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chapter5: five years later

Behind the thick dark shade of my aviators were my tired eyes scoping for familiar faces. It didn’t take long to see Malia standing with a matte pink smirk by the door beside her fiancé’. My lips caught a smirk of its own as we walked halfway for hugs. I had seen neither the girl nor her fiancé since last Christmas when they got engaged at my apartment.

“Do you know what’s going on with the pack?” I inquired aligning myself to sleep in the dog section of her car.

She tapped her unnecessarily long oval shaped nails on her steering wheel and replied “I heard something about the Alpha’s son dying.” Brian her fiancé clarified “It’s the Nevanji, which is awful for us all if he dies.”

“When he dies” Malia corrected taking a fast turn.

I interjected “what we need is Alpha blood ain’t so? Couldn’t we just have one of the sisters as our alpha instead? It’ll help empower women too.” I suggested knowing very well that I wasn’t fessing up to anything.

They both laughed “We were cursed, made to be slaves of the moon by children of the moon, so for whatever reason we were made to be led by a male blueblood.”

I rolled my eyes and feigned a shudder “ooh I’m so shaken...please Malia I’m not sixteen anymore your tales are full of myths.”

“Oh c’mon man strive to be woke! children of the moon are real. Witches exist amongst mortals and they’re the worst.” Brian turned in his seat fast to face me.

The rest of the ride home was spent arguing back and forth between the two political science graduates with a little staked competition over who knew most about witches.

Growing up I thought all the witch tales were made up only to screw with me but after my college years I came to learn and pity Malia for believing in her own tales. Tell a lie long enough and you’ll start to believe it tsk tsk.

If it were up to me I wouldn’t have opted to carpool home with the two of peas in a pod listening to their crazy theories about witches and our poor Alpha blood’s misery. Apparently now everyone was referring to Brady as the Alpha already even though he hadn’t been coronated yet and wasn’t agile to rule without a mate...well as far as they knew.

In fact speculations home and far off Zimbabwe where I had traveled for my study abroad program belief was whoever the girl who was his mate had horrid physical features, an ugly personality and gross etiquette manners otherwise why would she hide from him?

I found it funny and rather presumptuous how everyone thought his mate was female. Which is why I got blindsided by mom’s comment after we got home when she said “But has anyone considered that his mate could be a guy and possibly diseased from severe internal homophobia?”

Dad adoringly brushed a hair from her face and added “then he’s a selfish cowardly moron for leaving his mate to die, depriving a large pack of wolves their democratically approved and god ordained blueblood and all for what...scared about...”

“Careful dad you’re gonna start another war with your words.” Malia piped in stopping dad from saying much that would invalidate mental illnesses a cause she advocated for and spammed my email with links to an array of material on the subject I never followed. Like I may have implied Malia got influenced by humans and their theories.

Dad huffed practically adding a bottle of hot sauce to the meat grilling.

“I still have my money on the mate being terribly sore to look at in which case he or she is not a coward but merely considerate right?” Malia’s fiancé spoke possibly for the first time since we got in my parents company.

“And this is your mate Malia?” dad groaned stretching for another beer “the gods have a sense of humor.”

And this was why the fiancé went mute soon as we pulled in and why mom had to slap his hand away from the beer.

Our family’s Nevanji Mateo left his wife’s mouth and leapt to me. I caught on fast and started to run away from him but he was faster, always having been and put my head in a headlock. Even against my protests he kept me there and no one helped actually it seemed they were amused by us. I made out mom flashing her camera delightfully at us.

I love my brother, really but the guy made me look weak in comparison and it annoyed me that he didn’t even know this. Only when I stopped putting up a fight did he let me go asking “Where’s your mate anyway bud?”

Childishly I opened up the neck of my shirt, searched my pockets, took my wallet out and mockingly knocked it pressed up against my ear calling out “Danielle! Dani baby!” I widened my eyes feigning shock and exclaimed “Fuck! I can’t find her.”

The girls laughed, I grinned at the Nevanji triumphantly.

Dad injected making the whole thing serious “but seriously shouldn’t you have brought her here?”

Now the whole family looked toward me in anticipation “I’m not her keeper everyone.” I laughed

Dad scrunched his face all serious and shit “Malik. It’s your brother’s important month, on the third moon he’s taking over from me on the council not to mention your future Alpha needs everyone here. I can’t believe you would neglect to think about us your family and your pack.”

Dad shook his head disappointed “We didn’t raise you like this son. Where is this coming from?”

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