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Chapter20: Witch's Court

Meanwhile With Malik|

Brady had left me. I turned to my right suddenly aware that I was now alone save for the witch and Mr. Hannez. My heartbeat was troubled and I stood with my eyes clouded by a gloomy darkness of wild, raging hot tears that overflowed down my face. My utterly weak deceiving heart beat too fast and too hard assailed by a panic attack under which lay a loss I deserved and had had coming.

How had the tables turned?

I couldn’t run after him and risk Danielle.

Yet here I was after Danielle and having lost him.

When was it that I lost my way?

I tried to multitask the weeping and mentally shuffled for the single most defining moment in all my life when there was a sign for me to heed but I couldn’t settle on anything. I couldn’t have ever taken him seriously. How could I when I recalled the flirty text he’d sent me the night his best friends poked fun at my dick and spread gossip that it was little?

For years I had had to deal with comments on my social media that suggested I change all my handles to little Malik...′ for clout you know’ they’d say

I fell to into a seat, head buried into my hands as one of my earliest memories played in my head. I’d finally made it to the playground where the older kids played at and I wanted to get my shot at congratulating Brady on a cool summersault he’d done the previous day in his wolf form at the were-kids camp training.

Even back then Brady was this unattainable friend paired with his beautifully scented blue blood made him seem so celestial in my eyes and at my core I felt that rejection would be worse if it happened in front of other people so I hung out in the corner by myself waiting for him to be alone and when he finally did I broke into a happy sprint toward him.

By the time I reached him I was out of breath, so out of breath I couldn’t get my recited words out as he kept asking me “What are you saying?” soon he was joined by Tyler and Steven.

They mocked me, told the whole school I was a dumb mute with severe selective autism.

“Get up now darling you have to come with us we need much of your blood.” The witch kissed my forehead.

“Is there anything else I can repay you with for Dani? I can’t do this anymore to him.” I pleaded

Jenna titled her head and narrowed her smizing serpentine eyes at me “The ritual must be done with celerity. Love is a state of mind, snap out of it” her voice had a warning tone on the last sentence as she strut toward the exit.

Mr. Hannez helped me up and out.

Gradually as the boundary between wakefulness and sorrow dissolved I started to wonder if the images that lingered in my mind were exaggerated or imagined. Had I really been bullied by Brady himself? Was there a time he could’ve tried to get close to me and I’d failed to see it?

I couldn’t see straight and I couldn’t come up with an answer. My feet failed me and I fell to the ground where the impact hit me with everything but pain. I fell into a mental replay of the last time I’d talked to my mother.

A few months earlier|

“Let me ask you something” mama stated as she searched the room for a seat, the house wasn’t ours. We were in The Victrolli’s lounging area after she’d brought my clothes. “Say there’s a rose, you know roses right?” she smiled softly as she took a seat.

“You mean the flowers I buy you every Mother’s and Valentine’s Day right?” I fought through rolling my eyes at her.

“Yes. So say there’s a rose and it withers away. Do you fix the flower or the environment?” she asked all serious and I felt a little uncomfortable, it felt like a trick question “Err the environment” I replied

“That’s what you should do baby. Check your environment.” She nodded her head at her statement as I felt her energy transitioning into her philosophical mode “Here’s the thing baby I don’t know exactly what you went through, and had you told me what was going on at school you father and I would’ve made sure to stop it, the Victrolli’s would have too_”

“Ma_” I tried to get my defence in but she raised her hand at me continuing “But you didn’t and we’ll move on from that taking into account that your rose withered in school, the environment with the taunting and vile comparisons to Malia were to blame right? You moved to New Orleans where you found yourself, came into your own without the toxic environment’s meddling and now look who you became.”

She wiped a tear from her collagen tight cheek “A doctor who graduated Summa Cum Laude, a best friend one would literally die for, a brother who inspires, a son whose father would go to war for, a great soul...”

She stopped herself and bore her interchanging colour eyes into mine harder “Yet back, here again, your insecurities have erected again.” I tried not to cringe at her choice of words “They have and they will continue to until you take a look at your environment again.”

“Ma I’m good I promise Th_” she cut me off again

“You can’t make any promises for as long as you keep that serpent Hannez in your ear; do you really think he’s looking out for you?”

And that’s where we’d left the conversation yet

Back to reality|

My conscious played on a loop, the boundary between wakefulness and sorrow dissolved once again just in time for me to hear the Oracle deliver the gods message “The bond may be broken, The truth resides in the transparency of both their hearts.”

She lowered her bloodshot eery gaze from the skies slowly enough to send a shiver down my spine as she said “Once the blood has been shed you will no longer be a part of this pack, you will also lose your wolf. That is the sacrifice you are required to make to ensure the livlihood of our Alpha.”

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