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The Tale of Tyne and Thalionwen

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A tale from the enchanting world of Terra. Tyne is visited by the God Waylas and told of a great evil that only he can defeat.

Fantasy / Action
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The Tale

The city of Ordus was not always known as the city of thieves. Long ago it stood, proud and pure as the capitol of Tremere. The streets were clear of filth, the people did honest work for honest pay, and war had not yet touched the land. But with time the city did fall. It's once grand temple is now but a pile of stones, the streets have been stained by the blood of the dammed, and toxic clouds hang low from years of codema (drug) production. It seems as if all hope has left this city, and that would be true if not for what lies below.

In the days of gold, before the city became a place of death and debauchery it served as the capitol and the home of the first elven king; Tyne. When he was but an elfling he had a vision. In a dream the Eternal (God) Waylas the giver of breath appeared before him and spoke of how one day he would unite the kingdom and take his rightful place as king. He gifted to Tyne a dagger named Thalionwen "She is alive with spirit, and shall be your guide and friend. Guard her with your life for she is the savior of Terra (earth). Upon receiving the dagger it bound itself to Tyne's soul and from then on would grow and change as he did. Before he woke Waylas spoke of the young elf's future "you will rule in peace for 100 years, then a child of the fourth son will bring your death." Being an elf this news frightened Tyne. 100 years is nothing to the immortal elf. Why would he be given such a short amount of time as king? If he would bring peace then why not let him live and in turn let peace stay? These paralyzing questions ran through his already frazzled mind. "Do not be frightened, for death is not the end for you. It is but a new beginning. In death you shall ascend to the realm of my kin. You will become Eternal (a God). But I must warn you, your reward in death comes at a price in life. You must never see the land of your ancestors, for you will become bewitched by its shores as thousands have before you, and by the time you awake from your trance it will be too late. Terra and all who dwell in it will have been burned by a great darkness." And with those last words of warning Tyne awoke. Afraid and covered in cold sweat he thanked The Eternals that it was only a dream, until he felt something in his hand; the dagger Thalionwen.

In time the elfling grew into a strong elf and as promised the dagger grew with him. By the time he was 77 years old it had become a shining sort sword. He trained with his fellow elves and even a few humans in magic (at that time humans regarded magic as evil and stayed far away from it), sword fighting, archery, and at the age of 17 he hired a tutor to teach him math, literature, and the history of the kingdom. He knew the road that was laid before him would test not only the strength of his body, but of his mind as well.

In the 77 years of his life he had seen dozens of elves heed the call of the ancestors and set sail for the Elf Islands. He envied them and wished to see the shores that his father spoke of so lovingly. One by one his friends left, and he grew bitter in sadness. His heart was already breaking when Wenna; the she elf he loved, heard the voices of the elders and left him with tears in her eyes. Not a year later he heard it too and became mad with longing. He became angry at The Eternals for choosing him and a few times even went to the docks to board a ship heading for The Elf Islands. But he never did. Just before boarding Waylases words would echo in his mind. "You must never see the land of your ancestors, for you will become bewitched by its shores as thousands have before you, and by the time you awake from your trance it will be too late. Terra and all who dwell in it will have been burned by a great darkness."

In the absence of Wenna his heart turned to stone. Thalionwen became heavy, the hilt faded to black, and the mettle of her blade turned a murky grey, shining no more. He focused all of his attention on his training. By the time he was 120 years old he had become a legendary sword fighter, highly skilled in the magical arts, and his mind had become quick and clear. Though his skills in archery had not improved due to the fact that he hadn't touched a bow since Wenna left, it was always her favorite. He had in time learned to ignore the honeyed words his ancestors would whisper to him, he no longer felt the intense temptation that the islands once held for him. The need to return home had become almost like a dull ache and while he had learned to live with it the fact that it would never go away cut him deeper than any blade ever could.

The year of Tyne's 158th birthday elves began returning. He was reunited with close friends and felt himself slowly becoming whole again. Thalionwen began to shine in the light of the sun as he once again trained with his oldest and closest companions. Three years after the blade began to shine the sword began to change once more. The hilt lost its dark color, and the weight that once filled the grand pommel vanished. It grew in length and sharpness; she became stronger and could move through the air with ease. And this change could have only been brought on by one thing; Wenna had returned.

