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Chapter3: Godspeed

It had been exactly a month after the mate bond had been apparent to me and I had yet to decide otherwise on my choice not to share. Danielle had been pestering me to fess up as she feared the alpha bloods even though she’d agreed to the deal with no hesitation initially.

I stood steadfast in my choice not to deter from my brave choice not to tell.

I sat atop a thick branch reading on the tree not farthest from where Malia and her friends were sat at.

Nothing out of the ordinary was going on the girls were daydreaming about the day they would be mated and coming up with elaborately painted dreams of how their mates and union ceremonies would be like

“I swear when he looked at me my heart skipped a beat.” Malia’s bottle blonde frenermy swore and I resisted rolling my eyes focusing on my chemistry homework. Twenty minutes later and the girls were now taking turns braiding each other’s hair speculating on the qualities our future Alpha’s wife mate is expected to possess.

“And here I came thinking I’d leave with a date for tonight but I guess that’s all but a dream now seeing as you all want me off the market already.” Brady jested emerging from the trees his intimidating posse in tow with boastful strides and stupid grins.

It’s safe to say a mini commotion ensued as the girls got up brushing dirt of their jeans and dresses each subtly trying to out flirt the other for our future Alpha’s attention and his his were-council material friends.

My pupils dilated and I felt a burn in my eyes as I felt them shift with need and want.

A petty feeling of possessiveness to shield him from the girls’ advances and show him off as mine and mine alone consumed my spirit. My focus remained fixated on Brady who laughed with the girls; amusement, interest and confidence swirling in his eyes.

“So what do you suppose your mate will be like hotshot?” the bottle blonde playfully nudged her finger at Brady’s chest and his posse of fuckboys paused the gross flirting they were indulging in with the willing girls.

“Yea you never talk about that man?” Tyler said as everyone else including me focused on him in anticipation.

Brady dropped a foot on the fallen branch the girls were sat in earlier, pinching the top of his nose as he looked up at the colored clouds as if his answer was embedded there and confessed “Funny that topic comes up. I’ve been feeling made lately.”

Malia jumped down from the tree she’d climbed the top of and asked “What do you mean?”

Brady looked up to her and sniffed the air in this and that direction around him then explained “I don’t know how to put it exactly but Sir Isaac says it’s because I’ve been revealed to my mate and it’s only a matter of the gods time before they are revealed to me or I find them myself.”

My heart pounded hard in my ears. I rested hard on the branch hoping and praying I would find shape shifting abilities and blend with the tree like a chameleon so no one would even look my way and see I was eavesdropping.

With the trio here it wouldn’t end well for me if i were made.

“That’s great are you excited?” I heard Malia’s voice

My gaze remained curiously on my mate. He rubbed his perfectly trimmed stubble narrowing his eyes at my perfect sister “I don’t know if I’m ready for a mate yet.”

With that he might as well have staked me with silver right in my heart.

“A player is never ready” Greg high fived Tyler howling “Yea man!”

“Actually don’t listen to them.” Brady laughed playfully throwing a dry twig to his friends “It’s just because I already like someone else you know.”

The girls cooed and whatever.

I shouldn’t have cared really the guy was despicable and I didn’t want him but the bond felt too heavy and it sent my heart sinking in my chest. What he said felt like rejection, it was enough to remind me of my place with guys like him and with that I gathered my books stealthily and took off for the library.

“Hey! Malik!” Brady’s voice called. I was not above being petty so I ignored it walking faster ahead of him and plugged in my earphones ramping the volume all the way up.

He caught up, stopped me and tugged my earphones off “I’ve been calling you.” He said “What’s up?” he asked smiling.

I tugged my hand away from his grasp “What do you want now Brady?”

He furrowed his brows “Look you’ve been meaner to me lately, is it about the text?”

I suppose I had been acting way out of character since the time I felt the pull to him but who wouldn’t? Usually I would just ignore and hide from his teasing but lately I had been coming up with mean retorts and last Friday at school I had shoved him harder than I meant to and didn’t even apologize or stop to check if he was ok when he balanced on his football coach’s footwear.

Then it occurred to me Brady too had been acting off with me. Sending me flirty DM’s and spamming my social media with attention, smiling at me from distances and now coming to me just to ask ′what’s up’ ? I knew what this bastard was trying to do!

I scoffed “Listen I get it, you’re graduating high school in a few days, you and the ‘squad’ want to go out with a bang, bomb prank but please spare me I’m not in the mood to be taunted.”

He frowned “What?”

This bastard was feigning ignorance and it was convincing. I scoffed and harshly side stepped past him.

Him and his posse of vapid moron fuckboys were planning on pranking me so all I had to do was skip school until they were out. It was decided.

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