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chapter11: This Is Treason

This time I didn’t betray my prerogative to stay silent even though I felt my cheeks burning up due to the heat that was radiating off Brady’s body. My body was tingling with need, need for him to reach out and touch me, it was part of my biological make up that couldn’t be avoided especially with him so close to me.

It had been years since I’d last been touched in the way I wanted Brady’s hands on me.

He pushed his hands off the wall and body off me then impatiently rubbed his fingers down his groomed stubble and leaned on the door for support asking “am I not good enough for you?” his tone actually sounded sincere and all the fight in me wanted to just wither away softly for all and love this man.

I looked him up and down taking in his form as subtly as I possibly could. I swear there was a strong primal part of me that just wanted to love him and perhaps even consider that I was over reacting.

I have no idea how it is possible but Brady looked better than he did in high school.

He’d grown taller standing at two or three maybe five inches over my frame, the Victrolli Nevanji had grown a nicely shaven five o’clock shadow that sat on his handsome face which was framed with dark as midnight shorter than it used to be hair a layered cut whilst mine was was not as dark and pulled back into a basic man bun. I hated it.

His hair looked luscious; darker than I remembered it to be and all I wanted was to run my fingers through that hair maybe bring his face closer to mine by the back of his neck.

“Malik?” his voice shook me from my day dream

“What is it about me that you hate so much?” he pleaded having taken my hand and rubbing butterfly circles on the inside of my wrist with his thumb.

Him touching me wasn’t helping with my traitorous beating heart or problem down south.

My eyes met his and I was stupid offended by how much he did not remember or maybe by how much he was pretending to not remember, I scoffed. I wasn’t as gullible as he still remembered me to be, ‘a simple minded child who believed into their tales and played into their tricks.’

I’d grown up, accomplished my own achievements outside of the pack and outside of his grasp as a young adult who couldn’t be controlled by the wrong head. I felt so offended by how selfish he still was I truly felt my blood boil the anger seeped into my blood stream deeper through my veins.

The gods really had forsaken me.

I clasped my fist in and out trying to contain the poisonous emotion but not much relief was coming up and I knew I was either going to punch him or kiss him. I wanted neither so I moved angrily over to the closed window pathetically running away from his heat.

The entitled Alpha blood followed me “Talk to me Malik.” He stood too close behind me “You’re killing me here. Literally." He said brushing his fingers on the back of my neck. I shrugged his paws off me.

Guilt buried itself in me and suddenly I started to feel pathetic as I thought of the words to describe why I hated him so bad.

I just knew that to everyone else my reason for choosing death as a way out of fate once put into words of my shallow vocabulary and somewhat social anxiety would be reason enough to render me childish, immature and stupid.

And perhaps it was but all his teasing and taunting growing up made me hate myself to the point of missing out of normalcy of a typical childhood both at school and at the meadow with our peers not to mention high school.

We stood in silence for over a minute.

“What will you do with Danielle?” I inquired.

He moved away from the window and I couldn’t feel any emotion from his gravely oddly hoarse voice when he said “It’s not up to me. The arms of the pack will decide.” He stopped by the table as he half sat at the edge of it and went on “She’s an accomplice to treason and the price is her head.”

I felt my heart constrict with pain, so much pain and guilt and regret “They can have my head instead she knew nothing of this!! I coerced her into this she knew nothing and should be spared!! please.” I said fighting the through the clog in my throat

“Your excuse is weightless Malik. We’re slaves of the moon not children of the sun we have a code of honor we’re all familiar with but it seems she chose you over her Alpha do you know what that means? Your friend chose you over her pack, her family. You’ll be pardoned because you’re mine...but her, Danielle she’ll face...” he swayed his hand through the air looking for a word “uh punishment.”

I stood frozen in place unbelief circling my consciousness.

“You call beheading punishment?” I spat out fighting through the tears that were threatening to shower down my face when a knock resounded at the door.

He left the desk and went to open the door when one of the council members the one who’d yelled ‘treason’ earlier came in “When her alpha fell ill she should’ve come forward with the truth offering up any information that would save her Alpha and us all.” The council member said directly to me holding up a two bullet letters in his left hand for Brady to grab.

“What is this?” Brady asked his eyes squinting at the written text.

The council head switched the letter from him with another one as he cast me a cold glare. Brady opened it and traced the contents in the letter with his fingers that was in Braille, eyes closed.

“Sorry to bother you right now but a crowd is gathered outside calling for the standard punishment of your mate’s accomplice.” He spared a glance my way as he continued “They want it to be at your call and I’m afraid if we don’t act now a riot will erupt.”

Brady squeezed at his eyes and I moved closer to the table “Without a trial?” I demanded yanking the bullet letter from councilor’s hands and looked over at the never ending signatures demanding for my best friend’s death.

Brady spoke up just as the letter was pried from my hands by the council member “We will act on it right away. Set up the court and alert everyone that as soon as the rains stop today we will proceed.”

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