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chapter9: outted

Dry leaves heaved below my boots as the cold cut through my skin, through my thin shirt making me shiver. My torso, face included felt tightened and numb, my hands crossed over my heaving chest shielding me from my animalistic reflexes to scratch.

I swallowed a lump in my throat as sense of my sin washed over me and settled in my joints and stomach. My eyes welled up instantly at the fact that I had gotten caught. My gaze fell to the ground as humiliation washed over my spirit and I couldn’t bear to look up and read the judgement in everyone’s eyes it was clear enough in their rough snarls, murmurs and slow rising wimps with varying amounts of warbling.

“Malik, say it isn’t true?“Came my mother’s disappointed voice.

I swirled ready to turn and make a run for...anywhere away really when I was surrounded by the army who circled me with oleander flower ashes temporarily binding my abilities to read open mind links or even form shift.

The crowd’s gasps carried even louder and the disgruntled cries grew thicker.

I faced the council choking on my own dry mouth “I can explain.”

There wasn’t much to explain that would be understood by his fan club which was just about the entire pack. They all gasped acting holier than thou and widened their eyes taking in every word I was bound to say with their sight as if it was the sense in charge of hearing.

Someone from the section where girls were huddled yelled “HE’S A TRAITOROUS COWARD”

Another from the boys section “HE SHOULD BE IMPRISONED RIGHT AWAY”

Noise was ignited with people agreeing with them and murmuring more about my less than stellar behavior.

Ahead of me Dani knelt her back hunched in a complete bow crying her flood of tears into the round.

I looked to the council members and they all looked unfazed but on closer inspection I could smell the disappointment off of them.

The clouds darkened and a thickened wind sprang by. I’d lost my natural abilities but I still had my human sense of sight which allowed me to see the spiritual chair fall on her knees dramatically with a thud. Her eyes bloody red and wailing to the gods in anguished surrender.

The woman fell harder to the ground bleeding from her nose, her claws clutching at the hard floor beneath her as she wiggled helplessly in pain. That was usually a sign for her receiving dangerous premonitions, which usually resulted in bloodshed.

And I would probably be the cause of it this time, so to speak.

My gaze trailed to my father who had his head buried in his hands massaging his temples and mom had since moved closer to him standing just an inch behind him her hand sitting on dad’s broad shoulder and when we made contact her irises were a clotted by a dying honey yellow and green. She shook her head in disapproval and my eyes felt heavy, hooded with shame and tears.

My vision much like my hearing was spotted behind a wet fog but I could still make out the sound of Brady’s angry growling.

Out of nowhere I saw his figure appear before me grabbing me harshly by the neck of my shirt and through gritted teeth demanded “why would you do this to me?”

Tears involuntarily ran free and wild down my cheeks as it thundered tiny droplets of the first rains.

He closed his eyes, both Tyler and Greg hurried to his side, preventing Brady from hurting me any further. He roughly sniffed my neck and his eyes glistened back to a blue before going back to the blind dark grey then he lamented to his friends “It’s really him! I was right all along! I told you!!”

Sir Isaac was pulled closer to Brady and me by the neck of his shirt by Tyler. The medic patted down on Brady’s working legs and he faced the stunned council and said “I can’t explain it.” He focused back on Brady to examine his eyes and said “you know what will bring back your sight right?” he was talking to Brady but his gaze was uncomfortably fixed on me.

As if on cue the rain poured down rebelliously wild against the oddly strong wind.

We both looked up to the sky and locked eyes when we came down.

His silvery grey piercing eyes bore into mine as if he was reading me and seeing through me but they hadn’t changed their deep darkened shade back yet even after the contact so I knew he had not gotten his sight back yet.

Which made me feel bad but it was to hell with regretting any choice I made, he deserved everything and for his way ward ways I was gonna die too but it’d be worth it so with strength I shoved his hands off my shirt which sent him stumbling back to the wet ground.

“Don’t touch me!!” I yelled wiping my face

The estate’s security came fast to arrest me right as his friends were helping him up and with crossed spears behind me led us both away from the garden away from the blood thirsty crowd and into the house up the stairs straight to the council’s room at Alpha Victrolli’s command.

We walked through crowds of people who seemed ready to have my neck at any moment if it wasn’t for my breath being directly linked to their precious Alpha. They were screaming obscenities at me, most were growling and the chant they were moving to called for my best friend’s blood.

Hate filled their eyes and their loyalty to the Alpha blood made them blind and stupid.

I hated them all, especially when a stone was cast to the back of my head just before we walked through the large doors.

The doors were pushed close and the noise from the protests outside died.

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