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The Kingdom of Gris holds pride in its people and elven royalty. Amongst the royal bloodline Siren Igmis Gris is built with a strong body but wavering conviction. Love is not a mystery to him, love is pain. Love is the burning desire to know you will never receive what you yearn for. The passion building up to the climax and nothing can release you from such suffering. The only touch that could cool the heavy fires of ecstasy is your beloved childhood friend. However, their heart lies with another. You will never know release from your suffering. Passion will burn you alive, your bones melting into dust. Not only is your love not your own but the King of Gris is dead, murdered, massacred. The walls run cold with royal blood spilled. The suspect lies within the Kingdom of Blue Bell. With a strong treaty between the kingdoms and blood relations to the king, it is hard to think the ruler of Blue Bell, Siren's uncle, could be behind the murder. But the mistress of Blue Bell, well she is a different story.

The Kingdom of Gris

G~A letter to King from Prince~

<< The night I spend alone I pray for you to come home, as you lay below the ground without a whisper of sound, the tears in my eyes come awake as the name of your tombstone breaks.>>

~A tombstone for a King~

<<Be at peace,

Tempest tossed sea of souls

Give me rest,

From doubt and fear,

Sun find my face,

Light find my heart,

Light find my story

Smile find my face,

Be at peace,

Be at peace,

For my life is finite,

And these storms,

Have raged too long,

Even winter,

Must surrender spring>>


โ€œPrince Siren,โ€ Nicholas bowed at the entrance of the castle stone walls and iron gates.

The green cloth of his pants was soaked in the warm rain of spring. Sweet air and crisp apples surged my nose, but most of the scent was drowned out by the heavy rain.

His black hair shined in long wet strands that stuck itself to his strong jawline and his pointed ears protruded through his wet locks.

โ€œThe ceremony is about to begin.โ€ His grey eyes flashed a speck of worry eyeing me from head to toe.

My vest was a thin black material with buttons made of black pieces of obsidian. It sucked itself to my skin like glue. The long sleeves of my grey button-up also dripping wet for springโ€™s glorious rain. I took in the sweet scent of rain no longer looking for the sweet tanginess of spring, as its droplets danced across my face. Closing my eyes, my head tilted to the heavens, hoping to feel something other than bone-crushing reality, but my efforts were in vain.

Grey eyes bright and opened, for some odd reason, I felt as if I were looking for someone then simply glancing at waterworks.

Red curly hair drenched and tips were covered in mud from the jump I took out the window of the palace. My face paint and tribal inklings running and ruined and a lecture from Ruby I will never hear the end of for messing it up. The hem of my pants was also torn from the fall.

A rag doll waiting, thatโ€™s what I was. Waiting in the rain for my owner to scoop me in warm arms and play with me.

โ€œDo you know why it rains?โ€ I looked at him with questioning eyes giving away I didnโ€™t know the answer. I was too scared to speak, scared my voice would give away my true emotions that should have stayed dormant. Thatโ€™s why the rain was always a good cover-up for me.

I could cry and the rain will cover my salty tears. No one would ever know the prince of the Gris kingdom cried because it didnโ€™t fit my dominating presence or tough attitude.

No one will remember my weakness for there were no times to prove that fact, but I wonโ€™t ever forget my pain. The pain of covering up what so desperately haunts me.

โ€œThe King cries with his people. His soul cries to be reunited with the body.โ€ Indeed that was always the story for the death passing on to a world beyond the stars. It was also taboo for crying during the ceremonies, cause the living had no right to cry for the dead. The dead were the ones who lost their bodies, not the living.

โ€œSo why cry?โ€ His tender hand on my shoulder, his grey eyes regretful. The rain doesnโ€™t hide the pain of loss as best as I thought. But there is nothing in this world that can hide the pain of loss. Not even the rain can wash away the bloodshed of a great king.

So why not cry?

Does my status remove me from having emotions?

โ€œFamily and friends, in one place to celebrate the life of a father, king, and husband.โ€ Nicholas was undoubtedly right like always, most likely reading my face like the back of his hand.

I couldnโ€™t ask for a better man to be my friend. As my father originally arranged, I was going to marry some random girl for another kingdom. I kept my mouth shut like any good prince as the princess was known to be very beautiful. I didnโ€™t bother to remember her nation or the ladies she held in her court.

Nicholas was more of a brother towards me than anything. He always seems to be there at my lowest points and that in itself is a blessing. But his heart follows suit to someone else, his love Melissa. We have all know each other since we were kids but he was always closer to Melissa.

It was always her.

Not me her.

Iโ€™m a noble prince, she a commoner whose mother cleans out the live stocks pins.

He a handsome flock, her a simple girl.

But his affections lie with her.

So we all may be his friends, but Melissa will forever have his heart.

โ€œShall we?โ€ His brood shoulder arched out as he patted my shoulder. Encouraging we leave before my mother throws a fit. I nod, agreeing in reluctance and he leads me in the walls of the castle once again. Guards follow behind us in a line of four per two lines.

The grey bricks of the castle glaring daggers, and its icy windowpane reflexing in a heated glow.

The marble steps leading up to the main doors were cold but nothing was colder than my heart. I look over my shoulder one last time before the doors to the palace were closed and immediately warmth of the fireplace engulfed me in a gentle hug.

Yet I still shivered.

This place seemed too cold without him here.

Can I even call this place home anymore?