Tyne and Wenna were married one month after her return, at the temple of the Eternals in the heart of the city. With Wenna by his side the voices of his ancestors grew quieter and it became easier for him to face his destiny as king.

On the night of his 175th birthday Tyne had his second vision. Waylas returned to him and told him of the great evil that would cover Terra in fire was rising, and it was time for Thalionwen to serve her purpose. "The great evil will be released by that of a man. A man that you call king."

King Elgar the fifth thought that he was the greatest king who ever lived. So great in fact that he believed no one else deserved the throne, especially his four sons; Endras, Victor, Irvin, and the youngest Leo. He banished them all from the kingdom and from then on dedicated his life to trying to find a way to become immortal. And through means of black magic he did.

"He intends to raise the dragon Cruentus from the dead. He thinks that he can defeat the beast and claim his soul and those who possess the soul of a dragon will not age, fall sick, or die for five thousand years. You must use Thalionwen to slay the dragon before Elgar can capture his soul and then you must use her once more on Elgar."

Each day passed by quicker than the last until finally darkness filled the afternoon sky as smoke rose from the burning fields and the once white stone buildings of Ordus were turned black by dragon fire. Cruentus destroyed everyone and everything that his large yellow eyes saw.

The once confident king cowered at the sight of the great dragon and took shelter behind his tall castle walls. Only one being stood before the almighty Cruentus. Tyne charged, Thalionwen in hand he battled with the beast for hours. Diving behind charred piles of rubble and running at speeds only an elf could run at, he dodged every flaming attack until finally he climbed his way up to the top of the tallest tower in Ordus (the tower at the temple of The Eternals) and saw his chance.

Bravely he leapt from the tower landing on the clueless creatures back and as quick as he could ran up the beast's spine. He shoved Thalionwen into the dragon's skull, holding on for dear life while Cruentus flailed and thrashed about.

The monster let out one final roar before falling to the ground dead, and while the beast was certainly slain and the city safe Tyne still had one final task.

He broke through the castle doors and quickly captured the frightened king. "Elgar, son of Elron and self proclaimed king of Tremere you have selfishly brought this evil upon your land and its people, a crime that will not go unpunished" Tyne spoke while lifting the cowardly man up from behind his throne.

"And how do you intend to do so master Elf? For who would forsake a king as great as me when it is willed by someone as low born as you? Tell me, justice or no, who would follow the word of an elf?" the king mocked with an evil smile.

"Anyone who enjoys living." And with that Tyne shoved Thalionwen into the belly of the mad king before truthfully claiming the kingdom as his own.

Tyne served as king for 100 years just as Waylas had foretold and Tremere was at peace all 100 years. The people were fed, the economy was strong, and the taxed were fair. Until the Elgar the Mad's grandchild Marcus son of Leo marched on the castle with his eight sons and killed Tyne. His family fled to The Elf Islands where they would be safe, all but Wenna.

Upon Tyne's death Waylases promise was fulfilled, he ascended towards The Realm of The Eternals where Waylas and all the others greeted him with proud smiling faces. But Tyne was not so happy. "What is wrong my brother? You have defeated a great evil and will be known as one of history's finest kings, you are now Eternal, and yet you cry." Waylas questioned.

"It's his heart." Hoden the Eternal Lover spoke knowingly. "Half of it is missing; I can fix it, if you permit." He spoke to the group of Gods and Goddesses. The vote was unanimous and Wenna was allowed to join Tyne. Though she is not technically an Eternal.

Now Ordus sits in the shadow of the great city it once was, but some believe there is still hope for the city to become strong again. Legend has it the before Tyne died he built a labyrinth underneath the city of Ordus and that is where he hid Thalionwen. Only the blood of Tyne will be able to find her, take back the throne and restore peace in the Kingdom.

Terra waits with breath that is bated.


I own everything. I own the world that is Terra and all the characters that reside in it and rule it. This is a work of fiction any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is merely a coincidence. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the first of many Tales From Terra.

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