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Brady cocked a brow giving my body a once over which was physically, mentally and emotionally painful for me as my mind was sexualizing his tense appraisal.

Tyler snorted again pointing to Brady “put your pants on man or else petiso here will start thinking you’re his mate.” Brady groaned as he caught his jeans from Greg’s throw putting them on over his pair of boxers not even hiding his annoyance.

A strawberry blonde girl emerged from the darkness of the trees and stumbled on a branch startling all of us “oh hey Brady, hide and seek?”

Evan chuckled as did Greg, Tyler looked for approval from Brady with open palms and raised eyebrows.

“Just get her away from here I’ll take him to his mother.” Brady said his voice thick with annoyance fist bumping his posse after they turned to leave he grabbed me by my right arm leading the way.

“Don’t touch me!!” I yanked my arm from his arousing grasp and Brady smirked “oh so you can talk?”

I grudgingly followed him picking on a thorn that had gotten under my foot. He stopped us and asked “Are you ok?”

I swear his voice sounded like he truly was concerned for me and I almost leaned in to hug him, tell him he was mine but everything about him and everything he’d done to me since childhood came back in a vengeful flash.

As our future pack Alpha he had to care right? Unnecessarily I slapped his hand from my shoulder and punched him on his chest which made him stumble to the ground flat on his ass “what is wrong you?” He yelled.

I was about to ignore him and continue on my merry way back home but he yanked my thigh back shifting me off balance making me fall awkwardly on top of him.

That damned scent came up again and I felt weakened. “Have you found your mate yet?” He asked. The damned yellow shorts grew tighter courtesy of my primal needs. Brady grinned showing off his perfect pearly white teeth as he soothed the skin behind my ear like some kind of animal inquisitively he asked “So are you gay?”

Quickly I picked my body up from him contorting my face to show my actual distaste and retorted “What the hell! ...just go back to your party and bully someone else ok. I’m not in the mood for this you selfish...selfish...animal.”

He got up rubbing dust and specks off his palms and said “Well. You’re the one sporting a hard on when It’s just the two of us here.” His smirk didn’t lose resolve and I was growing red from anger

“It’s a full moon, my body is ready to find her my mate, now leave me alone!!” I pushed past him walking away and he yelled after me “Well when you find her what do you plan on doing to her?” I ignored him and kept walking. I was mad the gods had failed me epically.

A shower and a fresh change of clothes later I was sat on the kitchen island inhaling beef kebabs when my parents came back.

“We should have her for dinner this Saturday honey” my mom exclaimed.

“Wow. Danielle huh?” Malia stole a beef kebab from my plate and narrowed her eyes straight into my soul.

“Yea sure she’ll be here ma, she can’t wait.” Ignoring my sister I secured a plentiful of kebabs in my hand before leaving the kitchen avoiding more questions especially from Malia.

I couldn’t tell a soul who my actual mate was and it killed me lying to my mom but it had to be done. Brady was a horrible person, with an especially ugly soul for a beautiful vessel like his and after all the good I’d done I really didn’t deserve him and the gods would understand.

If I had to die for it, I decided it would be worth it.

To ease my parents’ worrying after the full moon from my adolescence I had lied to them, told them that Danielle was who the other half of my soul was in, my destined mate.

She didn’t have a mate yet and she planned on moving to New Orleans after high school to pursue the blues-music-fame and if she were to do it alone her parents wouldn’t allow her apparently some people liked to believe the myth of witches hailing from that place.

Dani’s parents believed in every single myth there was from aliens of Krypton to Salem witches. Dani had been considering moving away anyway without their approval, but I guess having me in this equation would somewhat calm her parent’s nerves.

I was her perfect cover as was she mine.

Later that night, I received multiple calls from an unknown number which I wasn’t going to return. It was probably just some pack members calling to congratulate me on finding a mate or bullies who trailed after Brady calling to tease me about my so called little boner.

Triumphantly after my call with Dani I placed my phone down back on the dresser ready to go sleep when it buzzed.

If I had ignored it, I wouldn’t have seen Brady’s confusing message to me.

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