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Chapter22: Silver Lining

I licked onto his rigid Adam’s apple and he responded by tucking my hair out of a bun and tugged at it by the roots with his fingers as his warm breath assaulted my senses senselessly.

The feeling incited was addicting, so much like a drug or a song you can’t get enough of.

I simply wanted more, I needed him closer and as gay, as it sounds I couldn’t wait to bloom for him so I fought through his fingers and sunk back into his neck which as it seemed was a delightfully sensitive spot for him too. He responded positively; groaning and tugging on my hair with one hand as the other gripped my ass hard and gyrated his firm toned hips under me.

His gasps grew hoarser, sexier the more he massaged my rear end and the further down I trailed from his neck, earlobe then back down the neck and further down his majestic inviting treasure trail leaving wet butterfly kisses. I felt him twitch, spurt, tremble from pleasure in my hands and my heart skipped a beat from the pride and satisfaction that filled me.

Brady’s head was thrown back in pleasure curse words leaping from his divine lips. His claws clasped and retracted twice as my tongue swirled on him cries of pleasure escaped his throat. It made me feel proud he was with me, it’s I who was making him feel and enjoy that enough to elicit those kinds of sounds.

In between my seconds of positive self-appraisal, I then remembered distant regressed memories of fleeting seconds from the time I thought I knew Brady. When I would wonder how he’d look like under my hand, in me, in my mouth. Fleeting seconds they were but I remember just wondering not expecting or wanting anything like this to actually happen.

Especially the face of desire he had on at the moment, etched with a powerful sexual feel in his body. His face looked so handsome, all man, so precious as the time I was spending with him.

However, was this going to work?

We were operating on borrowed time and at the mercy of Brady Victrolli’s heart of gold the heart of true blue blood. The look in his blue eyes was electric; my heart was stunned off a tempo. I felt my lips twitch with an uncontrollable smile as tears roared a threat stinging in my eyes and involuntarily fell.

“Mmh” Brady hid a moan under his fist as he worked with the other hand to lift my face from his crotch.

“Are you ok?” he asked through laboured breaths.

This was by far the most embarrassing thing that could happen to me in bed.

I held on to him afraid he’d get soft “, Yes, just uhm close your eyes” I managed to say through the distraction of his dick being in my face. I dipped my face and tongue teased his blunt eager head, a growl rumbled from his chest as he threw his head back racking his fingers through my hair.

I took all of him in my mouth and the very second he let out another grunt and writhed under me an electric current coursed through my system like a raging tidal wave of desire, contentment and love wrapped into one.

Even now I realize how odd it is to say that I literally had Brady’s dick in my mouth, my left hand stroking my pulsating cock as I felt the connection between us grow stronger. All my other senses shut down as I only focused on the grunts Brady released, the moans I made were cringey but this acknowledgement was in the back of my mind; as in the heat of the moment, I didn’t care.

I was just in bliss I was with him.

I could feel his cock throb and grow in size as I furiously swirled my tongue around it in my mouth...I couldn’t wait to make him cum however before I could achieve my short term goal he pulled me off him, in between short breaths of hard work and desire he hushed “God! Malik” before he pulled me up and kissed me.

He kissed me hot and hungry.

His mouth and hands were demanding, and the sensitive kiss did not start slow no Brady started it at a mind-blowing level of intimacy, his mouth moved with innate sensuality across my own as a heatwave of desire to be fucked flared inside my veins, my senses were flooded with the texture, taste and scent of him.

He reached for his bedside drawer and reached in for gloves and lube “I have peppermint and roses” he smiled. The heart-stopping smile that I wished I could see for all eternity both in life and in death.

Next thing I know my eyes flushed down with uncontrollable tears.

He hugged me “I’m sorry; I’m sorry we can stop here.”

He tried to console me through the tears of regret that floored from me even as my heart was filled with joy, body floored with desire.

“No” I snapped “No it’s not that, I just....” I couldn’t look him in the eye “I just feel so regretful over everything I’ve done to you.” Finally, I looked into his beautiful striking eyes “I am so sorry Brady.”

He leaned forward and pecked my forehead, wrapped his hands on my waist “We all have our regrets.” He whispered into my ear as he cuddled me. The cuddling motion instigated our movement, I was straddling him and could feel that he was getting hard again as was I.

He pecked my cheek, my nose, my chin, gave a soft wet kiss on my lips and said: “Its alright, I forgave you and I’m sorry too.”