โ€œOh my! Your majesty!โ€ Ruby screams running down the corridor, her hands firmly on her skirt as to not trip or strangle me. I couldnโ€™t tell you. It pains me to make her worry about me but simple things are out of my control now.

My curls hang low cutting off my vision, too scared to let her see my tears. Ruby wasnโ€™t as upholding to Gris laws of crying being a taboo but nothingless she didnโ€™t like seeing tears in my eyes. Itโ€™s wasnโ€™t in a manโ€™s biology to cry yet here I was. Nicholas demanded the guards to depart and they did so.

The clanking of armor leading down the empty hall, leaving us alone.

Ruby parted my hair and tilts my chin. Face to face with her dual grey eyes. She smiled at me but her own eyes were full of salty tears and red puffy eyes. She looked past me to Nicholas.

โ€œThank you, my lord, I have him from here.โ€ I felt Nicholasโ€™s nod and then his presence was gone. I longed for him to stay but there was nothing I can do about it now.

Nothing I could say would justify him into staying with me.

Ruby whisked me off to the washing room dumping me in the tub of warm water and scented soap.

โ€œI mean Siren why you run off? The ceremony will be over soon. Didnโ€™t you want to wish your fotha off deary?โ€ Her accent gave her a motherly presence that I always loved about her. It was rich and full, yet sweet.

โ€œHis last memory doesnโ€™t need to be me crying. Besides I would just disgrace father if a royal captain started to weep over the dead.โ€ I mumbled into the bubbles. The back of my hair stood. Ruby aimed to wrack the scrub brush on the back of the head. I saw and felt the assault coming but made no efforts to dodge it.

โ€œDonโ€™t mattar, fothas are fothas. You should have gone. Now the Queen will be angry. Hell, a coming.โ€ She hissed and started to scrub my arm with an apple wood scent soap as another maid whose name I didnโ€™t bother to remember came and started washing my hair further. She giggles as she cleans my hair and I roll my eyes.

โ€œLet hell come, a distraction is well needed, Ruby.โ€ I sighed.

โ€œPrince Siren your presence is requested in the Queen royal chambers.โ€ Called the servant boy from outside of the washing room. I groaned and barricaded myself into the water and soap.

โ€œEye ya see lad hell came.โ€ She chuckled and wobbled over to a bucket and dumped water on my head.

โ€œWhatever, youโ€ I pointed to the other maid. Her cheeks flushing a bright red as she eyed the floor, twirling her fingers in knots, โ€œGet my clothes ready, Ruby I need a cover-up,โ€ I commanded. The maid rushes off with a โ€˜yes my princeโ€™ while Ruby scoffed rolling her dual grey eyes. I exited the tub running my hands through my curly red hair. Taking a lock in my hand and studied it. It was strange to have red hair in this kingdom. Everyone else in this kingdom had jet black hair and grey eyes, we are Gris elves. Everyone is held together with a bond held by their royals.

It keeps everyone under wraps, if you arenโ€™t bonded to a kingdom you will end up a rogue. Rogues will eventually turn into what we can Morphs. Crazed wild beast with a hunger for blood and flesh. Those beasts are hunted throughout the land. Nests are usually gatherings of Morphs and are clear 2 every year. We call those days Holy Blood Battles.

But back to my royal blood.

Itโ€™s very uncommon, barely even heard of for my people to be blessed with red hair. But my eyes were a sparkling grey so they learned to accept me. But it wasnโ€™t always as easy for others. I have been through seven assassination attempts, and because of that, Iโ€™m a royal captain. My strengths surpassing one of my enemies as I was determined to live.

Ruby came back with my robe. I nodded thanks to her and we left the washing room and headed to my room. The walls were cold despite the fires and springs warm air. I stopped right outside my door glaring at the wall where my picture will soon be plastered.

The maid was there as soon as I opened the door a new vest in hand.

A black long sleeve dress shirt with a cool grey vest with pearly white buttons. The collar was decorated in bones and small animal skulls. Bracelets of white pearls and little rat bones. My necklace is made of shark teeth specially imported. I nodded her off as Ruby dresses me. Another maid came in and braided my hair halfway and made a bun. My chestnut hair was shoulder-length, I thought of cutting it but Melissa had shoulder-length hair.

โ€œWhat will you be doing about da girl?โ€ Ruby asked while adjusting my vest as I towered over her.

โ€œWhat about Nicholas? I have my fiancee.โ€ I choked back the emotion bubbling in my voice. I harden myself. I suddenly became aware she wasnโ€™t asking about Nicholas.

He was my best friend, but he wasnโ€™t my lover. That single fact burned my brain and stabbed at my heart.

โ€œNo lad he loves another you know that donโ€™t ya?โ€ Ruby makes it sound like gossip, she makes it sound like I didnโ€™t know the person Iโ€™m in love with doesnโ€™t love me but another. Well, I do and I rather think of planning my funeral than think about all this corruption in my life so far.

โ€œRuby after my session with my mother I want to go to Blue Bells kingdom.โ€ I snapped, slapping her hands away from me, her grey eyes cold with unspoken pain. I knew it was dramatic of me but what else was there to do? She clearly states the obvious and Iโ€™m just not ready to face the music.

I never will be ready to face the music.

Ruby left the room with a huff and I huffed right after her. She resembled a mother scolding a child but I towered over her. Grabbing her long black skirt she left the room with thick steps even through the stone floors.

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