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Chapter17: The Devil Comes To Collect

I turned around. And all it would’ve taken to feel his lips on mine would have just required me simply lifting on my toes and pushing myself up through the tennis ball space between our faces. Yet I found myself just staring at him, in his blue they travelled from my own down to my lips. I still didn’t have my abilities but the potency of his scent that wafted to my nostrils into my brain and skin...oh my my my.

Even my gut churned, skin broke out in goosebumps reacting to all of him in the same way both my beings were magnificently aware of him and his lure. A sharp stream of desire struck my abdomen and spinal cord and took with it my sobriety, leaving me lightheaded with desire for my what my wolf was screaming belonged to us as decided by the gods.

I could swear up until this day that the room was electrically charged. My breathing was coming up worked and in pants, there was heat radiating between us drawing me magnetically to him I searched his eyes wondering if he’d make the first move, I wanted him to and when I thought he was about to, he didn’t disappoint.

Brady Victrolli slowly ran his long fingers through my hair, narrowed his eyes on me his blue eyes staring back into mine and regardless of my flaming nerves I finalized the space between us. His lips were softer than I expected, he ran a rough skilled tongue over my bottom lip then nipped on it lightly. My heart was blooming; it felt like it was opening up in the bliss of intense desire.

Never had a kiss felt so right, so fulfilling so sexy so meant to be.

Speaking of sexy Brady released a low growl as he pressed into my hips, encircling his hands to massage my ass pushing me closer to his hard, defined and enticingly aroused body, which smelled glorious. The way his hands were suggestively tugging the hem of my shirt and simultaneously roaming the skin on my ribcage in sensual rough touches made me ache and moan in delayed desire.

I needed him on me, in my blood.

With full intention rocked by the aching lust I dangerously fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, I wanted it off him. The clothing piece was too much clothing barrier between us and I needed to feel him, feel Brady on me his skin hot on mine.

We were now backing on the kitchen island where he groaned as he lifted me by my ass and sat me on the counter. He slowly hovered on top of me. Every movement of his precise and prickling as he settled himself between my shaky open legs; he pulled back swiped his pink tongue over his bottom lip and considered my form with an attractive lustful smirk gracing his sweet swollen lips “I’ve been wanting this since forever..” He said, in that tar gravelly deep voice of his that made me shudder under his glossy blue gaze.

I bit my trembling lip holding back a complaining moan from the lack of contact “Don’t look at me like that”

He chuckled and slowly positioned me differently on the countertop in between words of sweet nothings whispered into my ear. I felt a rush of blood coursing through my veins when his tongue dipped and fucked my ear whilst one of his hands teasingly fumbled with the waistband of my trousers as my body shuddered at the stimulation and my mouth sucked and nibbled on his thumb harder. My body arched searching for more contact, my fingers digging into his back only for the moment to be shattered when footsteps shuffled into the kitchen.

“Ohmy!” Mrs. Victrolli’s voice cried the same cry as me.

It was beyond mortifying she wasn’t just my Alpha-one entity with the actual Alpha-but she was also my mat-ahem-Brady’s mother. Who had just bore witness to me giving and receiving foreplay with her son in her kitchen under her damn roof...It was mortifying!

She didn’t exit the kitchen though “We brought guests.” She said her hand resting over her eyes; Brady reluctantly pulled himself off me and helped me down from the countertop in time for Mrs. Victrolli to peak through her fingers and see us decent.

It was too awkward I couldn’t look either of them in the eye for I was far too embarrassed as I was still in a state of arousal and I knew she could probably sniff the heat that surrounded me. Noone spoke but not for the voice that followed “Do you want us to give you room, perhaps more time alone?” the comment was delivered by a familiar raspy voice that carried with it a mocking tone and soon she appeared.

The witch who would turn Dani into a dog if I didn’t comply with her demands dressed in a pair of ripped denim pants tucked under Stella McCartney knee-high boots and a really cool looking worn-out leather jacket “You must be my nephew’s mate. I’m Jenna.” She leaned on the doorway playing with a pocket knife turning it in this and that way over her palm.

Before I could reply Brady spoke, “And you’re plenty admirable for turning yourself in, I’m calling this in.”

I was praying to the gods she had forgotten but clearly, my prayers were useless because she pushed herself off the wall throwing me a scheming full smile leading everyone to the living room area. “Before you do that there’s something you must know first Brady.” Then she dramatically paused serpentine eyes roaming the room’s decor.