I kissed him back on the mouth, then nibbled on his earlobe “I love you.” I replied grounding myself deeper onto his hard dripping flesh.

He pulled back with a serious expression dancing on his face “Still want to...”

“YES,” my reply came off too eager “ahem to try to avert the witch and her curse slash evil intent.”

Brady sunk his teeth in the crook of my neck. The nibbling he was doing was erotically sensational. I wasn’t a virgin and had throughout my existence engaged in my fair share of foreplay yet not one of those times, nor the sex felt anything like how I felt right now.

I went through a combination of ranging emotions and arousal as I felt the pleasuring intrusion of Brady’s lubed finger explore me, then I felt two. He was using the distraction of his unmerciful passionate kisses on my neck and everywhere else on my body his lips could get to as his fingers scissored their way to my spot.

“You do realize it’s almost like we’re fucking for a break-up when we didn’t actually date yea?” he asked as he smoothed a glove on his shaft.

Trying to hide the prudish part of me I replied: “That is hardly a graceful word to use Brady.”

“Right” he breathed and he tossed me on my back then lowered himself on top of me and gifted me his divine mouth to feed on in the most passionate and sensational of ways. Finally, he released a loud grunt of the breath he was holding in before he entered me almost whole.

I used my hands to encourage him to fully slip me inside me.

Once I had him deep inside, I began a slow rotation of my hips. As he moved, the edges of his pectorial muscles caressed my dick lying hard and dripping on my naked stomach, his hands tightened on my thighs then directed my legs to spread apart, wider.

His cock felt warm and at the same time cold. I felt his erection grow larger and harder.

His thrusts were all too powerful as they filled my body with pleasure. I felt I was about to burst wide open. It was the strangest sensation, something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. It felt as if something inside him, something special inside him, was slowly working its way through into me.

Our bodies were sweaty and meshed together as he rotated his hips in slow tantalizing circular motions, same motions he was now tongue fucking my mouth senseless with.

He choked my neck short-circuiting my breathing and normally I think I would’ve flipped out if I were in bed with any other guy but there I was watching in a declining trance as his eyes flickered to a wild icy silver before he tried to close them in vain, his fangs dropped as his grip on my ass grew tighter, burning, ferociously as he spread my cheeks apart and slapped them back together then repeating the motion.

I wanted to feel embarrassed by the action but alas my body writhed with satisfied desire, a loud moan escaped my lips and I may have dug my nails into his back enough to scrape bits of his skin under my nails.

Brady lowered his fangs right into my neck drawing blood; it was definitely the mark. I could feel the blood in my veins rushing with a hush heady sound; I could feel the boil in it that lit my skin on a hypothetical fire. The throes of pleasure I was sent in could only be sedated to relieve the intensity with a cry, my state of mind was enveloped with the mixture of mine and Brady’s scent.

I felt dizzy with desire.

It felt all too strong, too tangible as my mate’s thrusts grew deeper, faster, harder as his grip on my hair and ass grew tighter never losing resolve or effect on my bare skin my body shuddered, fangs flapped out, little amounts of fur sprout on my arms, my knees wobbled as my toes curled “I’m ...I’m coming” I laboured to speak

Brady dropped his lips to mine “Please baby” he spoke into my mouth his voice hoarser and worked then kissed me as my body milked on his stomach.

He raked a hand through his hair, and after a moment he gripped my leg kissed my ankle, calf and knee then hiked it up to rest on his shoulder. His gaze travelled from my flesh to my eyes, maintaining the speed he was using on the thrusts before he came down and we both collapsed on the bed high up in a metaphorical sky that felt authentic filled with ecstasy.

We stared at each other my eyes were burning and Brady’s looked glazed with the high of ecstasy. He looked at me as if trying to read into my soul. His eyes a brilliant blue, his face simply put; handsome so handsome it stole my smile and a couple of my heartbeats. I was fucked, every which way fucked.

“Tyler!” Brady rolled up on the bed and announced.

“It’s Malik”

“No” he got up in a seating position “Tyler is in my head, here” he grabbed me by the neck and kissed me. Suddenly I was transported into a realm of his mind where I could hear Tyler and Greg’s words, it was time.

Time to break the mate’s bond with the man I loved.

“I really enjoyed that.” He smiled with a wistful sadness.

I propped myself up on my elbows next to him “I really am sorry.”

“Yea the whole pack’s there let’s not be late,” he said, halfway out the door.

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