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Chapter13: Execution

“Stay with my brother” Mateo commanded Greg in a venomous voice I had next to no experience hearing from him as he squeezed my shoulder with brotherly affection before he climbed over the edge of the balcony and carelessly jumped down.

We were still stood on the apex of the tallest building on the mansion, so I ran over the edge calling after him hopping he’d survive.

Werewolves are ground to earth we can’t fly.

Thankfully he had clawed on the building edges as he continually jumped down “I’m fine” he glanced below him jumped down again making sure he wasn’t drawing attention to himself before he whisper shouted “Tell Greg to open his mind link to me!!”

It was Mateo, I obeyed no questions asked.

Greg moved over to the edge his eyes scanning the distracted crowd moments before he threw down a syringe with a pink liquid down the balcony.

He leaned back and faced me “I still don’t understand what your problem with Brady is?” Greg was possibly the least intense of the trio yet right now in his body language and facial expression toward me you’d think otherwise. His tone startled me, the way it was calm yet... unsettling. It made me shiver with a metaphorical grey cloud of fear over me.

I swallowed, squared my shoulders up and bit my lip in order to stop the sass back that was on top of my tongue-sassing my fail proof defense mechanism. Turns out I didn’t need to work so hard at biting my tongue as Greg spoke again “You know what sucks. You haven’t changed. Still so stuck up, too emotional worse than a prissy un-claimed bitch in heat and you act like you’re above us. It was annoying then and it’s annoying now, hell you don’t deserve him with that attitude and best believe we’re all praying the gods made a mistake here.”

“Greg stop!” Brady’s voice barricaded in my mind, it came like a whiplash causing me to fall to the ground.

“Are you ok?” Greg asked as he held me up. I nodded getting up and searching the Luna area we were at for Brady.

But he was seated in the arena facing the crowd.

It was impossible how I’d heard his voice, Greg must’ve been puzzled too from the look he was wearing. “You were on the link line?” he asked hesitatingly brows furrowed as if he already knew the answer but was scared of it.

Hell! I knew the answer too and it scared me more.

The were-army surrounding me was wearing lockets filled with oleander flower ashes that stunted all my were-abilities yet I’d been able to invade the mind link between Brady and one of his best friends-a Beta.

The mindlink invasion scared me even more because under my normal abilities I shouldn’t have accessed a mind link with a blue-blood let alone one that was next in line to be alpha without consent whatever this glitch was, was impossible

“Malik, look at me” Brady’s voice spoke with an undeniable authority

I moved out of Greg’s arms, standing on my own as I faced Brady from the distance. Our gazes met across the fields as a cool breeze passed in the post rain air. Looking at him made my blood rush, the hairs on my skin stood erect as the ability to breath was chased out of me at the sight of his face.

There was something celestial and serene about watching him in that chair, the throne something in the way he looked at me. It was as though he didn’t hate me. The accelerating beat of my heart jammed up and my veins felt hot with the swish rush of blood. My mouth dried, i didn’t have any abilities left in me but i swear I smelled the scent of my mate. Along with the scent of rising dust that was sweet, thick so tangible I could almost taste it in my mouth through my nose as any able bodied werewolf is supposed to he smiled at me and without thinking I mirrored the gesture.

I smiled at him?

Him Brady?

Yet even through the realization of who I was smiling at, I could control neither myself nor my wolf to continue smiling back nor the spike in my heart rate.

“Your smile was always my favorite feature on you” Brady spoke on the mind link; his compliment did it for me. Shot me out of my reverie back to what really mattered Danielle.

I huffed quietly before I drew my gaze away from him.

He came back on the mind link again, this time entering it the way you enter a predator’s nest...squatting with open palms that show surrender and submission...he came back on the link...with caution...same caution you have when you lay down a fussy kid for a nap. “Let’s get out of here just you and I?.” He asked

I scoffed, anyone would scoff too “And just leave this ceremony whilst it’s still happening? Why?" I asked

“Because" he said as I watched him rise to is feet along with the rest of the council as Dani’s case was being outlined by the legal counsel “I want us to get to know each other without the pressure” he said this as he was now holding the fire out garble to the pleased howling crowd.

I didn’t answer right away.

I busied myself with the crowd that was howling as the trumpets blared through the arena practically encouraging the animal in the people to awaken and snarl at the criminal that was being brought out of the steely barred gates.

Said criminal was my best friend, who now strode into the arena cuffed with wet ropes dipped in oleander flower ashes, her wrists looked green and bloody yet her stoic facial expression seemed decidedly unremorseful and resigned.

It was unnerving and frustrating that neither of us could access each other’s mind link.

Dani didn’t even look as distraught I’d left her or expected her to look, she had no emotion showing on her face, it was as though I was looking at a vessel of Dani that didn’t carry her spirit any longer.

A young maiden she-wolf stripped Dani bare back as the masked guards rounded her preparing her area of punishment. They moved around her bare human form three times in sync with the beat of the drums, chanting and ululating.

The spiritual council outlined the code of honor amongst the were-people.

The whole ceremony cut through and I listened intently for any silver lining but it seemed Dani’s fate was already set, it bothered me and made me feel worse as person that she didn’t even seem as scared. I was literally looking at strength in the face of death, undeserved death no less.

In the crowd I found her family their fragile composure and the lines of grief and pain eating into the life of their faces they seemed to echo what was going on in my gut. I faced the crowd with my back before I sank down against the wall resting my elbows on my bent knees and tried to breath unable to control the hot free pouring of tears.

Like an echo from imagination I heard screams in the distance and Brady’s voice calling me, I ignored it all until I couldn’t because all of a sudden He was in front of me, picking me up just in time to escape a fire bolt that had been thrown my way from the hand a foreign face.

A fire bolt from a hand?

“Brady” I gasped as surprised as I was grateful.

“It’s a witch invasion” he explained giving me no time to protest the mortifying way he lifted and carried me over his broad shoulder, his hand unnecessarily supporting me merely inches away from my backside.

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