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Chapter19: Brady's Breaking Point


“So about breaking the bond?” Tyler raised the topic again, “Don’t do it.”

“For years I’ve wanted him and now that he’s mine by some law of the universe....” It was even useless to try to hide the choke in my voice “...he’s not mine, he doesn’t want me, never did and as much as it kills me to agree to it. I have to. I can’t see myself living a lifetime of loving someone who feels stifled by being with me you know...forget about my ego, it just hurts my feelings.”

“Regardless of what may Jenna is your aunt at the end of the day, she won’t kill you at least I don’t think so and besides we’ll have our Oracle to see to it that you receive the gods mercy to let you live...maybe even give you a second chance at finding a mate to help you in your Alpha reign.” Tyler offered.

The bar was bustling with laughter and life but my wolf was fading with anguish and the heavy bout of rejection. As a human, I was settling into the reality of my fate being sealed. My wolf though was facing the highway road of fatal uncertainty-gods mercy.

Our waiter brought us our second round of Tennessee whiskey.

After he left I lamented “Why and how the fuck were we mean to him though?”

“I don’t know man, we were all young and stupid back then but I clearly remember you and Tyler being dicks to him,” Evan said his gaze flickering after our waiter for the second time in minutes.

“My memory is distorted too but especially, you man.” Greg tilted his whiskey glass at me before he gulped it whole regarding Evan’s gaze with furrowed brows.

“What?” where my eyes held torment and anguish Tyler’s held an unreadable faint shame “When? How?”

Evan swiped a hand down his exhausted face “Fuck If I know where to begin it was so long ago but remember how you used to sniff him in school?” his smoky gaze flickering from the bar.

Tyler and Greg choked on their drink chiming in.

“Fuck yea, You used to sniff him out in school man. Don’t tell me you forgot it even landed you in detention...where you met the head cheerleader’s sister remember?”

“Who told everyone you fucked her,” Tyler chuckled to himself “but that was a lie, that got you some street cred...humans are impressionable creatures.”

That’s what the problem was ” No,” I didn’t particularly remember but It didn’t make it hurt any less as my circle of Betas and best friends continued to recount my sins and disheartening shortcomings towards my mate.

“It was terrible man, some humans in school started to think that he smelled because of you,” Evan said in a solemn voice.

“Ok, How did I make them think that we’re werewolves sniffing out our kind or whatever is not abnormal!” I was desperate.

“Yo Brady,” Tyler faced me “Whenever you stepped in a room, bathroom, hallway or whatever you would sniff out the air and announce it that Malik had been there simply by his scent...tell me that doesn’t imply that someone smells?”

“No, it doesn’t,” I said, feeling the torment seep deeper into my veins to make sure I knew I’d done this to myself, that I only had myself to blame for my rejection. “It doesn’t,” I said again but none of their scents was coming off convinced.

Evan’s distracted eyes were pulled away from the waiter as he leaned over the table to me and said “A few brave humans even asked you what your intentions were because they’d smelled him...they literally went up to him and smelled him and when he didn’t smell. Do you remember the notch you took up after that?”

I remembered and going back in motion through my distorted hazy memory was painfully cringe and I felt my wolf fade away, even more, cowering in undeniable guilt.

“You would announce it to everyone that pretty little Malik wore girls’ perfume.” Greg laced his reply with sympathy I didn’t deserve.

My excuse for this was weak at best but, “Because he smelled like Pomegranate and vanilla. Still does.”

Our table sat in angsty silence.

Their scents were wafting off regret, specks of guilt and the fact that I could smell that off them showed me how much they felt responsible for my fate.

The three of them were my Betas, their job was to enforce the law at my command, shield me and anticipate any ill omens to befall the pack on my behalf. And the fact that they hadn’t detected the most pivotal one put them all on edge for our gods’ wrath.

The gods had given me a mate, one that I mistreated-as did they-and because of that Malik ultimately chose to reject me even it meant death for him...twice...first when he hid from me and second when he made a treacherous deal with a traitor and my misguided witch of an aunt.

By design, a blueblood is supposed to be sought out by their partner by age twenty-one latest, where normal wolves didn’t have a set age to be sought or to seek.

By the time I turned nineteen I felt made-but I should have felt a pull to lay free and nice for my mate to easily find me, I still felt a pull towards Malik I deducted to lust and carnal desires since by all appearances he was mated, so I didn’t push our oracle hard-or at all- on finding my mate’s location since I wanted to hold on to the flicker of hope of stealing half of a moment...a romantic moment with Malik.

In all honesty, I knew I loved him, but the idea of him being mine and mine alone was absurd and it sucks to realize that the reason why was because I knew I didn’t treat him right...I was simply a mess around him.

Tyler broke the silence, his eyebrows raised, chin in his hand, eyes full of shame and the effects of whiskey “Well we all definitely missed the sign there because all I could smell on him was a raspberry lotion, but you insisted he put on girls’ insisted since you were twelve. And we all went along with it because we were stupid shrivelled dicks.”

Evan leaned back, “He reacted far too easily into all taunts.” his gaze flickered back to the bar.

