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Chapter 1: The One Infernal

Her eyes blazed in ingots of smoldering rage.

Dark words of infernal magic carried on her voice, her tongue wisps as a serpent's hiss.

The summoning circle, a pit of brazen skulls piled high in a pyre of towering ritualistic conformation.

Brimstone reached her nostrils, this scent nothing new to her existence; for The Crimson Queen, she has been berthed of many origins infernal.

The skulls, followers sacrificed to her servitude for eternal life's expansive existence.

The souls of the fallen gathered in the raised elements of the pyre; elemental entities of flame and of ash.

Empowered by unseen forces of guarding, the sigils of warding carved on the surrounding ring of stones circumference in a radial outline of the pit's exterior; raise a mystical barrier of elemental containment.

The devils within moaned and raked at the barrier.

The queen watched the entities of infernal flame unintimidated by their visages.

"..... Lords of infernal flame..... Whom is it you do serve?"

..... You, my queen.... It is and forever be you that we serve.....

The Crimson Queen turned her back on the devils, her mind's eye still gauging their reactions from behind.

One of the infernal elementals raised flaming claws; its eyes raging with abyssal energies, ready to rake out at her from behind.

The Crimson Queen sneered, her eyes flaring a bluish white; as she turned fast on the devil, her right hand phasing easily within the barrier to grip at the entities throat.

The devil screamed, as his energy was transmuted rapidly by her touch. Elemental life giving flames rapidly chilled. From the infernal elemental's neck to its forged face and head of flame; it froze in a transformation of cracking blue and white crystalline ice. The devil shattered before its brood.

The remaining devils wailed aloud.

"..... I need but one of you..... The bravest and the strongest.... Where is the one I seek.....

Where is the one of whom you follow?"

The many extinguish in the wake of the one's awakening.

Arms crossed, large of size. His power under his influence alone. The red skinned infernal elemental raised his brows to his queen. His flames doused as he stands before her.

..... What have you of my servitude this day, my queen?

"..... Journey to Dominion, and locate the four huntsman..... I have a job for them.....

Bring the huntsman to me by daybreak."

By your command my queen..... Release me, and I am at your service.

With the snapping of her right thumb and ring fingers, the mystical leash of sundering falls free from around the one's throat.

The one infernal elemental, the greatest of all the fire devils; it walked through the mystical barrier and bowed to the queen as she slowly returned to her throne.

I shall return with the four huntsman by noon-feast, and if they will not succeed in finding these student mages; I will be of service to deal wit their failures.

The one became as a living jet of flame.

The torches lining the walls fed by a regular supply of lighting oil, the infernal elemental entered the fuel canal and traced to concrete pipeline to the pumps.

The ground split as the one raised quickly from the main fuel canal and found a new path beneath the ground. Natural veins of flowing lave from the world's core the infernal elemental's preferred method of transport.

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