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Chapter16: A Few Weeks Later

I had been were-lawfully declared a flight risk before I was sentenced to live at the Alpha compound until our Oracle received instruction from the gods on how I could be dealt with since my head was out of question.

I could easily sense everyone else was curious to hear the motivation behind my decision not to accept my gods’ given mate but Sir Victrolli was all about prioritizing the pack’s safety from outside forces higher in comparison to interrogating me.

It was relieving at first but four weeks later with no word from the witch or Mr. Hannez who still regarded me with no acknowledgement I found myself always on edge, for Dani and I had pledged ourselves to yet another plot against Brady, yet another sea to drown in heavy secrets.

This time though our secret was much worse than the first and I definitely dreaded the feelings Brady would show towards me after the truth came out.

I don’t know what I owed it to-was it age or time? I don’t know but Brady had been nothing but kind in his respect and hospitality when and where I expected him to be short with me. We weren’t close but we talked and each time I found myself considering outing Mr. Hannez for his less than desirable brown nosery.

Throughout the weeks into the end of a season, the Alpha compound was filled with busy people who either came wounded, with gold barred trucks that stored cuffed witches in the back and scurried hurriedly across the compound lips tight with secrets only those in the military, council and hunting departments had the executive privilege of knowing.

I was in neither and had been required to apply before I was allowed to volunteer at the clinic where they could best appreciate my skills in medicine.

From time to time I’d run into Brady, we’d bant a little about the weather and sometimes about politics and pop culture we skimmed almost every topic except talk about the other night. In all my time spent with him or spent watching him proved that up close he wasn’t the person I saw him as, he’d grown up and he was so fucking hot but above that I liked his intelligence, strength, patience and everything.

He treated me with a kindness that sometimes crossed to flirting and I found it attractive.

Needless to say, I felt childish, I felt as if I was too emotional...I felt worse about myself.

As the days turned into night for weeks the echo of the witch’s threat would ricochet my mind and leave me on the verge of tears, on this particular Sunday after my volunteering time at the clinic I felt dejected yet again especially after I pictured the smug look Mr. Hannez had given me as I passed him in the hallway on my way up the stairs.

On my way up the stairs I passed by a family portrait of the Victrolli’s, Brady caught my eye.

“He does look majestic doesn’t he?” someone spoke

“Alpha” I shifted from one foot to the next in place, despite living in the same quarters I didn’t run into him often. “I’m sorry am I in your way Sir?” I bowed slightly, moving closer to the walls so he would pass through freely, but he seemed glued to his spot as he stared at the portrait I was looking at.

“Don’t worry; I was coming to find you to let you know that we’ll all be out until midnight on some official business.” He spared me a glance before he pivoted ready to leave. He paused, cleared his throat and said “Whatever my son did I apologize and I pray you forgive and see how happy he is that you’re the one.”

He didn’t wait for my reply the Alpha left. He left me with the thought of his son on my mind.


A sharp shiver ricocheted down my throat, through my heart and settled in my stomach where it sat circling and mounting with the exciting residue feeling of Brady’s hands on me. I decidedly took my shirt off to cool down and closed my eyes as I lay on the cold floor counting sheep in an effort to fix the problem that was rising down south.

Needless to say that didn’t work because as soon as I closed my eyes my mind was haunted by the smoking images of Brady’s striking gaze on me from that day in the council’s office when he told me he’s always liked me, my body also remembered to the bone the way his hands and body felt on me before I ran out.

Before I knew it I was daydreaming a thousand squared make believe scenarios where I ended up naked, sweaty and under Brady’s strong, firm sweaty body in almost every single one of.

My heart rate increased, a sweat bead trickled down my forehead and speaking of heads I felt my traitorous body swell with excitement. I wanted Brady, I needed him and it felt like I wouldn’t function without him on me. Even though we hadn’t discussed the kiss, this wasn’t the first time my body and mind were swelling with this sort of reaction ever since the night in his room. The way his breath hit on my skin, the way he touched me and felt on me...

My primal urges were taking over; my wolf in fighting to come out to have its way with our mate.

For the first time in such a long time, I found myself contemplating seeking Brady’s special attention, but I knew I’d just seem pitiful showing up on his doorstep horny, needy and just oh so pitiful. My pride wouldn’t let me so I figured out the next best thing would be locking myself up in the shower room.

Normally for what I was about to do, I’d need a variety stash of inspiration to get me going or at least my werewolf ability of photographic memory. I had neither; I was paranoid about using their internet connection for this. By the time I reached the shower door I was already naked, and hornier as I felt the cool air against my bare skin.

I fumbled with the shower button as I impatiently balanced the lube bottle between my chin and chest, it fell. I groaned picking it up then applied a generous amount of lube on my palm. The feel of my hand on my dick was indescribable and very well pleasingly arousing so much I leaned my head back as my mouth let out a traitorous moan.

Which I muffled by biting my lower lip.

My palm continued to tighten impatiently stroking my as my other hand went up my pelvis area, up my chest where I started to nip at them with pinches imagining Brady Victrolli. My breathing became heavier, coming out in pants...I almost slipped and hit the wall with the back of my head yet I felt no pain as I blissfully came all over the floor.

A painfully long shower after two more rounds I made my way out of my room and headed for the kitchen with a grumbling stomach.

“Noone’s home.” Is the first thing Brady said to me when he joined me in the kitchen where I was placing my plate in the dishwasher. His tone was clear enough that this was a statement, not a question. I replied with a nod even though I was wondering why he stayed behind from official business.

“So listen we haven’t really hung out and now that everything’s almost dealt with, I was thinking we could watch a movie or just talk.” he asked as he lifted himself up on the kitchen island with ease right in front of me.

He asked a clear question which required a simple answer but for the life in me I couldn’t focus on any words, I opened my mouth to speak but my mind was all over and distracted. He was wearing a pair of dark sweat pants that hung low on hips; I saw a glean of skin on his pelvis area when he carelessly lifted himself up the table.

My heart rate picked up speed as I tried to subtly trail my gaze up his mighty god kissed form. I went up his lean yet well shaped chest and noted his chest that was rising and falling “Malik?” he reached out as my eyes went back to his sweat pants which outlined his...I panicked I hadn’t answered for too long.

Nervously, with an erratically beating heart I focused my eyes on his, but that was the last thing I should have done because his face was there and he looked especially handsome, the way his intelligent blue eyes glistened the way his lips were curling into a smile, the way his eyes were so blue I couldn’t focus.

The wolf grew needy and fuckin’ aroused again.

“It’s hot today” quickly I moved away from his proximity and went to open every window and binds...but they were already opened.

“Malik” Brady’s voice came up from behind me, too close and it did things to me “Turn around,” he said, his voice said carrying a gravelly ointment that stirred my heart rate and pulse to quicken with an unsatisfied need

I had to give in.

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