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The ruler of the Imperium, she will not let the one she seeks escape her grasp..... The Crimson Queen is evil personified, brutality manifest..... On the run, the companions must find a means to escape the Imperium, but how can you escape from an island kingdom in the sky?

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prolugue: Queen of the Imperium

The Crimson Queen glared in anger on the Innkeeper and on his wife. The Innkeeper fell fast upon his knees.

“..... I beg of you, please forgive us? We did not know who the boy was.....He has become merely an assistant for my business. Forgive us..... Let my wife be..... I will alone take responsibility for this decision.”

“..... You lie! I can see true the facts within the eyes of your wench..... She has accepted the boy knowing who he is and has brought him up as her own..... You will both be imprisoned for six in seasons of The Majius..... Your sentence will begin immediately..... Your business and all of your holdings that remain are now the property of The Imperium.”

The Innkeeper’s wife rose up against the judgement of The Crimson Queen.

“No! I will not let you!”

The Innkeeper broke free from the grips of the armored sentries as The Crimson Queen shifted before the woman as if she were flaming smoke. Her right hand biting into the woman’s neck with flaming nails. The Innkeeper’s wife hoisted into the air for the Crimson Queen’s delight of sacrifice.

“No! Let her go! Burn me, let alone my wife!”

One of the sentries advanced fast on the man, the blade of his crimson sword slicing deep into the man’s back from behind.

Blood spewed from the man’s moth. The Innkeeper fell to his knees once again.

This time the man was helpless as he watched his wife ignite in crimson flame. The woman screamed as she burned.

The Crimson Queen now shifted to the spilled puddle of the Innkeeper’s blood. Snapping her right index and ring finger to trigger one of her three rings’ stored magic; the blood ignited as if it were oil for a lantern. The Innkeeper too was quickly set ablaze.

The High Sentry now approached his queen and knelt a knee.

“..... The Beast, my queen..... He shall not be happy on this sacrifice that is away from mention of its blood craving interests. Might I do the honors in settling its rages?”

The Crimson Queen looked on the two sentries that allowed the Innkeeper to wrestle free. The two were standing perfectly still. The older of the other was sweating profusely.

“..... Yes..... Feed them bot to The Beast..... I will not accept such weakness from that of my royal guard.”

The two sentries were quickly seized. Their armor immediately removed.

One large orcish looking humanoid, a giant of a man with tusks for molars and red leathery flesh for skin approached the two, a large spiked club in its two hands.

“..... Cripple them! Break their legs that they can not flee from The Beast.”

The Crimson Queen returned to her throne contented by her one enforcer’s decision to make itself readily known.

Berthed from the deepest of infernal pits; the demon raised its implement of pain and arced the weapon low swinging hard upon the two sentry’s exposed knees.

The cracking and splintering of bone tearing through flesh caused the executioner to smile wickedly as it proceeded to do the same to their shoulders.

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