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I was convinced the gods never loved me when they paired me with Brady the single most conceit, selfish and arrogant person who ruined my life. Sit idly and let fate be was the last thing I'd do. An Alpha getting dealt by the gods a same-sex partner although not impossible is unheard of. And Malik feeling the bond to his mate is a literal dream come true he's been patiently waiting for all his life. That is until it turns out the gods also think he's a joke, just like what Brady thinks of him. Same Brady with his mean posse and same Brady who managed to ruin his childhood out on the field and his high school life miserable. Is the same Brady who is his mate? Refusing to accept his fate Malik decides to keep the truth to himself and hide in the shadows until death comes for him which will happen. What happens when Brady comes back home to the pack sick to death because his mate won't show themselves? And what happens when the pack is required to show up for physical checks by the were-people-council who are desperately trying to save their future Alpha for the political, social and economic stability of their wide and large pack?

Fantasy / Romance
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Ever since I was little my mother would put my sister and I to bed by telling us folklores she knew by heart. She and dad were part of the werepeople-council for our entire region, one of the biggest packs in the west coast and she was pretty much the brains for the council. She claimed her brain just her skin would never age for the worst.

It was a full moon and Malia had gone out with her delinquent friends to spy on the older kids who were throwing a bonfire party halfway through ma’s storytelling in words unspoken she knew why I couldn’t tag along on Malia’s adventures.

Malia liked to run in circles who found fun in taunting me for my smaller and feminine features.

All the taunting and sneering at Brady Victrolli’s lead.

Mama’s hand cupped my cheek with warmth and love then went on with the storytelling giving me more details than she’d ever given me about our kind, details I would come to learn weren’t much different from my fate.

“I don’t get it mama” I really didn’t understand

“What don’t you get Malik honey?” She brushed my hair from my face and smiled down at me her eyes having taken a turn for a sea-blue in color. They changed color for no reason sometimes.

“The whole thing, can’t witches break the bond if it causes that much hell to one of the mates?”

Her laugh echoed in the room “oh honey, there are no witches and besides the bond was not made by the gods to be broken, it only causes hell if you fight it."

The gods always knew what they were doing, they never made mistakes and even at that age I trusted them with both of my beings. At that time I was in middle school, the town we lived in had a larger population of oblivious humans who thought of werewolves in the same way they thought of meta-humans, actual world peace and talking chipmunks.

There were rumored vampires but none of us had ever caught a whiff of them ever. Malia my twin sister always hung out with the older girls and by association thought she was older than me just like Mateo our family’s Nevanji (first born male) she liked to taunt me and tease me feeding me lies sometimes about how my werewolf form was an outrageous abnormal shade of neon green, or about how they both weren’t my siblings and I was just a science experiment for humans in Washington.

They liked how gullible I was.

Humans had options when it came to love. They could choose with liberal freedom whom they wanted to spent the rest of their lives with solely from heart or choose to be alone clear of any partner and not have it affect their health or social standing.

Whereas for us werewolves we were created in such a way that to put it simply. Our human form could only stand to live with one soul and house our werewolf form. Now this soul we had was only half a soul and the other soul was put in another ′vessel of a being.′ We would all eventually find when the time is right.

This was what was considered the mate factor and the gods carried everything holding time and place particularly important factors for everything thus we didn’t have designated days or years for when we were obliged to find our mates.

Some felt the pull at 8 others at 18 most at 28 a handful at 38 it could really happen at anytime.

According to the books I’d read and the stories mama told me you had only ten years after your first pull to seal the bond with a kiss before the cloud of death would come for both of you.

Not that it would concern me though.

I couldn’t wait to be mated.

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