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chapter4: Drunk Man's Tales

Mirth danced in his eyes and tugged on his lips “Nice paint job.” Brady said pointedly to my coloured nails.

Quietly I cursed Dani for talking me into the bully magnet activity.

I strode toward him in a fury of irritation, he was hanging onto my window struggling to climb through the small opening-stealthily.

“What are you doing here?” I seethed as I neared trying my very best not to be overridden by his scent.

He fell on my floor with a thud and groaned “I didn’t see you at Greg’s party.” It was a statement dribbled with question.

I rolled my eyes, surely he didn’t expect me to answer right?

“His mate found him on Friday, it was announced at the last pack meeting. You were there?” He said pulling himself up. A waft of alcohol lifted off his breath and for some inexplicable reason seeing what looked like sadness in his eyes brought me to pity him at the same time as a wave of satisfaction washed my senses.

“Why should I care, he’s not my friend.”

“He’s your Beta you should care,” he lay on the floor facing the ceiling with closed eyes “Care that your Beta has a mate especially when your Alpha doesn’t have one yet, it’s good for the pack.”

“We have an Alpha, Brady,” I said

“What if something happens to him?.” He spoke into nothing with a distant look drawn all over his ruggedly-handso-man face.

What could be described as a sinking feeling of stone salt sat at the bottom of my stomach. Not with guilt-but dread of being made.

This week was the last week before him and his posse would leave for their gap years and colleges. The elements know I couldn’t risk him staying back and claiming me-especially when he was also this self-centred.

It was clear as a blue sky the truth as stinging as the mist at a mountain top Brady was the worst of them. So very entitled case in point he had climbed through my window waking me near midnight as though we were friends to complain about his best friend finding a mate before he did.

Because all the good things should happen to him and him first right?

He lifted his hand to shield his eyes from the light bulb and a gleam of skin in his toned V-line was exposed to my eyes.

I felt them sting, blood rushed through my veins hot and bothered to my nether regions -sometimes I hate being a were-I clenched to unclench my fists chiding my animistic needs not to sprout out hairs in his presence.

My human needs were responding quickly by the tightening of my pyjama bottoms and rapid breathing.

I softly slapped him awake “Come on, come on go, get out of my room.”

“Love you’re chasing me out already?” He smirked through his drunk haze trying to sound charming and in no way was I going to give him ammunition to taunt me when he got with his friends by flirting back or drowning in the cheesiness.

“You reek of alcohol I don’t want your gross essence lingering” on the contrary his essence was giving me life but I ignored my fated desire by pulling him up off the floor his left arm around my shoulder as I dragged him to the window.

When we reached the window he fought out of my hold only to clutch onto my hipbone, his touch bone chilling and the distance soul crashing.

“I don’t think I congratulated you on finding a mate,” he said

He held eye contact, his darkened blue gaze fazed me into silence as goosebumps spread all over my skin, I hadn’t even noticed him enclosing the distance between us but when I did note the lack of space it stood to test my will.

“Are you happy with her?” His voice was low, huskier with an alluring breathy waft tinged with whiskey that sent shivers down my spine, I continued to go weak In The knees aching to feel him moulding into me.

But this was Brady, who’s form of hello was to ridicule my nails and use me as his validating machine when he had a girl everyone was buzzing about him liking-months since his first confession.

I removed his hand from my thinly layered hip, grabbed his arm admittedly harsher than necessary and led him out the window “I’ve never been happier now leave and don’t do that again, don’t talk to me don’t text me. We’re not friends, never were. I’m Malik, not Malia....the next window is hers don’t make that mistake ever again.”

“I’m not here by accident Malik”

I pushed him out the window “Whatever just go.”

He stumbled down the ladder “I’m leaving for college soon.”

“Go!” I pointed to the ground with my head

He flashed me his pearly whites the ones that girls in the pack and town swooned over “I was hoping you’d give me going away gift?”

His tone was suggestive, he was unmistakably horny and I definitely did not appreciate it one bit.

“Go or else I’m calling my father” I warned and I meant it

He climbed down two steps then looked up, running his tongue at his bottom lip then he drew his gaze to my exposed collarbone, my lips then lastly into my eyes “So that’s a no?” He asked

The reprieve was startling.

I rolled my eyes at the irritating arousing gravel in his voice, impulsively I held the ladder and pushed backwards.

He fell two stories flat on the ground with impact.

I closed the window, bolting it shut from anymore intrusion with no remorse whatsoever.

It didn’t matter how much I missed the tingling sensation from his hand on my body.

It didn’t matter how much I liked his scent circulating in the room with mine.

I was just glad he was going away.

Even when I had to use bad memories of past experiences with him as my lullaby.

I was just glad he was going away.

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