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Chapter21: Unlikely Heroes

“He’s catatonic look!” I heard Mr. Hannez’s frightened worry.

“No stop being weak Hannez can’t you see he’s self-reflecting, you need to control your wolf or it’s your daughter’s arm for my cat’s dinner.” the witch spoke her voice dripping with annoyance.

“How about you both give him up to me?” Tyler’s voice commanded with terror like a rising storm.

I craned my neck so fast it could’ve broken and saw that he really was here to kill me himself and he’d come packed with a range of his men all holding up literal buckets full of white oleander ashes that seemed to repel the witch.

Her skin blazed with a sizzle “You can’t stop the ceremony, your Alpha pair agreed to it and besides even the gods...”

“He’s being cut off from his pack, his family...I’m taking him to his family to bid his case and farewell.” Tyler supplied.

She backed away slowly, groaning “Fine...but we will need him back in a few hours.” then she and Mr. Hannez left.

Tyler rolled the sleeves of his leather jacket up as he advanced closer to me and on reflex, I protectively lifted my arm up over my head squeezing my eyes shut waiting for the first impact to land on me.

“What the fuck?” Tyler cussed “Hiding from a punch that’s never coming?”

Evan chided in “Because heaven knows you deserve worse than a beating and if I had it my way I’d let the witch keep you, but ey you have a bossy sister.”

Malia emerged from the trees and stood on one of the fallen logs brushing her hair back with a machine gun. I fought tears of relief and fear, the last thing I needed was breaking down in front of the very people who’d compare me to my strong and better twin. Hoping they wouldn’t fight me on this I walked off the path I was down and made my way over to meet Malia halfway.

She clutched her gun under her arm and jumped from the large log “Malik, she’s dangerous and she’s manipulating you a mate bond can’t be broken.”

“It can be, the gods allowed it, through our Oracle.” I sniffed the tears away with the sleeve of my shirt “This is my hell. I sinned so bad Malia you don’t understand.”

“Yes you did and ideally you should be facing eternal damnation.” Evan commented “Did those two even explain to you how the bond is broken?” he asked

“I’m sure he didn’t even ask. Anything with the promise to hurt Brady shines like gold to him.” Tyler said “Right mate?” he smiled dryly

“He’ll be fine, you heard the Oracle speak...” I defended then faced Malia whispering “I need your help. Please?” she nodded and I whispered into her ear.

The doors shot open with a croaky noise and as soon as I stepped in Brady craned his neck and glared at me before he addressed his mother with a final tone in his voice “He’s a faction of his own, let him.” Then he walked away from her pitiful gaze that had since droned on me.

Suddenly I felt like I was the elephant in the room that was being discussed...well debated on, and that feeling grew thick with discomfort from being completely guilty especially more as Brady brushed past me as if I wasn’t even there.

Mrs. Victrolli’s gaze gave me permission to follow him so I followed him outside the hallway down to his bedroom to which I didn’t bother knocking as I was aware I wouldn’t receive a response same way he’d completely ignored me in the halls as I was calling out his name.

Eventually, I found him with a towel lazily thrown over his broad shoulder, shirt carelessly thrown on the floor his hand on the bathroom door “I want to shower, give me space.”

At the sound of his deep-set voice, nerves struck me and I bit on my lower lip just a little as I watched the manin front of me, perfection in denim. My eyes rose to his shoulders, broad andinviting, mine to touch. But this wasn’t a time for distractions I had persuaded Malia to sneak me here for a reason.

A very important reason.

I cut him off with a kiss before I pulled away and carelessly threw my shirt next to his “You should mark me see if that changes anything?”


His turned his warm body away from me with finality but the crack in his composure couldn’t be hidden by a long-slide.

“I have thought about sex with you, haven’t you ever considered me like that?” I asked already playing with the buckle on his belt.

He looked at me, really looked at me and said...“No.”

That answer didn’t last long.

Soon, heavy falls of rain fogged the windows and swayed the room with a cool breeze that was a welcome contrast to heat caused by the friction of our bare backs.

After finally and easily tugging Brady’s boxers off I threw him down on the bed where he was quick to show his endearing impatience. I could detect the scent of an exquisite cologne mixed with his natural scent lingering in the air. I closed my eyes momentarily and took a small inhale.

The aroma was enough toflood my brain with endorphins, it was heady, entrancing, perfect. I glanced downward as ifto check how far off me my jeans were and in doing so scanned his flesh for hardness, it was magnificently long, veiny with the most impressive girth.

With a slow exhale I turned to face forwards again the slight repressed grin on my face poorly hidden. I could feel it, but damn it, I couldn’t wait to have him in me. In an effort to hide the level of my excitement I curled my fingers tight around his muscled arms, a seriousness on my face. I didn’t want him thinking I thought him only good for a lay.

Fine muscles rippled through his god framed bod. I’d never seen a more devastatingly sexy naked body in my entire life. It was pleasantly distracting, my own body and smile were responding too fast and too eager for my pride to the sight of Brady Victrolli who was all man, naked and breathing rapidly to my touch.

His eyes were a mesmerising deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face was strong and defined, his features moulded from granite. He had dark eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His strong hands, slightly rough compared to mine, held, caressing my bare bottom as he stared deep into my eyes.

I couldn’t help but blush.

He leaned up resting the weight of his elbows “You’re killing me.” he said as he snaked an arm around my waist pushing me down. I landed in a perfect position where our bodies where tightly pressed against each other aligned in a way that left no assumptions to the imagination...albeit not enough to satisfy either of our sexual appetites evidently.

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