nothing. Our parents didn’t talk to us about it. Was it convention or did they really not want to say anything-I didn’t know. And I didn’t really bother asking my mom anything.

Looking at my bedside ‘hello kitty’ clock I saw that it was just 5:30 a.m. Screw it! I decided to go for a jog since there was no way I could go back to sleeping.


“Hey mom!” I said, securing the door behind me.

My mother was the complete opposite of me. Where I had green eyes, hers was a soothing brown. Pink freckles covered her cheeks. One thing I wish I had. She had a sharp jawline and a slightly crooked nose. Even her figure was perfect. However, one thing we had akin was our chocolate hair.

“Oh dear! Look at you all sweaty! Where have you been?“my mom asked. Sigh. Typical mom behaviour. Always distressed.

“Just went for a run since I happened to get up early.”

“Well you’d better go take a shower or else you’ll be late for school.”

“Yeah,okay,be right back!”

Taking my things I went to take a cold shower,and then pondered upon what to wear. I wasn’t a ‘girly’ girl at all and as cliche as it might sound my best friend, Brooklyn, was always pestering me to wear snazzy clothes. We both were poles apart because she was a haute couture girl and me- I liked simple things. But even after all the differences,we got along great.

After great consideration I finally decided to wear a black top which had ‘My life has a superb cast,but I can’t figure out the plot’ written on it. Hah! After all, humour and sarcasm are my middle name...I kind of liked the fact that my outfit described me at the moment. Then I put on a pair of light washed jeans and sneakers. Tying my chocolate brown hair in a simple ponytail, I ran downstairs.

“There you are Lizzy! Have your breakfast.”

As soon as I took a seat at the table, levitating muffins and a glass of shake came and perched in front of me. Oh! I’m so sorry! I almost forgot to tell you that my mom had powers using which she could defy gravity. Nothing very unique, as many people in Anodine had corresponding powers. Hastily, I ate my ravishing breakfast and as soon as I had devoured everything, I heard the honking of a car.

“Come on, go! Brooklyn is already here” my mom shouted from...somewhere.

Brooke used to pick me up daily for school as she owned a VolvoS60.cAnd who knows how many other cars. After all,she was the daughter of the excessively wealthy and well reputed Samuel Wilder.

I sat down, threw my bag on the back seat and turned towards Brooke who was glaring daggers at me as she said,“Hello Lizeth Johnson.”

Uh-oh. I was in trouble. She just said my full name which was the indication that she was angry with me. Really very angry.“Hi Brooke?” I said cautiously

And then all of a sudden,she exploded,“Do you know what I was going through?! The whole night I tried calling you,sent you voice messages and texts yet you did not reply one singletime. I was so damn worried! And I wasn’t even in town so I couldn’t come and check up on you!”

Well,I was worried. I was worried because of her temper. I was worried that the car would crash or there might be an accident because she wasn’t paying much attention to the road. But I simply said,“I am really sorry Brooke. I- I didn’t touch my mobile throughout the day.”

“Is something wrong?“she questioned, clearly catching my lie.

Brooke just knew me too well so I had to give in. Besides, I hated concealing anything from her. She was my only friend and best friend.

“Yeah I had a bad nightmare...” I started but we had already reached our school.

As soon as I got out of the car, she gave me a warm hug which was the most comforting thing in the world and said,“I had no idea you started having them again. Tell me about it later. ’Kay?”

“Later”,I promised and we parted ways.

My first class was history. Groaning I got ready to face the day.


Hey guys! This is my first book and I really wanna thank everyone who took their time to read it. The first chapter is a bit boring and short but this is just the starting. I promise you this is gonna be awesome. How do you like it till now? Please comment.

Thanks a lot!

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