I followed his gaze, to our bleached blonde waiter who was serving a customer.

Tyler chuckled fidgeting with the whiskey bottle “And he always carried himself as if he was better than us.” he raised his hand and snapped his fingers up for our waiter’s attention then snorted “It’s like he knew...even before he hit the pivotal puberty’s like he knew.”

“Looking back in retrospect everything does make much more sense now. Half of you was in Him, he had the Alpha in him. How come we never knew?” Greg asked, brows furrowed in thought and all.

“Oh but I think we did, we never taunted him when Brady was not around,” Evan said his exhausted gaze flicking to our waiter who was setting up our bottle in an ice bucket.

I met gazes with Tyler who was just as puzzled and annoyed at Evan’s distractfullenss.

“Ok dude, what the fuck?” Tyler spat

Evan was startled “What?”

“You’ve been doing that with your eyes and focus all night...everytime we come here. What the fuck man, did that kid steal your money or something?” Tyler sneered

Evan scoffed and instantly masked his scent, it was very clear he was trying to hide something “You know what, I’m going home I’m done for the night.”

He hastily rose from the chair and ran for the door and despite my doubts and opened our mind link and impulsively instructed: “Don’t leave come and talk to us.”

He froze, pivoted and when he reached our table after a remarkable suspended time he said: “The waiter is human?”

“No shit Sherlock.” Tyler retorted feigning shock “I am so shocked.”

“He looks younger but he’s just nineteen, a whole ten years younger than me,” Evan said, his gaze at everywhere but us.

I fixed him a look and he sat down with great reluctance, “I’m as straight as they come.” he flicked his gaze to the blonde again, “C’mon we’re all Lawyers by profession here. His age and especially his image is not good for my profile for when I run District Attorney.”

“Oh shit!” Greg and I said at the same time as Tyler lamented a “Not you too?”

Evan laughed, attacked the back of his neck-one of his nervous tales-and finally looked us in the eyes to tell us what we had already assumed and understood, “He’s my mate.”

Silence ensued.

It was impossible.

Said waiter stopped by our table a bill folder in his small hands standing right next to Evan, who looked visibly uncomfortable, “Sorry to disturb but my shift finishes in five minutes, and no worries I’ll leave you with Shelly there to look after you. So if you’d like you can settle your bill with her...or me.” he pursed his lips glossed together.

He was the complete and utter opposite of Evan, it was hilarious how all our scents meshed with an interest to him, “We’ll settle with you,” I said flicking my black card, and some cash for his tip. Greg and Tyler chipped in to extend his tip to be twice the amount of the bill. “The cash is yours,” I explained to his surprised expression.

Evan was just a log standing next to his oblivious mate.

“Well hello hello cash money.” he fixed us all his gracious gaze, but when it fell on Evan his cheeks caught his blush in a vibrant colour that left his attraction to no imagination. His eyes never left Evan’s “Thank you, beautiful men, do you have a phone I can put my number in?” he ran a hand through his bleached blonde short traces “So that you can call me to serve you next when you come in...for your drinks.” he chortled a flirt wrapped in a believable excuse.

“We’ll call the admin,” Evan said, his mate tried to mask his embarrassment as he walked away. “Well thank you this is the nicest thing that’s ever happened to me. Ever” his voice was honest, kind and troubled.

After he left, Greg popped the bottle open and poured everyone three fingers, “Since we’re sharing. Let’s take shots and hear out Tyler next...he’s been hiding things from us.”

“Fuck No!” Tyler leapt out of his chair and I gave him the same instruction on the mind link.

He came back took his shot, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and shocked us all when he said, “Whilst you were busy hiding from your human mate, dealing with your selfish reluctant mate and you enjoying the single life. I was out sick at the revelation of my joke of a mate.” he took a swig from the bottle and lowered his voice “My mate who is both evil and....” he finished with a mumble.

We laughed, it wasn’t often that Tyler seemed misplaced or timid “Say what? We couldn’t hear you.”

“I said she’s trans!!!” he said loud enough for everyone in the bar to hear, including Evan’s mate who had rounded up to the door ready to leave.

He stormed back into the bar, eyes narrowed straight to our table and slapped the tip on top of it “I knew this tip was too good to be true, I know the rumours people spread about me. But just because I’m a walking gay stereotype, and like to put on makeup does not mean I want to be a girl. There keep your’s not’re not funny.”

He turned ready to leave when Evan caught him by his arm and said: “We weren’t talking about you, Tyler here was talking about his partner.”

His mate seemed calmed, slightly “So that wasn’t a homophobic attack on me?”

“No we aren’t homophobic,” I said.

“So I just embarrassed myself for no reason?”

“Obviously now you heard about Tyler, this is Brady and he’s about to be married to a dude, who’s not much older than you are.”

We all fixed our heads to Greg’s unravelling mouth, but he seemed unbothered as he continued to dig in. “Here take the money, and please give your number to my friend Evan, he thinks you’re pretty and he’d like to take you out for a movie this weekend. Simba will be in theatres by then. Please say yes.”

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