“I told you I could only allow you five minutes but if you keep...” Mrs. Victrolli yanked an ornament from her hands and finished her sentence “...If you keep stalling I’m calling my husband and you know what he does to witches.”

Jenna fumed and she mumbled something in Latin that shattered all ornaments in the room. “I missed wreaking havoc in your house most.” She shrugged “Sorry not sorry.”

I looked at Brady.

I willed him to look at me, he didn’t and he didn’t even look fazed it was as though he was used to violent outbursts of magic like this one. And the way his mother sighed in exasperation implied that my assumption was right. I, on the other hand, had since left my state of arousal delving straight into a state of anxiety, regret, guilt and fear. Tsk I was a darn good mess mentally and emotionally.

“Jenna watch it ok!” Mrs. Victrolli warned with a hard tone.

“Or she can keep it and tell us what she’s here for.” Brady moved closer to me and encased his hand over mine protectively. “We already know you’re behind the attacks and if you’re here to negotiate your men back then...tsk tsk...” he continued to say but was cut off by Jenna’s malicious laugh

“Oh Brady darling, you’re still adorable and look cute playing Alpha.” she taunted, even though she didn’t look that much older than him to be saying comments like that.

“Just cut to the chase Jenna you said you could only talk in the presence of your nephew and his mate, so here we all are what do you want?” Mrs. Victrolli said with a tone that seemed worn out from possibly dealing with the same thing, issue or someone for over and over again.

Jenna played with a spark of fire in her hand; looked at me from under her long lashes, her dangerously beautiful blue eyes transfixing me into a nightmare in the day.

“Jenna the only reason you’re here is because you’re my sister but if you keep playing with us I will have to call my husband.”

“I’m here for Malik” she said grandly taking a seat in the Alpha’s chair one leg on top of the other, arms resting gracefully in the right pose you would expect from Maleficent, her smile widely shallow with a deep penetrating gaze that fell on me and communicated the evil intent of her mind.

I shuddered with prickles like dried thorns under her scrutiny.

Brady protectively came in front me blocking Jenna’s view “You’re really pushing it.” He said.

Mrs. Victrolli released her claws “I dare you to touch him, I’ve been nothing but patient with you for years.”

Jenna switched her legs putting them both on the ground before she put the one that was down before on top of the other one, played with a bigger spark of fire then threw it as Mrs. Victrolli.

Before both Brady and his mother could react the witch sent a wave of wind from her lips to put out the fire “you should’ve seen your faces!” She threw her head back laughing

His claws retracted and in instantaneous speed had made it to the witch held her face down harshly as his voice dripped a venomous “I don’t care that you’re my aunt, you’re still a murderous, unhinged witch and I’m putting you behind bars now!”

“No you won’t” Mr. Hannez came in through the unlocked door “Only an Alpha has the right and you’re not.”

“He hasn’t been coroneted yet but he’s been acting Alpha long enough,” Mrs. Victrolli said

“And he will never be coroneted.” Mr. Hannez smiled as my heart pounded through my ears in fear and dread of being outted “No pack can ever have an Alpha without a mate, or a dead Alpha.” He lowered his robe on top of the table. This was an act of him denouncing the current order of our council...government really.

“Like I said I’m here for Malik, he nicely offered to let me break his bond tie to your son,” Jenna said as she freed herself from Brady’s hold.

Everyone turned to me.

“I’m sorry,” I said crying, but I don’t think any tears were flowing.

“So it’s true?” he racked two shaky hands through his black as night—perhaps my heart at this point-- dishevelled hair. His blue eyes encased with flecks of silver and looked borderline smoked and tormented, he released a bitter chuckle lolling his head when I gave my answer in silence “Whatever I’m done it’s probably for the best.” Brady seethed as he pushed past everyone heading for the door.

“Brady!“I cried after him

He paused his knuckles shaking and pale from the hold he had on the door and said “You know what may have come off as me bullying you in school was just me listening to playground flirting tips that suggested nice guys finish last and I was a kid who bought into all of it and exercised my masculinity on you for your affection.” He sighed dejectedly “I wanted you to think I was cool, I wanted you to like me and understandably that’s a dumb excuse but...ack! just forget it”

“Brady!“I cried

His voice took its lenient Alpha tone and echoed in the room “I am sorry for everything and I’m sorry I drove you into thinking that killing yourself was a better option than to be with me. If you feel that this traitor and that serpent witch will help you break the bond to me...then go ahead and do as you please I’m fucking done. Done!”

The door banged shut his mother trailing behind him in tears.

And that’s when my tears rolled down to keep my guilt and regret company.

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